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ceramic braces

Do you want to wear braces on your teeth? Do you want to know all the secrets about ceramic braces? If your sound is similar, then you are in the right place? In this article, we’re going to discuss about ceramic braces.Are you thinking to have braces on your teeth, and you won’t decide which is better for you between ceramic and metal? I’m sure you’ll confidently select the best braces for yourself after reading this content. Read us to learn, what are braces, type of the braces, pros cons of the braces, compare ceramic VS metal braces, and also some frequently asked questions to be understanding all about braces.

Types of Braces

There are many types of braces options available for you. Find out which braces are better for you? What are your options? Which braces do you like? Which braces look beautiful? All the answers you’ll get now. 

Traditional braces or metal braces

The metal braces are called traditional braces.

The traditional or metal braces are designed with metal brackets and wires that most people wear, then the world knows about the braces for the first time.

metal braces

Plus in the modern days, it upgraded with heat-activated archwire features. It will use your body temperature to help teeth move more quickly and less painful than the past days.

Metal braces pros: Metal is a less price type of braces and colored brands. The kids will have a chance to express themself.

Metal braces cons: It is the most noticeable type of braces.

Ceramic braces

ceramic braces pros cons

The ceramic brace’s size and shape are similar to the metal braces.

But they use tooth color or clear brackets instead of metallic silver or gray brackets or wires.

Most people’s first choice is ceramic braces because they are less noticeable and look pretty than traditional or metal braces. So if you’re considering wearing braces and don’t want to feel self-conscious about wearing it, then this cause can be a huge advantage.

Pros: It is the best choice for less noticeable than other metal braces. The teeth moving faster with it than clear plastic aligners (Invisalign) braces. 

Cons: This type of braces is more expensive than metal braces. The brackets of the braces can be stain easily if the candidate doesn’t care about it as well.

Lingual Braces

Now we are with a different type of braces, which is called lingual braces. This type of braces is the same as traditional metal braces. The difference is, they are invisible.

The brackets and wire are the same as metal braces. Lingual braces brackets and wires are used to place the back of the teeth.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces pros: They are invisible from the outside. 

Lingual braces cons: There are huge cons left for lingual braces. At first, I have to say it is difficult to clean. It is more expensive than metal. Also, it is more uncomfortable at first when you wear it. 

And regular adjustment takes longer and more difficult than others. If you considering having lingual braces, use an Oral-B O electric toothbrush, which is unique for cleaning the backside of your teeth.

Invisalign Braces

Invisalign Braces

The Invisalign braces are like a mouth-guard.

They are custom made consist of 18 to 30. These braces are removable, and it has replaced every two weeks.

Invisalign braces pros: They are almost invisible. The patient can eat anything whatever they want.

Invisalign braces cons: The Invisalign braces will not work on the argent problem of your teeth. They are also more expensive, and treatment may potentially take longer. It can lose anywhere, and replacement is more constable. Only available for adults.

The pros and cons of ceramic braces

Here are some main pros and cons below by comparing metal braces.

Pros of ceramic braces

They are less visible than others: The ceramic material braces use clear or tooth-colored brackets instead of using metal silver brackets or wires as metal braces. That’s why they are less visible than metal.

Teeth move faster with it than clear aligners: It takes 18 to 36 months to straighten patient teeth. This brace works with the popular clear alignment method. Works similar to invisalign braces, it can take a minimum year or longer, even if patient teeth doesn’t require much correction.

Freedom to choose any color: The metal braces have only one gray color or shiny metallic silver without color. With ceramic metal, you’ll free to get all the nearby imaginable colors.

They don’t interfere with imaging tests: They are non interfere with an imaging test.

Cons of ceramic braces

Expensive: Ceramic is much expensive than metal. It can cost at least $1000 to $2000 more than metal braces, which is expensive.

It may cause gum sensitivity: The teeth with braces need regular care. Especially for ceramic braces. They have larger brackets than other types of braces. If the patient doesn’t clean it as well, it causes leading to swollen gums or receding gums. The ceramic brackets are harder to clean around, and your brush doesn’t reach enamel and gumline.

Less durable: It is less durable than metal likely to break off. So before removing it, you have to go to a dental center to remove it properly. Otherwise, it can damage your teeth surface.

Teeth move slower than metal: With it, teeth moving slower. Because it is more fragile, sometimes it needs to repair or replace, by cause teeth moving slowly with it.

Advantages and disadvantage of ceramic braces

We have already known about braces, types of braces, pros cons of ceramic braces. Now it’s argent to knows the advantage and disadvantages of braces. Let’s kick into some common advantages and disadvantages.


Discreet: It is the best advantage of ceramic braces. They are much discreet than traditional metal braces.

Comfortable: Ceramic braces are most comfortable, less irritating, and gums than traditional metal or lingual braces. Once you’ve worn braces, then you have to stay with it for at least 18 to 36 months. So comfort is the main factor in determining which types of braces you choose?

Effective: Another thing is, ceramic braces are most popular with adult patients because they are more effective than others. The ceramic and metal braces work the same, and they take the same time for treatment.

It’s effective to fix crooked teeth, misaligned bites, teeth gaps, and overcrowding. It is suitable for those who want to use some more money to repair their teeth effectively.


Staining: The material of ceramic has more porous attractive. It’s likely to attract more stain than stainless steel or metal braces. It’s not a bright issue if the patient takes care of it and clean it as well. But, if you drink dark beverages and smoking with it, then it has more chances to be stained.

Maintenance: We’ve mentioned above that ceramic braces get stained if the patient doesn’t clean properly. So if they stained, then it’s need maintenance.

Not for all of us: A traditional braces can anyone wear to fix their teeth problems. But the ceramic braces can not wear everyone. Before considering it, a dental doctor for braces will check your eligibility. If you really need it, then you can wear it.

Types of ceramic braces

There are 3-types of ceramic braces available. You can choose from there, which braces will you need? Choose a ceramic braces type by matching your teeth color.

Brand of ceramic braces

Different braces dentist works with different brands for several reasons. Some of the main reasons are quality, cost, comfort, ability, customer service, and more. Here are these brands.

The ceramic braces cost – How much do ceramic braces cost?

There is no exactly fixed cost for ceramic braces since they put their own prices. Here are some cost of ceramic braces compared to metal and aligners braces. The average cost of ceramic braces can be $4000 to $8000. The metal braces will cost you about $3000 to $6000. And the aligners braces will cost you about $4000 to $8000.

So by the depend on compare, you will have some knowledge about the cost of braces. The ceramic braces aren’t included in your health care or dental insurance plan. They are separated from those plans. So, if you want to put braces on your teeth, you’ll likely have to purchase a different orthodontic plan. These orthodontic plans are longer and divide by your state for children and adults.

Brand of ceramic braces

Cost Per Arch



Damon$1900 to $4000ClearYes
Radiance Plus$2500 to  $5000ClearYes
Clarity advanced$2200 to $4700Translucent tooth-coloredNo
Clarity SL$2500 to $5000Translucent tooth-coloredYes
InVu$2300 to $4300Tooth colored (color matched)No

The average cost of braces by braces type

Braces Type

Estimated Base Cost

Metal$3000 to $6000
Ceramic$4000 to  $8000
Lingual$8000 to $10000
Invisalign$3000 to $8000

The average cost of braces for adults VS children

Plan age

1 year plan cost

2 years plan cost

3 years plan cost

4 years plan cost



Cost of braces with insurance VS cash payment

Type of braces metal

Cost with insurance

Cash payment without insurance


How durable are ceramic braces?

The durability of ceramic material is less than metal. Ceramic is more fragile than metal braces. We found in a 2016 study, ceramic breaks more than metal. When you bite harder food, it can break. The brace and ties can be break cause of eating harder food.If you considering ceramic braces then remember, Itou longer than will stay with a year or mere. So you might go for a durable material.

What colors available on ceramic braces?

The ceramic materials come in different colors, and you can choose your favorite color. You can choose a bracket color, tie color, and elastic bond colors. Now think yourself, which color are you looking for, and which is your favorite?

Brackets: The brackets stick to your teeth and hold the braces in right alignment. They usually come in white or various skin shades, you can able to choose any color from there.

Archwire: A archwire does a great job. They curved around your teeth, connecting with every bracket, and applying pressure on your teeth to straighten them as well. This archwire comes in silver, white, or frosted to blend in light-colored brackets.

Elastic bands: Elastic bands are also an important subject in braces. They attach to hooks on the brackets to keep them in right place. They also keep the archwire in right place to adjust bracket alignment and make your teeth straight. These elastic bands come in almost any color imaginable. You can choose some popular colors such as blonde with skin shade, or get some creative color like a rainbow.

How to put ceramic braces on teeth – Video tutorial

Do they stain?

The ceramic material doesn’t stain faster. But the brackets and elastic ties can stain if the patient doesn’t clean them as well. Here’s are some tips to avoid staining your braces. Follow these tips to keep your braces clean, shiny all time.

  • Brush and floss your braces after every meal. In this way, you can help to remove food debris from corners of your braces that might cause a stain.
  • Avoid some food and beverage that leaves a stain on your braces. Some of the food leaves stain on your braces, such as tomatoes, content milk, tea, coffee, soda, and wine. Avoid them to keep it bright.
  • Do not smoke. Smoking causes your braces can be a yellowish stain.
  • check-circleVisit your orthodontist as needed. They will change your brackets and ties if needed.

How to brush your teeth with braces? Video

Who is eligible for ceramic braces?

Are deciding to put braces on your teeth to fix your smile? Are you eligible to wear braces? Check your eligibility.The ceramic braces are recommended for those who have adult teeth and teeth are stopped growing. If you passed on it then you are eligible for braces. This insure will help you to lower breaking due to your teeth’ movement.It’s a smart choice to straighten your teeth for a happy smile. They are less noticeable, and it has various tooth-colored.

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