Bionaire Ceramic Tower Heater Review

The Bionaire Ceramic tower heater can heat your room quickly and efficiently. Features of this heater are a space-saving reducing design which adds a valuable accent to any home decor. Its automatic oscillation features evenly disperse heat to a wider area over a shorter period with the touch of a button. 

It’s eco-smart energy-saving setting automatically cycles between so you in this way you continue to stay warm while also saving energy. In addition, it comes with easy-to-use LCD control that helps maintain the ideal comfort level. This heater is best for use in a living room or bedroom.

                          FeaturesBonaire ceramic tower heater review
Heat and fan settingsThe unit has perfect heat and fan setting that is suitable for year-round use.
LCDWith this heater, you can also adjust the temperature with the LCD control available on the unit.
Built in safetyThis heater is built-in safety for peace of mind.
Cozy Now keep your home cozy with this heater.
Extra deep heatIts Integrated fan system provides extra deep heat distribution.
Energy savingIts energy saving Heat & Save mode allows you to save up to more than 33% energy.
HandleThe handle on the back panel provides a comfortable grip.
Night modeNight mode allows you to turn off the display for a night.


Bionaire Ceramic Tower Heater Review

This high-efficiency ceramic heating element provides you with instant warmth. Its digital programmable thermostat maintains a precise temperature level. The temperature range in this heater is 18 to 30 degrees centigrade. Its integrated fan system gives you extra deep heat distribution. Furthermore, its heat settings allow for variable heat selection, and its motorized 90-degree oscillation provides extra-wide heat dispersion. 

It has large, easy-to-read, multifunctional LED displays that display current and set temperature levels. You have full function remote control. You also have a handle on the back for a comfortable grip.


Bionaire Tower Heater Review

There are many types of Bionaire heaters, some of which are the Bionaire heater calendar and Bionaire heater. Bionaire Radiateur a grille tournante, and many more. All the heaters or Bionaire are of good quality. All the heaters heat room quickly and efficiently. It also helps you in saving energy. Its eco-smart energy-saving setting will automatically cycle between wattages, so you continue to stay warm while also saving energy. The heaters provided by Bionaire are durable and easy to use.


PELONIS PH-19J 1500W Fast Heating, Programmable Heater

This heater heats your room quickly as well as efficiently. The Bionaire heater features a space tower design, which adds a great accent to your home decoration. Its motorized oscillation feature evenly disperses heat over a broader area in a shorter period just with the touch of a button. It also provides easy-to-use LCD controls that help you maintain your ideal comfort level. 

The fan setting allows your year-round use. It is especially ideal for use in a living room or bedroom. Furthermore, with this heater, you get a remote control with a battery included. Biocare heater is with seven-level safety protections. This heater also has a convenient touch button with rotating wheel controls.


Dreo Cruiser Pro T1 Tower Fan, 42 Inch

This heater is too much popular due to its durability and safety precautions. It is also popular due to its LCD, which allows you to maintain an ideal comfort level. 

Furthermore, its motorized oscillation features evenly disperse heat to a big area over a short period with the touch of a button. It provides you with two heating settings, making this heater ideal and best for purchasing. Its safety features include cool-touch plastic housing, tip-over protection, auto safety shut-off, manual user reset, and overheat protection. Its full-function remote control provides extra convenience in operating the heater.


This heater comes with a technologically advanced and best safety system that allows the user to reset the heater if there is a potential overheating situation. If a likely overheating temperature is reached, the system will automatically shut off the heater. In this case, it can only resume operation when the user resets the unit.


  • Its easy-to-use LCD control helps you maintain your ideal comfort level. 
  • It heats your room quickly as it is suitable for most people, especially in winter. 
  • The auto safety feature of this heater shut-off turns the heater in all overheating situations. 
  • This heater provides a great touch plastic house to you for your safety. 
  • Handle on a back panel provides a comfortable grip for simple movement. As well as its heat and save mode allow you to save up to 33% of energy.


  • It is perfect but not a good heater for the bathroom or kitchen. 

Pros of Bionaire Ceramic Tower Heater

Bionaire ceramic tower heater is a great warm product for your room. It has many pros that make it a great choice for you. Here are some of the pros of the Bionaire heater:

  • Its ceramic plate material ensures that the heat is evenly distributed throughout the room.
  • Bionaire’s tower design takes up less space than other ordinary heaters.
  • The digital display on the heater lets you also see the room’s temperature at a glance.
  • Its latest remote control feature lets you adjust the temperature from anywhere in the room.
  • The safety features of the heater make it a safe choice for your home.

These are just some of the pros of the Bionaire ceramic tower heater. This is a great choice if you are looking for a heater for your home.

Cons of Bionaire Ceramic Tower Heater

Bionaire is a well-known brand when it comes to ceramic tower heaters. However, like any other product, the Bionaire ceramic tower heater has pros and cons. Let us take a look at the bad side of this product:

  • The Bionaire tower heater is quite tall. That’s why it is inconvenient for some people as it takes up a lot of space.
  • It is quite noisy. It won’t be very enjoyable, especially if you are trying to sleep.
  • The ceramic element of the heater can get quite hot. It can pose a safety hazard, especially if small children or pets are in the home.
  • Again, the Bionaire ceramic tower heater is not the cheapest option on the market. I think it is a problem for some people on a tight budget.

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How to Use Bionaire Ceramic Tower Heater

Bionaire tower heater is a great product to use in your home. It is very easy to use and can be found at most stores. This product is very safe to use and keeps you warm in your home.

First, you need to find a place to put the heater. You can put it on the floor or a table. Then, it would help if you made sure that the area around the heater is clear so that it can work properly.

Next, you must plug the Bionaire ceramic tower heater into an outlet. Once the heater is plugged in, you need to turn it on. Now, you can use the remote control that comes with the heater to turn it on.

Then, time to set the temperature of the Bionaire ceramic heater. You can use the knob on the front of the heater to set the temperature. The higher the setting, the hotter the room will be.

Finally, you need to enjoy the warmth of the room. The Bionaire Ceramic Tower Heater will make the room warm and comfortable.


Q: How do you turn on the Bionaire heater?

A: To turn the dial wheel right to the highest temperature setting, you have to press the button to turn on the heater and set the heater upright on a level surface. By doing this, you can quickly turn on your Bionaire heater without any issue.

Q: Why my Bionaire heater is not working?

First, you have to unplug the unit and make sure that your heater is in an upright position. If the team has a thermostat, it may be too low. Then you have to turn the thermostat to its highest setting until the heater restarts. After that, you must ensure that the selector is in the high, low, or eco-bright TM setting.

Are Bionaire heaters safe?

Yes, Bionaire heaters are safe. They are certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), meaning they have been tested and approved for safety. Additionally, Bionaire heaters have a safety tip-over switch that automatically shuts off the heater if it tips over.

Q: How do I reset my Bionaire space heater?

A: To reset, you have to place the heater in an upright position, then the power light will stop flashing, and it will operate normally. If the unit does not turn on when placed in the proper position, you must press the power on or off button once, and then the heater will resume operation.

Q: Is it right to leave a block heater plugged in overnight?

A: Most can agree that the maximum amount of time you should leave the engine block heater plugged in is four hours. Any more then you are just wasting your electricity. It would help if you also planned to plug the vehicle in for at least two hours to ensure it would start.

Q: Can you keep the heater switched on for the whole night?

A: Remember that you should not leave your heater running overnight while sleeping because leaving a heater overnight or unattended can create a potential safety risk. It can also be harmful to your skin and dry out your skin and nasal passages. Leaving the heater running overnight can be dangerous for you and your skin. 


As you read above, you will know what a Bionaire ceramic heater is and what it is used for, the benefits and disadvantages of using a Bionaire ceramic heater, its popularity, usability, and much more. It could be a complete guide for you and help you decide. It will be good to purchase this heater as it is durable and safe. So you don’t have any damage or loss. It also heats your room very quickly. Therefore, buying a Bionaire ceramic heater may be a good decision. 

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