Ceramic Nativity Sets Reviews of 2023

In this review, I will present some of the best ceramic nativity sets. These figurines are used as Christmas or Easter decorations and are very popular when giving a gift to a loved one. They are fascinating and have a lot of color variation, developing creativity and visual sense. They are handmade products, both for girls and boys who, in addition to creativity and visual acuity, also set your intelligence, thinking, and imagination.

Below I will present you the best products of this kind, both with the benefits they bring and with their disadvantages.

I will help you form an opinion about these products, see what they are suitable for, and how we used them, presenting you have some features.

Best Ceramic nativity sets Reviews and List

If you want better documentation about these products, you can also check the amazon review. And the customers who bought these products and look at their opinions.

In this review, we have the best ceramic nativity sets on the market, so we will help you save a lot of money and ensure that you do not spend money on poor-quality products.

If you are in a hurry, you can click here and go directly to Amazon.com to check all the Ceramic nativity sets on the market.

1) Ceramic Nativity Figurines, Frankincense, and Myrrh.

Ceramic Nativity Figurines, Frankincense, and Myrrh.

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Sincer Hers sell it, and the brand is THREE KNIGS GIFTS THE ORIGINAL GIFTS OR CHRISTMAS; it was made of Polyresin material, made of the best quality resin tiles, weighs 4.9 pounds, and has the following benefits. It comes in a set of 11 figurines that contain the Baby Jesus, Saint Joseph, the 3 Kings, the shepherds, an Angel, the Virgin Mary, and the Christmas star.

And the tallest figurine is Balthazar, which measures 7 cm, the same as the angele. The Christmas star consists of 8 extremities; the lower one is elongated and is position next to the kings. The three kings, Melchior, Balthazar, and Caspar, contain bright colors specific to the winter holidays, with dramatic.

Ceramic Nativity Figurines Overview

It has very punctual details, which develop our creativity, curiosity, and visual sense. Each of them has a chest that contains the original gifts of Christmas. It contains pure gold and is in the arms of Melchior, the second incense, and is held by Balthazar. And the third chest contains myrrh and is keep by Caspar.

The dimensions of the kings are between 4.5 inches and 7 inches. Caspar, the smallest, has 4.5 inches, Melchior is 6 inches, and Balthazar is 7 inches, being the tallest of the kings. Next to the kings is another star, which is 9.5 inches and made of a base of gold and silver.

Benefit of Frankincense, and Myrrh Best nativity set

  • The shepherds are dressed in simple, brown clothes and are next to the angel of the lord. There are 2 in number, and each represented with a lamb.
  • Joseph, the Virgin Mary, and Jesus represented in a family that expresses joy and love. Jesus is 2.5 inches, the manger is 2.25 inches, the Virgin Mary is 4.25 inches, and Joseph is 6 inches.
  • The product is make in the USA.
  • It has 1171 reviews on Amazon, with 4.8 stars out of 5, which means that over 1100 people appreciated this product.
  • It is handmade, can be a good Christmas gift, and can be combined with specific structures, lights that can beautify it.

Last Thought

Above, I have presented many of the benefits of this product. In addition to these benefits, it has a negative aspect: it is not durable. In the reviews on Amazon, I noticed that most people who gave three stars or less to the product complained that this Ceramic nativity set is fragile. The colors fade very quickly, the quality-price ratio not being so good.

2) Novica Blue Caladon Ceramic Handmade

Novica Blue Caladon Ceramic Handmade

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It is a product by NOVICA, a company that works worldwide with artisans who produce decorative products. This ceramic nativity set consists of 9 figurines made of Celadon ceramic and has the following benefits: It comes in a set of 9 handmade figurines, which can be used as interior and exterior decorations.

They have a predominantly blue to green color, slightly cracked finish, and a glossy appearance due to the Celadon ceramics that influenced these aspects. Eight magicians and the baby Jesus represent the nine figures.

Thus, this set presents the traditional scene in which the eight magicians visit the baby Jesus. The most significant piece is 5 inches high and is represented by one of the

Benefit of Caladon Ceramic Handmade nativity set

Magicians and the smallest has 1 inch tall and is represented by the baby Jesus.

  • The figurines have a traditional style.
  • It has excellent reviews on Amazon, with over 95% of people being satisfied with this set of figurines, 4.8 stars out of 5.
  • It is a durable item; the color and gloss last a long time and are very durable.
  • The weight is minimal, only 0.95 pounds, which makes it very maneuverable.

In addition to these benefits presented above, we also have a negative aspect. This aspect is represented because, due to the cracks, the set cannot use it with artificial lights. After all, some annoying eye shadows will form.

3) Jim Store Heartwood Creek, mini Nativity set

Jim Store Heartwood Creek, mini Nativity set

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Department56 produces this Ceramic nativity set, and the brand is Jim Store for Enesco. It is made of stone resin, contains six figurines, and the product’s weight is 2.7 pounds. Once you buy it, it will come with these benefits:

  • It is an excellent product for the decoration inside your house. It is made up of 6 figurines, which express the theme of family, tradition, and patriotism, expressing feelings of nostalgia and hope.
  • Figurines have vivid colors, with very subtle details, full of mystery that make us think of folk art. Behind them is a stable that represents the place where Jesus was born, this being further evidence that the Virgin Mary is in front of the stable with baby Jesus in his hand.

Why we like this nativity set

  • Every figurine and every detail is made by hand.
  • The whole set’s highest point reaches 9.75 inches, but the tallest figurine is 4.75 inches and the shortest 1.25 inches.
  • It has excellent reviews on Amazon. For gifts, we have 4.8 stars out of 5, for craftsmanship, we have 4.7 out of 5, for thickness, we have 4.7 out of 5, for durability, we have 4.5 out of 5, and for quality-price ratio, we have 4.6 stars out of 5.Putting in balance all the things presented above, we have in total for this product a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Besides these benefits, we also have some negative aspects. One of them is that the color is not applied correctly and does not last long. Many areas are superimposed on another color that should not exist in that place. Another negative aspect would be that the manager’s background is not painted and can be very quickly damaged.

4) 10-Piece Nativity Set with Stable, Josepg’s studio

Piece Nativity Set with Stable, Josepg’s studio

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This Ceramic nativity set is produced by Roman Inc and consists of several characters placed in a traditional environment with a famous personality. This product has the following benefits:

  • It contains several characters, such as the baby Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Joseph, the three kings, a shepherd, a sheep, and an ox. A single piece of material represented all these characters. The material that this product contains is high quality, max exactly resin and stone material. These two materials offer the product very high durability, families enjoying it for many years.
  • It is multicolored and has a lot of details that give you energy and creativity.
  • It weighs only 7.6 pounds, which makes it easy to handle.
  • Reviews on this product are good, having 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.
  • It can be used for both interior and exterior decoration and can be given as a gift.

Although it was made of solid material, the parts are fragile, and the packaging was very poorly made.

5) Lenox 6399943 First Blessing Ceramic Nativity Set

Lenox 6399943 First Blessing Ceramic Nativity Set

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This Ceramic nativity set is produced by LENOX and consists of ivory porcelain. It weighs 3.95 pounds. It is made up of the three kings, Melchior, Balthazar, and Caspar, who carry their gold, incense, and myrrh gifts. It contains 24-carat gold, which makes it a precious product and a symbol of beauty and tranquility. It can be used for decorative purposes, attracting attention near a Christmas tree or in churches.

Benefit of Lenox 6399943 First Blessing Nativity Set

  • It contains simple colors, most of the space being occupied by white, which gives it a simplistic pattern.
  • Besides the interestingly chosen colors, we also have very well-made details.
  • It has excellent reviews on Amazon, 5 out of 5 stars, and all people are satisfied with this product.
  • It can be offered as a gift.
  • It is made of ivory porcelain, which makes it a very durable product for a long time.

It also has a negative aspect; this is represented because it cannot be shipped to countries other than the USA, which means that not all people can enjoy this product. Read more, how to fix ceramic fix ceramic Figurines.

6) Duncan Christmas Ceramic Nativity 15 piece

Duncan Christmas Ceramic Nativity 15 piece

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Duncan produces this Ceramic nativity set, the brand being Creative Kreations Ceramics. It weighs 14 pounds and has the following benefits:

What we like

  • It can be used as a decoy, both indoors and outdoors.
  • This set consists of 15 pieces of Ceramic Duncan nativity, which has many details that increase your creativity and are colored in cool shades.
  • It has good reviews on Amazon, more than 97% of people are satisfied with this product, with 4.9 stars out of 5
  • The product is made in the USA.
  • It can be offered as a Christmas gift, Easter, name day, or birthday.

Besides these benefits presented above, it also has a negative aspect: it deteriorates very quickly and cannot be used for a more extended period.

7) Fun Express Mini Christmas Ceramic Nativity set

Fun Express Mini Christmas Ceramic Nativity set

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This Ceramic nativity set is produced by Fun Express, representing the birth of the lord. It is made especially for Christmas and has the following benefits:

  • It weighs only 0.88 pounds. That means it is elementary to handle.
  • The colors are vivid, made especially to attract children’s attention.
  • This ceramic nativity set is used for decorations in the children’s room or any indoor space but can also be used in the outdoor space.
  • It consists of several figurines, including the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, the Infant Jesus, a sheep, a donkey, an angel, and many others that recreate the scene of Jesus’ birth.
  • It has many reviews on Amazon, more precisely 2202, with 4.1 stars out of 5, and is in 2nd place in Mass Scenes of the Nativity.

It also has a negative aspect. That is, the color is very poorly placed and fragile, the parts not having stability.

Buying Guide

  • Check the reviews. Although the product looks good in the pictures, it can be fragile, or the color may not be so bright. In the product reviews, all these aspects are said and how high they are.
  • Check the shipping price. The product may come from another country, and the shipping price should be very high. Check here, Ceramic Starbucks mug.
  • Ensure that the quality-price ratio is good. Do not throw away any product if it has a low price.
  • It is good to buy products that have a warranty. The product can deteriorate very quickly, and it is good to have a contract.
  • Check the material from which the product was made. Usually, the most used material is resin. This material is a very resistant


1) Are ceramic nativity sets durable?

Yes, they are durable if they are made of a suitable material and are properly cared for. You can keep it for many years so that it can be a family heirloom.

2) Can ceramic nativity sets be used outside?

Yes, we can use these ceramic nativity sets outside, but they will deteriorate much faster, which means that you will not enjoy this product for a long time. My recommendation is to keep it in an interior space.

3) Are they only available for Christmas?

No, they are available all year round. Also read, carbon ceramic brake pads.

4) Where are these ceramic nativity sets made?

Usually, these products are also essential products from the USA or China.

5) What material are these ceramic nativity sets made of?

They were made of resin which is challenging but brittle plastic. So you have to be very careful with these products.


In conclusion, these ceramic nativity sets are handy and can be used for Christmas decoration. They are not expensive and come in a very well-made package.

I hope this review will help you choose ceramic nativity sets. If you don’t like what I presented above, you can check out several options on Amazon.com.

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