Best Ceramic Logs for Gas Fireplace Reviews of 2023

A glow of fire inside the room, especially in the cold areas, is always demandable. It improves the ambiance and gives adequate warmth surrounding the fire. Ceramic logs are such kinds of things to fill up your demands while burning inside the firepit.

So, what are the best ceramic logs for gas fireplace? Indeed, there are plenty of brands to offer quality ceramic logs. But you should pick the finest one providing the light like natural logs for a firepit. They can withstand high temperatures and leave you the same warmth and feel like original woods.

We will talk about many ceramic logs’ things in this article. We won’t mind if you spend a few moments with us till the conclusion.

What are ceramic logs for a gas fireplace?

Gas fireplaces can burn different logs, whereas ceramic logs are one of them. These fireplace logs are not sourced from natural wood. But they are actually made of ceramic. They can offer you the real, wood-burning fire without the hassle of huge maintenance.

Moreover, these logs are designed and sized in a unique pattern. The shape may confuse you thinking they are logs of oak, sassafras, driftwood. You can find a wide range of variations of these ceramic logs supported by the gas fireplaces.

You can find two styles of ceramic gas logs.

Vented ceramic glass logs are for providing a realistic firing experience. While burning these logs, they produce carbon monoxide like real woods. You can use these vented logs with an open chimney. However, you may need more fuel to burn them compared to ventless ceramic gas logs.

Ventless ceramic gas logs are favorite items to that people use for their heat emission. You can pick these logs if you prioritize getting more warmth over ambiance. Additionally, you don’t need any chimney to install or use the ventless ceramic logs.

Top 3 Picks of Ceramic Logs for Fireplace

Peterson Real Fyre 24-inch Split Oak Designer Plus Log

Best for Vented Fireplace Peterson Real Fyre 24-inch Split Oak Designer Plus Log Set

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Natural Glo Large Gas Fireplace Logs

Best for Most Fireplaces Natural Glo Large Gas Fireplace Logs

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QuliMetal Ceramic White Birch Wood Logs

Best for Warmth QuliMetal Ceramic White Birch Wood Logs

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List of Best Ceramic Logs for Gas Fireplace

Product Name Suitable for (Size of Fireplace)Sets of (pieces) Specialties
Barton Decoration Ceramic Logs for Gas Fireplace SetMedium6/8/9/10Indoor and outdoor applications Withstand 1,832°F temperature Interactive design  
ATR ART TO REAL Large Gas Fireplace LogsLarge 5The most realistic feel of wood-burning Quick heat-release to 1832°F heat capacity
Stanbroil Fireplace Ceramic Wood LogsSmall10Affordable Made of wood, glass, and ceramic fibers Lightweight and environment friendly
Peterson Real Fyre Split Oak Designer Plus Log SetLarge6Hand-painted, US-made product It comes with a full installation kit Dual pipe burner
Natural Glo Large Gas Fireplace LogsLarge10Matches to the party ambiance Longer sustainability Kid-friendly, odor and fumeless
QuliMetal Ceramic White Birch Wood LogsMedium6Hand-painted texture Better durability compared to its price Quick heat release
Peterson Real Fyre Rustic Oak Gas LogsLarge6Rustic Oak texture Hand-painted design premium quality ceramic fiber
Peterson Real Fyre Split Oak Log SetLarge6Hand-painted design High heat capacity comes with ANSI certified burner

Best Ceramic Logs for Gas Fireplace Reviews

We ensured the quality, features, particular traits of the above ceramic logs. They are incredibly amazing to increase the beauty value of your suite. Also, you can breathe fresh even if you are getting a real, wood-burning experience sitting on the couch. Now, we welcome you to know these products well:

Best Popular Choice Barton Decoration Ceramic Logs for Gas Fireplace Set

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Most of the fireplace owners loving ceramic logs know the name Barton ceramic logs. This product has around 1.4K reviews that prove the popularity of the logs. You can get the utmost realistic ambiance by installing these 8pcs decoration ceramic gas logs. Also, it can withstand up to 1832°F temperature without creating fumes.

Barton gas logs are suitable for any indoor or outdoor fireplace. You can get versatile sets of logs for your home fireplace. Each set may contain 6/8/9/10 pieces of different-sized ceramic logs. Also, the wood-birch finishes on the outer surface may remind you of firing real woods.

You can mimic nature while installing the logs to fireplaces. But there is no worry of getting sick of fumes and ashes as the leftover that happens when you burn real woods. After all, Barton fireplace ceramic logs are out of toxic fumes. So, you can take the product for installing on different types of fireplaces.


  • Provides an exclusive aesthetic boost and ambiance
  • 8pcs decorative logs with wood-birch finishes and unique sizes
  • Several sets of ceramic logs for versatile types of fireplaces
  • Withstands up to 1832°F temperature inside the fireplace
  • Leaves no ashes or marks after lighting up
  • No presence of toxic fumes
  • Easy to install and low heat retention


  • Gets darkened in propane fireplaces

Best for Indoor & Outdoor: ATR ART TO REAL Large Gas Fireplace Logs

Best for Indoor & Outdoor ATR ART TO REAL Large Gas Fireplace Logs

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We know most of us to have large gas fireplaces to cover or lighten up the wider area. Art Art to Real ceramic logs is good for the beautification and warmth of these areas. And already, many homeowners cherished this product for using indoor and outdoor firepits.

This product comes as a set of 5 random yet specific sizes and shapes. When you burn these ceramic fiber gas logs, they will provide nothing less than actual wood-burning feelings. You will hardly change the direction of your eyes from the fireplace. After all, you can arrange these logs upon your preference to decorate the room well.

These logs are suitable for the most variations from electric to ventless or vented fireplaces. Once you trigger the fire, they can bear up to 1832°F heat. However, burning the logs does not imbalance the interior’s air quality as they have no toxic fumes. Also, no ashes or residues are left after burning while they cool down faster.


  • Improves the embellishment of interior and exterior
  • 5 adaptable sizes with real-wood shapes and finishes
  • Suitable for large and most fireplaces from electric to ventless or vented
  • No pollutions, fumes, and ashes after burning the logs
  • Quick heat-release and up to 1832°F heat capacity
  • Orange or red-hot spots while burning like the real wood burns
  • Made of premium quality ceramic fibers


  • The strong chemical smell while burning the fake logs

Best for Aesthetic Look: Stanbroil Fireplace 10 Piece Set of Ceramic Wood Logs

Best for Aesthetic Look Stanbroil Fireplace 10 Piece Set of Ceramic Wood Logs

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Stanbroil is a popular fireplace stuff seller. Their grey ceramic logs are just the perfect way to know their expertise. This 10pcs set of wood logs is made of wood, glass, and ceramic fibers. You would love to watch firing the seven logs and three pine corns shaped like original ones.

Experts suggest picking these imitated logs for small size fireplaces and firepits. But you can install them in medium or large fireplaces too. Especially, the designs and the pine corn pieces may blow your mind like you are sitting near a campfire.

Like most other quality ceramic logs, Stanbroil logs are entirely safe for long-term uses. Your babies remain safe and healthy even if you heat the fireplaces. Fortunately, there will be no ashes or residues from the burnt logs. The orange and red-hot spots of the logs while burning may recall the beautiful memories.


  • Suitable for small size ventless fireplaces and pits
  • Compatible with most fireplaces to cheer up the ambiance
  • Lightweight and appreciable design to adapt surroundings
  • 10pcs of logs made of wood, glass, and ceramics
  • Three pinecones and seven artificial logs of small sizes
  • Environment-friendly product with no residues or ashes left
  • Multifunctional logs provide an authentic presentation of light from the fireplaces


  • Requires more sets for burning in large fireplaces

Best for Vented Fireplace: Peterson Real Fyre 24-inch Split Oak Designer Plus Log Set

Best for Vented Fireplace Peterson Real Fyre 24-inch Split Oak Designer Plus Log Set

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You own a large, vented fireplace and now seeking to mimic ceramic logs. You can buy the famous Peterson Real Fyre 24” Split Oak logs if it is in the condition. It comes with a vented natural gas G45 burner. So, it appears as a full package of delights of your residence.

The hand-painted artificial ceramic logs come in a 6pcs set to offer you proper decoration and original fire. Each log shows the craftsmanship to match the real-world Oakwoods. In fact, these large size logs provide pure natural color and bark details. Likewise, the red feather detail paint and different colors at the end of logs can surprise the viewers.

The dual-pipe burner of this package has up to 90K BTU output. You can run it with natural gas. Also, the light match system uses the wall key valve of your room of fireplace. Overall, this product offers promising results as it comes from the United States.


  • Large size hand-painted ceramic logs
  • Split Oak design and enhanced color with bark details
  • 6 pcs 24” logs reinforced with iron rods
  • Compatible for most vented fireplaces
  • Comes as a complete set of fireplaces
  • Dual pipe burner’s output of up to 90K BTUs
  • Comes from the United States


  • No option for dual fueling

Best for Most Fireplaces: Natural Glo Large Gas Fireplace Logs

Best for Most Fireplaces Natural Glo Large Gas Fireplace Logs

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Another high-rated product of our best ceramic logs for the gas fireplace list! Natural Glo has more than 1.3K reviews and most of them are positive. This logs-set comes with ten 10-15” imitated ceramic to put off the ideas of bare-look of the fireplaces. You can install these logs in medium to large fireplaces at indoor and outdoor places.

From vented gas to propane fireplaces, you can use these popular fake logs for lively wood-burning experiences. You can keep this set in your list of choices for any kind of fireplace and fire pit. Again, the clean-burning, no toxicity, and no-ash features are just incredible gifts for you and your family.

The wood-bark texture of each log and orange/red hot spots during the burn appear extremely realistic. Also, there will be no odor and fumes to keep you relaxed while you are reading your favorite book or sitting on the couch. Many users have found the price is quite reasonable.


  • Matches to the party ambiance
  • Random 10-15” fake ceramic logs for gas fireplaces
  • Preferable for medium to large fireplaces
  • Lasts longer than average quality ceramic logs
  • Realistic details and attractive dance of fire
  • Kid-friendly, odor and fume free artificial logs for ceramic gas fireplaces
  • Affordable price considered to the quantity of logs


  • Becomes lackluster over a certain period

Best for Warmth: QuliMetal Ceramic White Birch Wood Logs

Best for Warmth QuliMetal Ceramic White Birch Wood Logs

Check Price on Amazon

QuliMetal logs set is a perfect example of artificial hand-painted logs for any gas fireplace. It contains 6 pieces of white-colored birch logs. This colorful texture may recall you the Paper Birch Forest sitting at home. The popularity of the large gas fireplace logs is growing day by day.

The amazing features of the logs may make you order a set for your fireplace. The size of these logs is 15-16” on average and made of fine ceramic fibers. So, they are fit for any medium to large indoor to outdoor firepits. Therefore, these decorative logs can mirror the real logs burning involvements.

This product burns clean and never leaves ash, debris, or residue. Also, the air remains perfect installing these QuliMetal logs. It makes the item preferable for wintery weather conditions. Besides getting hotter, it can release heat faster. So, your room becomes warm whenever you need it.

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  • Hand-painted texture with a splash of White Birch
  • 6pcs set of 15-16” average size logs
  • Maximum real-like experience offering a healthy environment
  • Burns fully clean and leaves no ashes in the air
  • High heat capacity with fast-release heat feature
  • Easy to install in multiple fireplaces
  • Custom arrangement is available to meet ambiance 


  • Leaves a coating of black soot after burning

Best Refractory Ceramic Logs: Peterson Real Fyre 18-inch Rustic Oak Gas Logs

Best Refractory Ceramic Logs Peterson Real Fyre 18-inch Rustic Oak Gas Logs

Check Price on Amazon

The second Peterson Real Fyre product on our list! It comes as a set of 6 pieces 18” ceramic gas logs. So, it is ideal for medium to large fireplaces. Anyone can be amazed by looking at these logs: rustic Oak texture yet not the real Oak logs.

The logs are hand-painted and built with sturdy ceramic fibers. So, the appeal and consistency remain untouched even after repetitive burning. These refractory ceramic logs have a reinforcement of solid steel rods. It gives them top-class integrity. Besides, the artistic presentation of flame can reflect the thoughts of real wood burning.

Like other products of this manufacturer, these logs are environmentally friendly. No ashes or fumes are produced when they are active in the burner. So, you and your family remain safe and healthy always. However, this set is mostly designed for vented gas fireplaces.


  • Looks like real Oak logs are burning in the fireplace
  • 18” 6 pcs logs made of premium ceramic fibers
  • Hand-painted, rustic Oak texture mimics real Oak logs
  • Sturdy construction gives sustainability
  • No ashes or fumes created to mix in the air
  • Super easy to use in vented gas fireplaces
  • Natural feel and perfect warmth in the surrounding area


  • May appear a bit smelly to some users

Best for Vent-free Fireplaces: Peterson Real Fyre 20-inch Split Oak Log Set

Best for Vent-free Fireplaces Peterson Real Fyre 20-inch Split Oak Log Set

Check Price on Amazon

Peterson Real Fyre 20” fake logs add elegance to the G9 ventless burner system. This Split Oak logs set offers the users to feel the dancing flames and red-hot spots. It is mostly recommended for installing in large fireplaces. So, you get both comfortable warmth and fireside beauty from the items.

This vent-free log set releases your worry about bringing real wood and burning inside the home. Also, it keeps the environment safe and attractive as it meets the ODS safety system. The hand-painted logs are available at different styles with mimicked natural flames and radiant embers.

Many experts say this product has up to 99% heating efficiency. So, you can get better warmth while spending less gas. The logs come with ANSI certified G9 burner, equipped with a sensor of oxygen for depletion. Additionally, you can control the flames with the variable flame remote, from manual to thermostatic mode.


  • Hand painted Split Oak texture
  • Keeps you worry-free of burning more gases
  • Mostly suitable for large vent-free burner system
  • 6pcs 20” logs of different styles to suit your preference
  • Meets the ODS safety system with 99% heating efficiency
  • Comes with an ANSI certified G9 burner
  • Flame control using the variable flame remote available


  • Top of Form
  • Not suitable for vented gas fireplacesBottom of Form

Best Ceramic Logs for Gas Fireplace Buying guide

When you are up to selecting the best ceramic logs, you should be conscious of something important. After all, certain facts determine you are picking the right one for your burner system or gas fireplace. We have studied many products and their customer reviews to know closely with better eyes.

Here are facts you should know as a buying guide of ceramic gas logs:

Benefits of Ceramic Gas Logs:

Traditional fireplaces can produce a certain amount of heat for a limited duration. But the ceramic (fake) logs are preferable for modern gas fireplaces. They can burn and give the look of real wood-burning yet no sign of ashes, fumes left in the air. So, the first benefit is you get fresh air nearby the place where you are burning ceramic gas logs.

Then, ceramic logs can burn longer while high heat cannot damage them. So, they last more than ash-creating real forest woods. You may require the frequent purchase of real woods. But imitated ceramic logs saves your time and money.

You can install these logs easily to any kind of vented or vent-free fireplaces, firepits. Also, the design of these logs is a full mimic of original woods. There is no scope to reduce the ambiance quality like you are spending time on the couch looking at the fire chamber.

The rearrangeable logs come as a set of 5-10 pieces on average. You can arrange them in your way to decorate the fireplace. Additionally, these logs create yellow or red-hot spots to imitate the real wood burning. Some gas burners have a remote function to control the flame for matching your desires.

Vented vs. Ventless or Vent-free Logs

These two are standard styles of gas logs.

Vented ceramic gas logs are mostly installed in traditional wood and ash fireplaces. They require an active chimney to release the smoke. You can pick these logs as a safer replacement to real woods. When you fire them, they emit carbon monoxide like real woods. Then, the chimney damper prevents any kind of build-ups. But these logs require more fuel as most heat generated goes out through the chimney.

Ventless logs are entirely opposite to vented ceramic gas logs. Manufacturers aim to design them in a unique way to produce smoke-free fire. You don’t need to set up any chimney for the fireplaces. Moreover, these logs are better for their efficiency as there is almost no chance of carbon monoxide. Also, the heat does not get lost through the chimney.

Vented gas logs create more realistic and natural flames while vent-free ones produce low-burning flames. Again, water vapor appears as a byproduct of ventless fire logs burning. So, you get excessive moisture in your home.

How are Gas Fireplace Logs Made?

Most gas logs have a mixture of ceramic fiber and refractory cement. They can fight against extreme heat. In some cases, steel reinforcement rods are added to enhance the resistance. Refractory cement increases the durability of the ceramic logs for gas fireplaces.

These logs are designed after real logs (burnt). The process is like this: detailed molds creation, filling cement and ceramic fiber mixture, and painting like the real wood barks.

However, the design, color, texture, size, and materials for building may vary in versatile manufacturers.

Gas Fireplace Control

There are different versions of gas fireplaces available at the market run with ceramic logs. You can light the gas fire with a matchbox or manage the lighting with remote control. Even some fireplaces are manageable with an electric ignition system.

Some models come with a thermostat that offers flame-size controls to gain the look of original woods burning. The better control you want, the better you will need to pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the best gas logs made of?

  • Answer: Ceramic and refractory cement compounds; sometimes, steel reinforcement rods are used.

Question: Are ceramic gas logs good?

  • Answer: These logs offer better durability, low or zero fumes, zero leftover or ashes, and incredible ambiance like actual woods.

Question: How long do ceramic gas logs last?

  • Answer: If you can maintain things well, vented ceramic logs can run for 10 or more years. Following similar maintenance, vent-free ceramic logs can last for 3-5 years.

Question: Do ceramic logs burn?

  • Answer: No, ceramic logs do not catch fire. They are fire-resistant and made of sturdy materials like ceramic and refractory cement.

Question: Why are my ceramic logs turning black?

  • Answer: Probably, your ceramic logs have been displaced, and burner ports may be clogged. You need to clean them and place the logs in the right position.

Final words

An active fireplace is beneficial to gain the right atmosphere inside the house. Also, the realistic feel of burning woods can cherish our minds. Things appear better when you use the best ceramic logs for a gas fireplace.

We have thought of our reader friends who are in quest of quality ceramic gas logs. So, we accumulated the information and presented them in this article. We hope you will be satisfied and kind enough to leave good feedback for us. Thanks, Mates!

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