Best Ceramic Vases Review in 2023

Flower enthusiasts love the style, and fulfillment flowers add to their homes. If you have flowers, you know that best ceramic vases are essential as well for a complete floral decor. And for fresh flowers, vases are necessary to keep them watered and healthy day in day out. black submariner rolex replica for sale buy rolex submariner replica carrera calibre 17 replica fake breitlin harry winston replica watch looper pocket watch replica

The tricky part comes in when you are at a florist or vase vendor but overwhelmed with the variety exhibited on the shelves. Vases are available in vast arrays of shapes, colors, sizes, and designs from different ceramic manufacturers. Getting confused is normal, but taking that which meets all your decor demands is worthwhile a significant consideration.

 XXD Florida Ceramic Vase

We picked the best of the best vases that will fully accent your home or restaurant, which will alienate you from the tedious task of choosing a top-notch vase. The journey to making a wise decision involves a thorough analysis of the ten below. But before that, let’s briefly look at the buyer’s guide. Read more, Cheap ceramic flower pots review.

Top 10 best ceramic vases

1. ECYC handmade chinese vase

2. Kahler omaggio ceramic vase

3. Stone & Beam Decorative Ceramic Vase

4. Sweet home deco silk peony arrangement

5. Cream ceramic decorative pitcher-like vase

6. Heather ann creations mary ceramic heart vase

7. American metalcraft ceramic jug vase

1. ECYC Handmade Chinese vase with decorative animal horses

ECYC Chinese Ceramics is one of the best ceramic vase, handcrafted with decorative animal horses. It is very durable, attributing to the crafting process.

The 100% brand new product is made from high white clay molded and fired at high temperatures of about 1300 degrees, and so, it never fades out; it retains its pristine condition.

ECYC Handmade Chinese Vase With Decorative Animal Horses

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The tabletop vase has a precise dimension of height 25cm, diameter 12cm, and its mouths with a diameter of 7cm. Just from its suggestive name, the floral vase is made in Jingdezhen, China, the city of porcelain. 

Of more significance, it readily portrays an appealing beauty ideal for interior home decor and worth a gift on occasions like weddings, birthday, and valentine’s day. You could also own it for housewarming and windows display to give the living room an attractive and vibrant look. Also read, Ceramic planter boot vase.


  • Affordable.
  • Well crafted with attention to details.
  • Has an appealing size which makes sit noticeably.
  • 100% Brand new and high quality!
  • Animal decoration doesn’t fade out.
  • Waterproof, Anti-Slip.


  • Not suitable for small spaces based on the dimension.

2. Stone & Beam Modern Decorative Ceramic Vase With Geometric Pattern 

Stone and beam ceramic vase is unique in its way. The modern vase boasts of a bright decorative finish that features earth-tone geometric patterns.

Crafted from 100% stoneware, these geometric patterns are fired in a reactive glaze.  

Stone & Beam Modern Decorative Ceramic Vase With Geometric Pattern

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Its neutral colors blend with any home decor to enhance the style and elegance of your home. You can either place flowers and fancy items in it or simply make it a window display. Check here, ceramic neti pot review.

The sturdy vase is available in three standard sizes, which range from small to medium and large. To be precise with dimensions, large measures 6.25 “Diameter and 7.7″ H, medium size at 5” Diameter x 6.25 “H and 3.5” Diameter x 4.4 “H for small size dimensions. Summing up everything, be sure the ceramic vase is well-crafted with durable pieces that will stay in good condition for long.


  • Available in three sizes-small, medium and large.
  • Made from 100% stoneware.
  • Modern geometric patterns.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Neutral colors and not a color irritant.
  • Value for money.


  • Cracks easily when hit with items of massive weight.

3. Kahler Omaggio Ceramic Vase

Kahler Ommagio vase is of Scandinavian origin and is handmade in faience ceramic. This reputable ceramic vase is featured on the omaggio series with a modern classic design.

Its roots date to a long time back in the 1830s from a danish ceramic potter.

Kahler Omaggio Ceramic Vase

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The iconic hand-painted black and white stripes are highly regarded in incalculable Nordic homes and embraced by several design fanatics. It is available in stripes of other colors, though, subject to availability. The contemporary striped vase has dimensions of 7.9 inches Height and 6.5 Inches Diameter(medium size). It also comes in other sizes with matching dishes and bowls.

The Omaggio black and white vase marks interpretation of the ancient Kahler vases from the early and mid 20th century. This modern vase was inspired by one of the artistic women painters in Kahler’s Danish workshop. 


  • Available in different sizes and colors.
  • An iconic and reputable vase.
  • Beautiful and modern design.
  • An ideal art piece.
  • Smooth surface.


  • A bit pricey.

4. Sweet Home Deco Silk Peony Arrangement in Silvery Ceramic Vase

Spice up the look of your dining or living room with this ceramic table vase blooming with style.

The gorgeous piece comes as a silvery case filled with an arrangement of silk peonies and greenery of a variety of colors-baby pink, blue, burgundy, coral, lavender, peach, pink, and white.

Sweet Home Deco Silk Peony Arrangement In Silvery Ceramic Vase

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The classy product features a silver vase with dimensions of 5″ width X 4″ thickness, and the whole floral arrangement has 8″ width X 8″ thickness. The greenery positioned within the flowers is removable. If you don’t like it, you can take it off easily to meet your desired appearance. 

For flower enthusiasts, this is worth your bucks of money. It is super cute and adorable. The floral vase is ideal for your tabletop to add some beauty and gives you aesthetic pleasure. It could also be a wedding gift. 


  • Adds beauty and elegance.
  • Features a variety of colors.
  • Lovely flowers.
  • Removable greenery.
  • Worth your money.


  • Said to be an overpriced flower vase.

5. Cream Ceramic Decorative Pitcher-like Vase

The pitcher-like vase is an old victorian style perfect for holding fresh or dried flowers and can be situated in your home office, bathroom, kitchen, or living room.

Its design features a looped teal-painted handle made of ceramic just like the whole vase. Manufacturers recommend it for decorative purposes only and should never carry food.

Cream Ceramic Decorative Pitcher-Like Vase

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It comes in a cream color decorated with not only butterfly and dragonfly but also floral paintings. The color is deemed soothing and a suitable interpretation of vintage glamour. It measures 10 inches tall and so quite the right size for display.


  • Beautifully-decorated.
  • Contemporary design.
  • Appropriate for both fresh and artificial flower arrangements.
  • Owns the old victorian style.


  • Fragile; breaks when hit or on falling.

6. XXD Florida Ceramic vase

With the Florida ceramic vase, you can fix up to four flowers in its slots in a natural way. All the four stand firm and freely, which is incredible and somewhat not in line with physics laws. Aside from the slots, it has four plug-in brass pins that get lodged into the middle of the flower stems. 

 XXD Florida Ceramic Vase

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When you purchase it, it comes as one acrylic glass tray and four brass pins. The 6mm acrylic glass carrier of this appealing vase is invisible below the water surface. The flowers absorb water by capillary action and are always in good health. They never wilt as long as you supply them with sufficient amounts of water.

Just like the other vases, it enhances the look of your home or restaurant. Once you have it, be certain of an exceptional decoration for your tabletop. Its dimensions are 10 x110x 30 mm.


  • Extraordinary flower vase.
  • Fits up to four flowers.
  • Holds any type of flowers.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Slotted ceramic vase.


  • Difficult to insert the pins int the stems.
  • The flowers white vase is the most appropriate for looking separately.

7. American Metalcraft Ceramic Jug Vase

If you are looking for a black and white ceramic jug, this white vase is the most appropriate, Though it could also be used alone.

The beautiful flower vase is designed to accentuate single flowers for elegance and stylishness mainly. Well, it reduces expenditures on buying expensive bouquets.

American Metalcraft Ceramic Jug Vase

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Crafted from white ceramic, it is durable and made to last long. It measures a height of 3-7/ 8 inches. It has a wide rounded area that narrows into a small opening. The adorable vase can nicely fit alone at the window and bookshelves as well. It is an excellent choice for both homes and restaurants.


  • Tiny and cure to fit perfectly in a smaller space.
  • Can be used to match elegantly with other vases.
  • Ideal for both home and restaurants.
  • Lovely looks.
  • Money-saving; made to hold a single flower instead of expensive bouquets.
  • Highly durable.


  • Mono-colored, available in white only.
  • Designed for single flowers alone.
  • Comes in one small size with no other larger options.

8. SZX White Ceramic Vase

Rated among the best flower vases, it is handmade with high-quality white porcelain, its texture is uniformly smooth and not reflective beside it’s excellent transmittance.

Ideal for your home or office in a way that it adds a blend of simplicity and vibrance.

SZX White Ceramic Vase

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The small white pottery vase possesses an artistic, creative design with a frosted hand feel. Its dimensions comprise Height: 5.1 in Caliber: 1.9 in and a maximum diameter: 2.6in.

Put a smile on your beloved ones by showing them this ornamental art piece as a gift on their birthdays or weddings. It fits well in business places and restaurants too.


  • Creative design.
  • Smooth and uniform texture.
  • Exceptional sturdiness; not fragile.
  • Quite inexpensive.
  • Great quality.


  • Available in small size only.

9. Heather Ann Creations Mary Ceramic Heart Vase

Heather Anne Creations never disappoint when it comes to quality art and craftsmanship.  

The ceramic vase absolute for home and office decor is color-vibrant purposely to give a stylish and modish finishing.

Heather Ann Creations Mary Ceramic Heart Vase

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By hands, it is made from natural bamboo stripes with a shell finish that complements its uniqueness. There is no vase similar in look to this heart vase. It is durable and sturdy to last for a long time. The design features a size of 12″ x 12″ x 22 inches and weighs 6lbs; therefore, light and portable. 

Without any doubt, this decorative bamboo spun vase will make for a great and practical addition to your home or office decor. This piece is incomparable to nothing else, and the pottery company is renowned for its excellent products.


  • Contemporary design.
  • Light-weighted.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting.
  • 100% original ceramic vase.
  • Rich in color and vibrant.
  • Made from striped bamboo.


  • Some find it smaller than expected.

10. LIONWEI LIONWELI Black Gold Ceramic Flower Vase

A black vase with amazing gold patterns and a beautifully-crafted shape. The vase has underlying protectors that prevent scratching and fading out.

It is fired at very high temperatures as the crafting process includes gold plating. 

LIONWEI LIONWELI Black Gold Ceramic Flower Vase

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The vase exists in these other colors: white with golden stripes, green gold, and white gold. Sizes vary from medium to large. For the medium size, dimensions are Height 9.5 Inches, Base Diameter Width 4 Inches, which tapers to Top Diameter 2.5 Inches. Large size measures: height 12 Inches, Base Diameter Width 5 Inches – Top Diameter 3 Inches. 

The lovely vase is simply a perfect gift for friends and family on functions like weddings, holiday gifts, and even bridal showers. It could be placed as a window display in your bathroom or living room. Besides holding flowers, it can hold water too. 

The manufacturer, LIONWEI LIONWELI, offers a 60-day warranty and assures a 100% OPPS satisfaction guarantee. The warranty gives back up time for accidental breakages, defections, or non-satisfactions.


  • Available in different colors.
  • Bottom protectors for maximum protection.
  • Very beautiful.
  • Attractive design.
  • Has amazing gold patterns.
  • 60-day warranty.
  • Perfect for window display.
  • Great and satisfying sizes.


  • No cons.

What are the best ceramic vases?

First of all, what is ceramics? It is a material composed mainly of clay and water. It is widely used for the creation of decorative vessels, using heat to solidify them.

The ceramic vases decoration is more the object is made with this material. However, not only its usefulness lies in being an ornamental piece, but you can place flower arrangements, balloons, or pens, among others.

Consequently, you may be wondering how to choose the best ceramic vases of 2020?

Very simple, one aspect that you should take into account is if you want a printed ceramic vase or a simple one, that is, without decorations.

Then you must decide what texture you want in the vase. Importantly, smooth-surface ones are easier to clean, unlike an embossed pot. This is because in the last ones you must clean the protruding lines very well because if not, they will be dirty.

On the other hand, the size of the jar is important, since the bigger it is, you can save or add more details.

Finally, price is a feature that does not very much in relation to one ceramic jug.

What are ceramic vases for?

Mainly, ceramic vases are used to decorate rooms. In turn, they are elements that will never go unnoticed if you know how to combine them with the rest of the decoration and style of the place.

Another important aspect is that you can renew them periodically, but what does it really mean? If you do not want to make an extra expense buying more vases, an excellent alternative is to paint them in different shades.

In this sense, another utility that you can give to ceramic vases is to buy special paints and paint them as you like, and then use them to decorate spaces in the house.

In this sense, how to paint ceramic vases? The technique is important, but it is not everything. The relevant thing is that you are clear that you can recycle and reuse old ceramic vases.

Consequently, the materials you need to paint the ceramic jugs are

  • Spray paint of your favorite colors. You can also use special ceramic paints.
  • Gloves
  • Masks

When you have all these elements, what you should do is use protective materials, that is, gloves and a mask. In addition, you have to check if the vase does not have baked paint since it cannot be removed.

If the vase is spray painted or painted, the first thing you need to do is sand the ceramic piece. Then, start painting with the spray, although you must shake it first.

On the other hand, doing this activity as a family is a fun way to share time together without spending a lot of money.

Finally, the ceramic vase is used as a souvenir detail of children’s parties or important gatherings, such as a marriage or graduation.


While ruling out to purchase a ceramic flower vase of your choice, you need to consider some factors which guide you.


The material a vase is crafted from gives an image of its durability. You do not want to buy a vase, and on delivery, it breaks into pieces in no time. It is very devastating to lose your money that quickly. Therefore, always check the material is sturdy and resistant to light damage so that it serves you for a long time.


Before heading to the vase shop, Pay keen attention to the details of your room intended for placement of the vase – the decor, the design, and every other feature. The vase you choose should blend with the room decor and design. An unmatching vase will ruin the look, and that means getting back to the drawing board. Time and energy wasted in your first disappointing purchase.

Flower type and arrangement

Depending on the flower size, ensure the vase covers ⅓ of the length while the remaining is visible and hanging out of the vase. The type of flower also determines the type of ceramic vase to buy. Vases exist in different sizes, designs, shapes, and brands.

Whichever type that suits your taste, it should complement the kind of flower it holds. The pitcher jug, for instance, befits fresh-cut bouquets. The rounded type matches with tulips, peonies, and roses. While some ceramic vases are designed to carry one flower alone, others are for bouquets. 


No matter the type of ceramic vase you pick out from a lot of good vases, you should consider making a sober final decision. Every day new brands come up, but only quality eliminates most from being rated unique and superior over others. 

Money is the most significant factor. Despite having several considerations, without money owning that which pleases the heart is nearly impossible. Though it means not stretching out of your budget, affordability is key. Buying the right one wins over everything.

by William Jon
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