Best Ceramic Brake Pads | Top 10 Ceramic Brake Pads Review of 2023

When you drive a high-speed vehicle, you need to stop your car or vehicle. Most of the Vehicle comes with brake pads but over time they wear out. So it is important to know when to replace your brake pads and what is the best brake pads? There are two types of brake pads on the market. One of the ceramic brake pads and another is metallic brake pads.

We have reviewed dozens of the best ceramic brake pads that bring you the best of the best. Please note that we are recommended pads are appropriate for your car. If our recommended pad isn’t the right size, Amazon will recommend a similar size and similar product that is compatible with your vehicle.

There are different types of brake pads available on the market and the pros, cons of each product that particularly the difference between using ceramic and metallic pads that help you how to choose the best brake pads suit you need your vehicle.

Best Ceramic Brake Pads

Best ceramic brake pads | ceramic brake pads review in 2023

Best High Quality Brake Pads: Wagner ThermoQuiet Ceramic Pad, Best Brake Pads

Best Dust Free Brake Pads: Power Stop K690 Front Ceramic Brake Pad Kit

Best Disc Brake Pads: ACDelco 171-0999 GM Rear Disc Brake Pad Set, New

Best Budget Brake Pads: EBC Brakes FA185X Disc Brake Pad Set

Best High-Tech Brake Pads: Genuine Toyota Brake Pad Kit

Best High-Performance Brake Pads: Bosch BC905 QuietCast

Bestselling Replacement Brake Pads: KFE 914-104

Best Budget Brake Pads: Wagner ThermoQuiet QC537

Best Value Brake Pads: ACDelco 14D785CH Advantage Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

Best Semi Metallic Brake Pads: Bosch BP477 Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pad

1. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1083 Ceramic Disc Pad, best ceramic brake pads

For all beginners or people who are new to cars, the best high quality brake pads brand calls Wagner ThermoQuiet disc pad set is one that every car owner would find very to put in and also would be gotten at a cheap rate.

One of the rarest features of the Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1083 disc pad set is it’s thirty percent quieter than other restraints available, and it’s able to deliver a smooth operation due to the presence of a rubber core shim which improves life and gets prevent noise.

Best Ceramic Brake Pads

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There is also a definite stage of lesser vibrations. Still, customers would find this brake pad very useful because it features a powerful stopping power of about fifteen percent, which might cause no damage to the rotor.

People who enjoy pressing hard on brakes would be pleased with this brake pad, and another factor which owners would be happy with is that the indisputable fact that it’s manufactured from ceramic materials which ensures less accumulation of dust.


  • Comes in Very Affordable Price
  • It Is A Heavy Duty Break
  • It is Quieter Than Other Breaks
  • Comes With An Additional Luber Pack


  • We Didn’t Find Any Cons For This Break Pads

2. Power Stop K690 Front Ceramic Brake Pad Kit, ceramic brake pads

The Power Stop K690 kit comes with slotted and cross-drilled rotors for better brake performance. These are the best dust free brake pads. These are carbon fiber constraints, and its dust-free formula ends up in higher braking power. The brakes also are quiet, so that they won’t make the squeaking noise common with another ceramic constraint.

Power Stop K690 Front Ceramic Brake Pad Kit, Ceramic Brake Pads

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These ceramic constraints also use custom Carbon-Fiber Ceramic formulas, giving them additional brake power without compromising reliability. These pads also are made using G3000 metallurgy while adhering to OE tolerances, so modifications don’t seem to be required.

Are you looking for the best brake pads for trucks? Power stop brake pads are designed for trucks as well. The drill holes ensure optimum rotor cooling, so there’s little chance the brake will overheat when driving on rugged terrain and weather. The rounded slots also help remove debris, which ends up in smoother and safer brakes.


  • It Has Exclusive Stop Power
  • No Vibration And No Noise
  • It is Dust Free Brake Pad


  • It is Expensive
  • Only For Front Wheels

3. ACDelco 171-0999 GM Rear Disc Brake Pad Set, new ceramic brake pads brands

For all vehicles made by GM, the ACDelco 171-0999 brake pad set is one that’s explicitly designed to be used in GM vehicles. And it is the best disc brake pads for beginners as they’d find it very easy to put in. Delivering top-quality performance and also offering excellent friction is created possible because of the sort of compound utilized in making this brake pad and having an efficient design also makes it fight against vibrations and noise.

ACDelco 171-0999 GM Rear Disc Brake Pad Set

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For all vehicles made by GM, the ACDelco 171-0999 brake pad set is one that’s explicitly designed to be used in GM vehicles, and it’s a correct choice for beginners as they’d find it very easy to put in. Delivering top-quality performance and also offering excellent friction is created possible because of the sort of compound utilized in making this brake pad and having an efficient design also makes it fight against vibrations and noise.

This is a heavy-duty, and sturdy brake pad. It has an exciting feature that is it comes with every necessary installation accessory that creates installing this brake pad in no time and straightforward. One of the most uncomplicated and noticeable features of this brake pad is the fact that it’s a high-quality build that guarantees prime quality and sturdy service.


  • It Is Durable And Long-lasting
  • No Vibration and No Noise
  • Easy Installation Process
  • High-Quality Build And Design


  • Can Only Be Used For GM Vehicles
  • It is Expensive

4. EBC Brakes FA185X Disc Brake Pad Set 

If you’re in search of a budget-friendly brake pad, then you must consider the EBC FA185X brake pad set which isn’t only one that will be ideal for the best budget brake pads but is additionally efficient.

Having a design that doesn’t encourage the attraction of dust and is made with a semi-metallic material attracts customers to the present brake pad and its ability to stop dust attack contributes to having clean and stainless wheels.

EBC Brakes FA185X Disc Brake Pad Set

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It is also made with die-cast aluminum material that creates it very lightweight yet durable and in comparison with other restraints. It was discovered that this brake pad wouldn’t rust or corrode quickly, therefore, contributing to its long-lasting lifespan.

Besides, this brake pad comes with shoe springs that make installation quite easy, and this also makes the replacement of aftermarket restraint easy and possible.


  • Aluminium Metal Design
  • Durable And Long Lasting
  • Durable And Long Lasting
  • Keeps The Wheels Away From Dust


  • Not compliant with the 2025 copper-free law

5. Genuine Toyota Brake Pad Kit

Now we come with the best high-tech brake pads. For restraint perfect for both rear and front use then the real Toyota 04465-0E010 brake pad kit is that the best product to appear out for and technically. It’s designed to suit all Toyota vehicles specifically.

Beginners would also find it very easy to put in. Furthermore, it’s built to own the identical specifications with original Toyota car restraints and in some cases may need a superior or high-quality build than certain unique Toyota restraints.

Genuine Toyota Brake Pad Kit

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If you’re a driver that loves pressing hard on the brake, then you’d undoubtedly be pleased to have this brake pad installed in your vehicle. Because it wouldn’t produce any squealing noise or vibration and this also enables users to create use of this brake pad for long as long because it is being employed in an exceedingly Toyota car.


  • It Is A Perfect Fit For Any Toyota Car
  • It Is Durable and Long-lasting
  • It Is Easy To Install


  • Price Is Little Bit High

6. Akebono ACT1118 ProACT Brake Pad Set, brake pads review

Akebono ACT1118 ProACT Brake Pad Set

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Akebono could be a brake pad brand that anyone can depend upon and also isn’t new to the auto industry. When looking for a top-quality brake pad then this is often one that might impress car owners. Because it comes with an improved and improved design that produces it more efficient and being more valuable than expected makes it is ideal for the best factory replacement brake pads for OEM ceramic or semi-metallic constraints.

Having an extended life and also having the ability to limit noise is another feature that sets this product but the remainder. In comparison with another constraint, it was revealed that this brake pad has higher stopping power.

One feature utilized in identifying a top-quality and standard brake pad is its ability to figure without requiring an opening in time, and this brake pad doesn’t require break-in time. It promises to think about 100 percent once it’s far away from its pack and inserted in any vehicle. Furthermore, it comes with a universal design that produces sure it fits perfectly in most cars.


  • Comes In The Universal Design
  • Fits Almost All Cars
  • It Comes In A Full Set Of Both Front And Rear
  • One of the Best Factory Replacement Brake Pad


  • Not Recommended If You Are From A Cold Temperature Location

7. Bosch BC905 QuietCast

The Bosch BC905 is rated together as the best high-performance brake pads for effective ceramic constraint on the market. Because it has an excellent price to performance ratio. Indeed, much of the performance that you will get from this brake pad is because of its high-quality build construction.

Bosch BC905 QuietCast ceramic brake pads

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Moreover, because of the efficient design, it’s quiet and can not vibrate whether or not you press hard on the pedal. Additionally, this unit is 2025 copper-free law approved which suggests that it doesn’t have copper or other harmful metals in it.

Besides, the planning of this ceramic brake pad will make sure that it protects not only the brake pad from wear and tear but also extends the router’s lifetime.

All in all, if you’re searching for a pair of rear ceramic constraints, the Bosch BC905 is a beautiful model to contemplate thanks to its superior build construction and excellent price to performance ratio.

The only real disadvantage we see with this Bosch brake pad is that it produces a touch bit more dust than the competition. Additionally, the sensors are quite fragile, so you would like to take care when installing them as they will break easily.


  • Comes In A Standard Design
  • It Comes With The Full Installation Package
  • A Great Value For Money
  • No Vibration And No Noise


  • Can’t Be Installed In All Vehicle

8. KFE 914-104

We are now with the bestselling replacement brake pads. Many people love these brake pads. This KFE is another affordable ceramic brake pad that’s intended for the front of your vehicle. This model has been designed in such how that it’ll easily replace the factory brake pad of any car with it. Indeed, it’s the perfect fitment, so it’s incredibly easy to put in by beginners.

KFE 914-104 ceramic brake pads

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Moreover, the ceramic lining is extremely durable, which can make this brake pad long-lasting. Whether or not you’ve got the tendency of pressing hard on the treadle, it’ll not create dust which can help keep your wheels clean.

Besides, multiple technologies are working during this brake pad which will make sure that it’s a more durable stopping power furthermore as doesn’t emit noise or vibrations during operation. Just be wary that you precisely must first calibrate this brake pad properly to stop it from making any noise.


  • A Very Effective Design
  • Not Vibration or Noise 
  • Will Not Create Any Dust On The Wheel
  • Easy To Install For The Beginners


  • Must Be Calibrated Before Using These

9. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC537

One of the first distinguishing features of the Wagner QC537 is that the thick ceramic lining that produces it is very durable and long-lasting.

This model has identical high-quality builds construction because of the Wagner model we’ve covered above in our ceramic brake pad review.

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC537 ceramic brake pads

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However, Wagner is the best value brake pads for all vehicles meant for the rear of the vehicle, while the opposite was the front.

Additionally, the manufacturer claims that’s a brake that’s 35% quieter and has fewer vibrations thanks to a more efficient design. It also has 15% more stopping power besides. Since this brake pad doesn’t create any dust, it’ll also leave your wheels clean whether or not you drive for long hours.

All in all, this can be a decent ceramic brake pad especially if you pair it with the ThermoQuiet QC1083 which could be a front ceramic brake pad by the identical manufacturer. Note that you have to clean your rotors firsthand before the installation of this brake pad as an alternative it’ll create unnecessary dust.


  • Thick Ceramic Linning To Make It Durable
  • 35% Less Quieter Than Other Models
  • 50% More Stopping Power
  • The best value brake pads For Money Package


  • Rotors Must Be Cleaned Before Installing This Brake Pad

10. ACDelco 14D785CH Advantage Ceramic Disc Brake Pad 

ACDelco generally makes premium and expensive constraints. However, this ACDelco brake pad is affordable, and surprisingly, it doesn’t sacrifice build construction or performance.

The shims, slots, and chamfers of this ceramic brake pad are made in such how that it’ll help limit vibrations and not produce any noise whether or not you generally press hard on your brake paddle.

ACDelco 14D785CH Advantage Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

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Moreover, the ceramic lining is heavy-duty and can not wear easily. The bottom line, you get a longer-lasting brake pad if you keep company with this model.

One of the most useful things about this brake pad is that it doesn’t need any cure in time, unlike other models. This implies that when you put this brake pad on your vehicle, it’ll work on 100% performance all the time.

Just confirm that it’s compatible along with your vehicle because this particular model is selective on the sort of auto that it may be installed on.


  • Comes In A Good Design
  • Less Vibration And Noise
  • A Very Affordable Price
  • Can Be Installed By Complete Beginners
  • Comes In A Complete Package With Hardware


  • Not Suitable For All The Cars

Best Semi Metallic Brake Pads: Bosch BP477 QuietCast Premium Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pad Set

Best Semi Metallic Brake Pads Bosch BP477 QuietCast Premium Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pad Set

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Do you need the best semi-metallic brake pad? If so, it is the best option for you. Bosch BP477 brake pads are best for several vehicles and designed for long last features. If you looking for Jeep Cherokee, Comanche, Grand Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer, TJ, Wagoneer, Wrangler, and Front brake pads then Bosch BP477 is the best choice for you.

Bosch semi-metallic brake pads are made with dedicated engineering to platform-specific premium materials. It also provides you low dust activity. These brake pads are made with rubber core multilayer shim, which provides increased strength and insulation against noise.

A complete guide to buying an ideal ceramic brake pads

Before buying a ceramic brake pad, you need to consider a few things. We have listed and explained all the things you should consider before purchasing the brake pad. 

The built metal and design

Before buying any brake pad, you just need to check the built material of the brakes. It would be either semi-metal built or ceramic built. We always prefer the ceramic brake pads for your vehicle because it is more durable and creates less noise and vibration. Also, check the built design of the brake. Not all models fit all the cars out there. 

Check your cars model

Before purchasing any brake pad, you should cross-check if the brake pad suits the model of your car because some brake pad comes for the limited models of the vehicles. And Some car model requires a particular set of the break. 

Price of brakes

There is various type of ceramic brakes available in the market. Starts from low quality To Premium quality Range. To ensure your safety while riding the car, it is very important to get a strong and long-lasting brake pad. You will get the best quality brake pads in the medium price range. It can be from 20$ to 200$. The premium brake pads come in a higher price range. 

Installation brake pads

Installing the brake pads in your car is not a hard part that you need to learn. It is effortless to install a brake pad. You just need the right hardware and correct information about the instructions. You will get the device with most of the brake pads add on. And you will also get the installation manual with the package. Just follow the steps you can easily install a brake pad. 

What is the best ceramic brake pads?

The perfect brake pad has not been invented yet, there are three main compounds but each one has an optimal range of use. From inexpensive organic brake pads to semi-metallic and even ceramics, they all have their pros and cons.

Organic pads come standard on most models, are inexpensive pads, and provide great friction starting from cold. Their problems begin when the brakes are used too intensively, as they tend to overheat, generating an ugly feeling of sponginess in the pedal (or the brake lever). This is a sign that we are taking them to the limit of their possibilities.

They are also more prone to wear than other types of pads because they only have 10 to 30% metal in their composition, the rest are high-temperature resins derived from plants and other compounds.

Therefore, for higher-performance motorcycles, semi-metallic brake lugs are often used. In this case, the proportion of goal rises to 30-65% of the compound. This facilitates the evacuation of heat and increases the durability of the tablet even with demanding use. Therefore, it is a very versatile and widely used type of pill, although its price is significantly higher.

Which is the best ceramic brake pads?

Finally, we find the ceramic brake pads, the highest performance of the three, but also the most expensive. These tablets are made of a dense ceramic material that mixes with copper or other metal filaments. Altogether they withstand the most demanding driving very well and are also quieter and cleaner than the relatively noisy semi-metallic ones.

Its useful life is the longest while maintaining the stability of the compound and its benefits are almost unchanged throughout its life cycle. But like everything, they have their disadvantages: they need to take temperatures to start working, so they are not the best if you live in very cold or mountain climates.

They also provide a very peculiar brake feel that requires some initial adaptation. That feeling disappears if the discs are also ceramic instead of being the usual steel, but this considerably increases the price of the set, so the combination is only found in rare cases.

Of course, there are even higher performance pickups like the carbon-ceramic ones in the competition models. But these are exclusively dedicated, for price and functionality, to racing bikes. Or the so-called sintered tablets, which are semi-metallic tablets with a metallic content of more than 65%.

For use in street models, metallic compounds of brass, bronze, or copper are usually used, and iron is even used for those intended for more sporty use. Its use usually leaves traces because they produce corrosive black dust that should be removed from the tires.

How to choose ceramic brake pads?

Those of us who own a vehicle will, at some point, change the brake pads or brake pads. But, which one should we use? There are various composite materials with which they are manufactured, as well as various brands (some premium or high-end and others more commercial)

A good brake pad offers reliable braking at all times. Additionally, when braking, it should not cause a squeal, it should not be harder than the material of the disc or brake drum (it would cause them to wear out faster than the brake pads) and it should not be too soft to wear. so fast.

If at the time of braking during each braking we hear a metallic squeal, it is an alert that the brake pads have already been used up or have overheated, that both the brake discs and the brake pads have crystallized and a brake pad change is necessary.

Within the variety of paletas, we find various formulas of composite materials: metallic, semi-metallic, ceramic, and organic.

The metal pads are made of a material that mainly consists of compressed metal powder, has a high hardness, and therefore great durability. But, they tend to heat more than those of other materials and due to their solidity, they wear out the brake discs and drums prematurely. They are noisy when braking, this type of balata is little requested.

How to find a top rated ceramic brake pads

Semi-metallic or low-metal pads have a combination of materials (metallic and organic), they are softer than metallic. They tend to be used in light and cargo vehicles, either for rough use or in the city.

They offer medium durability and better resistance to high temperatures than metallic ones. They are cleaner, that is, they keep the wheels free of the dust they expel.

Ceramic tablets are composed of metal-free material, made from a mixture of waxes and organic compounds. They offer high durability, good heat dissipation, and are less abrasive to brake discs and drums.

They are ideal for use in light vehicles in the city and on the road. However, their braking capacity is limited in vehicles with too much load, since in excessive and constant braking on slopes they can overheat and be noisy during braking.

The organic pads are designed for road use. Its compound is metal-free, which is why they make them pads that present little overheating in road braking. They can be used in light and cargo vehicles for city use, they tend to expel more dust from friction.

Some manufacturers have patented their own compounds and offer additional options to those previously described.

For city use of a light or cargo vehicle, the use of ceramic or semi-metallic bullets is recommended. If it is a road use, semi-metallic ones are recommended for a cargo vehicle, while ceramic ones for light vehicles will still offer reliable braking.

Before acquiring brake pads of any brand that we do not know, it is advisable to research its trajectory on the internet. In this way, we do not know if your products are reliable, without jeopardizing the safety of our car.

Types of brake pads

  1. Semi-metallic
  2. Low steel
  3. Organic
  4. Ceramics

The brake pads have a support plate and a friction lining, more than ten components are used to manufacture them.

The composition of the semi-metallic brake pads is at least 65% metal. The remaining 35% of the total is a mixture of graphite and inorganic materials. This type of brake pad has the pro that they are capable of efficiently removing heat, the counter is its excessive hardness, which usually results in premature wear of the brake disc.

Steel brake pads are made of organic materials added to metal (no more than 30%). They are good in thermal conductivity and provide more efficient braking. Its price is double that of semi-metallic tablets.

Kevlar, glass, and carbon are basic materials used in the creation of organic brake pads. The composition of these pieces does not exceed 15% metal. They are smooth and quiet when in use, but they are subject to greater wear than other types of pads, therefore, they are not suitable for fans of aggressive driving.

The composition of ceramic brake pads includes ceramic fibers, synthetic rubber, and non-ferrous metals. These types of pads do not have a constant coefficient of friction and are less abrasive than the others.

It is the optimal choice when the driver has a sporty driving style. Its price is higher than that of other types of brake pads.

Brake pad categories

All pills can be divided into two categories:

  1. Originals
  2. Analogs

The advantages of the original brake pads are obvious, but their price is double that of the analogous ones. They come in their original packaging when sold and are made by a reputable manufacturer.

The high-quality analogs are only slightly below the original spare parts in their characteristics. Its price is lower, but they give a higher braking performance than is usually necessary.

However, there are analogs of inferior materials. In general, this category of pads is not properly tested and does not meet the current standard standards. Avoid mistakes when choosing parts, it is important to know that too low a price should alert you. Read more, how to break in ceramic brake pads.

Main parameters of the ceramic brake pads

1. Operating temperature. The brake pads resist up to 300-350 ° C, which is more than necessary when it comes to urban driving and high-speed traffic. Sports cars come with brake pads that hold up to 900 ° C, but guarantee effective braking only when they are above 100 ° C.

2. The coefficient of friction. The pads with a coefficient of friction of 0.25-0.35 are enough to stop the car at not too high movement speeds. The values of the non-original components are around the following. 

The coefficient of friction of the original brake pads is somewhat higher, approximately 0.3-0.5. Sports brake pads at 150 ° C operating temperature have a low coefficient of friction: 0.2. When they have more temperature, this parameter can reach 0.5.

3. The service life. The wear resistance of the part is related to the material from which it was made. A smooth friction layer takes less time to wear, too hard a friction layer often causes premature abrasion on the brake disc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How To Find The Correct Model Of The Brake For My Car?

A: To check whether a brake pad fits your vehicle or not just simply check the packaging of the brake pad. There will be instructions to find out if they match your vehicle.

Q: How Many Brake Pads I will Need?

A: The answer depends on your car. But most cars need two sets of brake pads for both rear and front wheels. Each set will contain two brake pads for two wheels.

Q: Can I Install The Brake Pads In My Garage?

A: Yes, of course, you can. Installing a brake pad is very easy. You can install it with the right hardware tools and the correct instructions. The hardware tools you will get with the package of the brake pad. And for instruction check, the manual book comes with the brake pad. 


After the lengthy discussion, we hope you can now make the right choice for your ceramic brake pad from our buying guide for the best ceramic brake pad. We have selected all the items from our market research and user feedback. You can go with any of the brake pads from our list without any doubt. Picking one check on which one meets your requirements best and make that final decision. 

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