Best Ceramic Drill Bit for Ceramic Tiles with Buying Guide of 2023

Best ceramic drill bit for ceramic tile

Is there any home that doesn’t need any wall hole? Even the wall mirrors or porcelain tile needs drilling for uncountable purposes. We came with some ceramic drill bit, which is the best drill bit for ceramic tiles.

Whether it be mounting a towel rack or set a hanging hook, you will need drilling. But porcelain or ceramic tiles are delicate enough to break. To avoid damaging the beauty of porcelain or ceramic tiles, you need to choose the right equipment.

You need to know the difference between drill bit types, which type would work best for you, and the uses of different drill bits. Again, the measurement of the drill bits plays a crucial role as well.

Here in the “Best Ceramic Drill Bit for ceramic tiles Reviews & Buying Guide” article, you will have every possible information that you may be searching for. And even you will get the fact about which one you should choose and why.

Moreover, the article focuses on a quality product that got the users’ recommendation, and you may also consider trying them.

Now, let’s get started with the review section that will help you choose the product.

Top 10 Best Ceramic Drill Bit | Best drill bits for ceramic tile

1. Bosch drill bit GT400- 5/16” Carbide-Tipped glass, Tile & Ceramic Drill Bit

The drill bits by the Bosch are tough and reliable enough to work with ceramic, tipped glass, and tile.

You will be having drill bits of sizes ranging from 1/8” to half inches, a total of eight sizes. And the sizes are marked by the bits making users’ use a bit more convenient.

Best drill bit for ceramic tile

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The tips have diamond reinforced carbide making the drilling sharp and perfect. And that’s the core reason for the product to stand out of the crowd.

The tip material won’t make you worry about wearing, tearing, or fracturing down soon after use. Moreover, the material is the reason for the product’s longer lifespan.

Still, you have to know the exact drilling method to avoid shank breakdown as the shaft only contains steel in it. Moreover, the product isn’t for deep drilling into the tiles. That means you can’t go on drilling after a couple of inches.  

You can use the stuff if you are going to drill tile for setting wires and other things. Unfortunately, you can’t work on wood, metal, or hard substance like them.

The drill bits come in an organized form in a plastic case that is robust and convenient to store in.

Highlighted features and benefits

  • High-quality stuff
  • Have different sizes ranging from 1/8-1/2”
  • The head has diamond reinforced carbide
  • Less slipping due to triple-sided shank
  • Multi-purpose

Bosch drill bit Pros and Cons


  • The product has size marking on it, which makes the use more convenient.
  • The provided carrying case is of robust plastic.
  • The provided steel shaft is durable enough.
  • The tip has carbide as a material that is well known for drilling.
  • The bits have customizing sizes.


  • The product isn’t for extreme depth drilling into porcelain

2. Masonry Drill Bit for ceramic tiles

The drill bits come in 5 sizes. You will get 1 bit measuring half inches with a length of 6”.

There will be 2 bits measuring 3/8” with 6-inch f length, 1 bit measuring 5/16” with 6-inch length, 2 bits measuring ¼” with 6″ length, & 2 bits measuring ¼-inches having 4″ length, & the 2 bits of 1/8″ having 3″ length.

Masonry Drill Bit for Ceramic Tiles

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I have experienced that you can eventually penetrate anything other than the heavy ones smoothly. The bits’ tips have carbide that results in extreme durability and long-lasting sharpness of the metal.

Even after several holes, the sharpness remains the same. Even the construction of the product follows industrial grading.

If all you have is the steel-tipped drill bits, this one will change your experience, and you will end up changing your product.

Another good thing is that you don’t have to apply much pressure while working as the bits’ sharpness takes care of the job.

Last but not least, this great quality product has versatile uses.

Highlighted features and benefits

  • Suitable for versatile uses
  • Tips remain sharp for a long period
  • Weighs 12.8 ounces (total set)
  • Material: Carbide
  • The double shank length makes the penetration into smaller places easier

Masonry Drill Bit Pros and Cons


  • The stuff’s construction is equivalent to industrial grade.
  • Comparatively, these drill bit’s tip has a greater lifespan than the steel-tipped one.
  • You will have five sizes of drill bits.
  • You won’t be applying very high pressure while using it.
  • The drill bits come in an anti-rust plastic container


  • This one isn’t for drilling heavy metals.

3. Diamond 10-pcs Drill Bit for Ceramic Pot and Tile

The stuff is a quick one when you start drilling with a small incision resistance. You can easily remove the chips without any pain and be astonished by the tool’s accuracy.

The bits sit perfectly on any standard electric drill machine. You have to lubricate the bits using water whenever it produces heat. Applying low pressure while wet sawing will enhance the lifespan of the tool.

Diamond 10-Pcs Drill Bit for ceramic pot and tile

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The nickel-plating guides the great cutting strength and the superior performance with the diamond-dust coating. Eventually, you can remove a whole circle from tiles, marble, glass, granite, ceramic, and other surfaces using a core drill.

There are ten different sizes: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, and 30mm. It’s great that all the individual bits have different sizes and let you solve any need. This wide range of sizes expands the work zone. Learn more, ceramic tile paint.

For use, you have to follow four steps.

  1. Angle your drill at 45-degree at the initial.  
  2. Wet the bit using water for lubrication. You may need to wet even in the middle of working, so keep water beside you.
  3. Start drilling with low speed. Once the hole is started to form, change your 45-degree angle into a vertical position.
  4. For exit hole, slow down the speed of your machine for preventing a breakthrough.

That’s all. Remember that you can’t make depth beyond half-inch or use the tool on concrete.

Highlighted features and benefits

  • Diamond covered bit tip
  • Suitable for glass, ceramic, tile, marble, bottles, etc.
  • Size ranges from 6 to 30mm
  • Total 10-pcs of bits
  • Great longevity

Diamond 10-pcs Drill Bit Pros and Cons


  • The product is affordable and money worth.
  • Various sizes of the bits expand the work zone.
  • It has versatile uses.
  • You can use this with your standard electric drill.
  • It has great accuracy.


  • Diamond edges have a limited lifespan.

4. 10-pcs Diamond Ceramic tile Drill Bits

It won’t be incorrect if I say that most of the drill bits having diamond-coated tips are for coring material rather than traditional penetration.

You can have the center hole if required while working more efficiently.

You must have known that the carbide tip lasts longer while the diamond tip works on every surface.

10-Pcs Diamond Ceramic Tile Drill Bits

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As this one has a diamond tip, it will eventually work greatly on both glass and ceramic of all kinds. Though you can’t aim at masonry with this one.

You will get a broader size range of bits with this one. A total of 10 different sizes available that expands the usability area of the product.

The size ranges from six to fifty millimeters. The mid-ones are 8mm, 10mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 22mm, 35mm, and 40mm. Read more, how to cut tile?

Every shaft of the bits has carbon steel for enough hardening. The side hole is a brilliant idea to remove any left slug from the care center while drilling.

In a word, you can aim at deep, wide holes with this stuff.

Highlighted features and benefits

  • Steel bits with a diamond tip
  • Available in metric sizes that are most common in use
  • Less drill speed
  • Low pressure needed while drilling
  • The shaft of carbon steel
  • Durable enough

BLENDX drill bit Pros and Cons


  • The side holes of the product remove all the core materials.
  • The stuff sizes range from 6mm to 50mm, a total of 10 sizes available.
  • This tool is preferable for all kinds of glass and tile, even on the light stone.
  • The style of the drill bits is core-style.
  • Low pressure needed while drilling


  • The stuff doesn’t have anti-rust property.

5. Bosch Store HDG 14 ¼” Diamond Hole Saw

This design is a new edition of the Brand: Bosch Store. The saw needs water while drilling, and you have to use only with machines.

The product’s built quality is pro-grade, the cutting is precise, and the action is pretty smooth.

The diamond grit is vacuum brazed, causing the sharpness to penetrate through the hardest material like ceramic tile, masonry, porcelain PE5 tile, and even stone.

Bosch Store HDG 14 ¼” Diamond Hole Saw

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The segmented teeth of the product create low heat and less debris at the end. That’s why this one is said to be for wet sawing. You need to keep water beside you while working to deal with the heat.

Dip the bit into the water whenever you find it generating heat, and this step will ease your work. See more, ceramic tile cleaner.

Many products claim that they have to make the bit changing process a bit difficult for their best construction and safety. But, this one has easy bit changing designs without compromising with quality or durability.

So, with this stuff, you will experience easy interchanging between the drill bits. Moreover, you can remove the material plugs easily.

Highlighted features and benefits

  • Diamond grit of vacuum braze
  • Segmented teeth
  • Change of the bits are pretty easy
  • Durable enough
  • Powerful kit

Bosch drill bit Pros and Cons


  • The stuff is a pretty strong one.
  • The design is pretty convenient to use.
  • Easy change design
  • The cutting power of the tool is astonishingly fast.
  • The outlook has a cool design.


  • You will need a special center for attachment or a drill bit measuring ¾-inches.

6. Multi-Material Drill Bit by the QWORK Store

The product by the QWORK comes in 5 measurements, and they are 6mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm. The drill bit material is carbide, keeping the tip sharp even after several uses and penetrating porcelain smoothly.

The shank type of the drill bit is 3-flat, holding the bit stably in place. You will have easy control over masonry with it.

Multi-Material Drill Bit by The QWORK Store

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These bits are for multi-material drilling like concrete, brick, tile plastic, glass, & wood. Want to penetrate a ceramic tile over concrete or brick wall, or do you want to make a hole on a wall mirror? Then, this is the one for you!

The provided U-type slot of the design is responsible for fast drilling along with dust removal. Oh, it’s about dust removal, so don’t forget to take your safety anti-dust mask.

The handle you will get on the stuff will be anti-skid and triangular, and it will provide you additional control by getting the bits to sit perfectly in the drill chuck.

Both the price and quality have got enough compliments from users. So, even a test trial of this product will be worth it.

Highlighted features and benefits

  • Total 5-pcs
  • For multi-material
  • Most suitable or wall mirror
  • Material: Carbide
  • Shank type: 3-flat
  • Tool Flute type: Spiral

Multi-Material Drill Bit Pros and Cons


  • It’s an international brand.
  • The tool focuses on different materials.
  • Carbide is the best material for drilling, maintaining the tip sharp even after several uses.
  • You will have an easy handle on masonry
  • The product comes in two colors.


  • The use of this drill makes the process a bit longer, as you have to keep using water constantly while drilling. Otherwise, the bit will get dull by running hot.

7. 10-pcs Masonry Drill Bits  for Ceramic tile

The stuff is eye-catchy from the outlook. The twisted spiral design of blue and silver color is good-looking.

A total of 10-pieces bits comes with the toolset that has size variance. There are four different sizes. They are 4 bits of ¼”, 2 bits of 5/16″, 2 bits of 3/8″, and 2 bits of half-inches. These sizes will work for your daily based needs.

10-Pcs Masonry Drill Bits  for ceramic tile

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It is a masonry aiming set. You are free to use the stuff on wall mirrors or bathroom tiles. Moreover, there you will have two convenient plastic cases for storage.

The heavy-duty tungsten carbide prevents the drill bits from cracking, resulting in a longer lifespan with the same sharpness.

You won’t have to worry about the durability, accuracy, and sturdiness of the product because that’s where its specialty lies. Users of this stuff are happy with good construction and versatile use.

You can work on wood, ceramic tile, glass, concrete, & marble, though you have to avoid using it on metals.

The anti-slipping tail design and the U groove bit design makes the use and maintenance much easier for you.

Highlighted features and benefits

  • Twisted drill bits
  • Suitable for concrete, wood, marble, ceramic, and glass
  • Material is carbide
  • Color is a combo of blue and silver
  • Heavy-duty and a multi-purpose one

Masonry Drill Bit Pros and Cons


  • The tool has a special design, which is pretty convenient.
  • You can aim at masonry as well with this one.
  • The tool comes with 10-pcs of bits of various sizes.
  • It has an anti-slipping design.
  • Premium quality carbide tip


  • This one isn’t for working on metals.

Know which drill bit would work for you- Buying Guide 2020 update

Below are the considerations for buying the right tool for your project.

Bit types of ceramic drill bit


Drill bit tips having carbide material are for industrial uses. For its sharpness and fast cutting speeds, it is highly praised by the users. But, if you talk about using it on porcelain, it will end up puncturing the tile.

Still, you can use it with the least amount of pressure.


The diamond bit is for every kind of surface without wood. The diamond-coated bit tip provides the ultimate strength. If you use this bit on your porcelain, you can wish for a clean whole without fractures.

There are two styles of diamond bit tip: core drill bits & blunt nose drill bits.


These bits have a hollow tip or core tip. The tip edges have diamonds. Even the tip’s upside has a slight amount of diamonds. This one allows you to have a circle using the tip edge instead of a fill-up hole.

You are going to aim at larger holes of extensive work within minutes.


These bits have some reliable tips completely lines up with diamonds along the sides & edges.

Quite the opposite of the core one, this one creates a complete hole instead of a circle. So, you are going to use this for small holes.

However, this one is perfect for decorating porcelain.

You better go for core bits if you want vanities installation or towel rack set.


When you are drilling porcelain or tile, heat will generate, and you need to add water as a coolant. Heat is the reason behind fractures, so don’t take the heat generation lightly.

Some of you may think about how only water is going to work? It’s not only water. By the time the bit generates heat, it has already created dust that mixes with water later to form a paste.


Pressure increases friction while drilling. It’s crucial to start slowly and not, to an extent, mid-level pressure. I have heard many users complaining about their drill bit being stopped in the mid of working. And many of them misunderstand that the tip has become blunt.

Over exceeding the pressure is the very reason behind such an incident. Exceeding the pressure while the spinning isn’t that immediate causes greater friction that stops the bit.   It may even cause fractures.

Just like you slow down the speed initially, you need to slow the bit down again while crossing through the final surface. It will avoid the crack on the other side.

Starting at an angle while using diamond tip

When you are using a diamond tip and cutting a circle, start with an angle of 45-degree, then change to a perpendicular position once started to make the hole. In such a way, you will achieve a clean cut.

Wood as backing

While drilling loose tile, use wood as a backing to don’t end up drilling the floor or wall. Drilling the floor will damage your bit as well.

FAQ to find the best Drill bit for ceramic tile

What bit should I choose for ceramic tile?

Drill bit with carbide tip is best for ceramic tile. Whereas, you should go for a diamond tip if you are aiming at glass or porcelain.

Between carbide and diamond tip bit, which one costs more?

Diamond tip bit are costly than the carbide one, almost the double.

Between ceramic and porcelain, which one is better?

In terms of durability, porcelain wins the match for having more density. That’s why porcelain is good for both home uses and commercial uses. Ceramic tiles have a higher rate of water absorption and are more porous.

How long can a masonry drilling bit last?

Most of the time, they last for two to three weeks, though careless uses or accident may break them in the first attempt.

Should I apply pressure while drilling?

It depends. Some saw needs pressure, some needs low pressure, whereas some saw is sensitive to pressure. Go through the instruction of your product.

Why does the drill stop?

Ensure that you have tightened the chuck and not put excess pressure on the drill more than it needs. If you apply too much pressure on the drill in a moment when the spin isn’t moving too fast, the bit will get stuck and stop. Such an incident can even damage the shank of your bits. That’s the very most reason for your drill to stop.


By now, you have known from this article, “Best Ceramic Drill Bit Reviews & Buying Guide,” what’s the difference between bit types and what you exactly need.

By far, my best pick and all-time favorite are the ones from BLENDX. This one has ten different bit sizes with a whole circle cutting teeth. I love to use this tool & have a good experience with it.

A nice pick would be the one from Bosch HDG 14 ¼” Diamond grit. This tool is a pretty strong one with segmented teeth and fast action. The use and maintenance of this one are convenient.

My third pick would be the 10-pcs Masonry Drill Bit by the Brand KAKOO. There are many cool drills bit out there that work amazingly but not designed for concrete or masonry. That’s why you must have something that works on masonry as well. Though you can’t aim at the metal with but this is strong enough to work perfectly on concrete, wood, glass, tile, etc. The twisted formation of this drill bit is pretty attractive and effective at the same time.

Now, go for your drill bits.

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