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Hi! How are you today? Are you looking for the best car detailing product that keeps your car as shiny as a mirror? Do you want ceramic wax but you don’t know which one is the best? Did you ever use Meguiars hybrid ceramic wax before? Truly I understand that you already know about Meguiar’s wax. Today I’m going to review the Meguiars hybrid ceramic wax. If you aren’t only looking for Meguiar’s ceramic wax, don’t worry. We understand your feeling. Now we are also reviewing 9 best Meguiar’s wax from the market.

These Meguiar’s wax is top-rated and the best product on the market. Do you know how to apply Meguiar’s wax on the car? Also, we’re going to present to you how to apply Meguiar’s wax on the car step by step.One stuff Meguiar’s wax that is getting a lot of attention online over the last couple of years. This was is a new release by Meguiar’s, what they are calling a hybrid ceramic wax.

MEGUIAR'S Hybrid Ceramic wax

At this moment, ceramic is a big buzz word in the detailing world. However, Meguiar’s wax comes with ceramic features on the market. They are safe for any type of paint and easy to use.

Here is our top pick 5 best meguiars wax

Great protection: Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic wax

Best meguiars wax: Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax

Best meguiars car wax: Meguiars Ultimate Quik Wax

Meguiar’s ceramic wax: Meguiars Synthetic X-Press Spray Wax

Extra durable formulated wax: Meguiar’s Black Wax

What is Actually Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax?

Meguiar’s hybrid ceramic wax is a new product in Meguiar’s wax technologies. The Meguiar’s sophisticated wax hybrid makes it a high-viscosity formula to provide a protective layer on the exterior of your car with an easy application.

You don’t need any buffing, curling, and rubbing. Simple spray the wax on the car then rains off. After then watch the magic happened.

Meguiar’s ceramic wax is manufactured with an advanced technology to bond your car exterior paint and from a thicker coating. This coating is last-longer and durable without the below grease.

The latest developments Meguiar’s wax in automotive-detailing technology features the use of silica-based sealant (SiO2). So these sealants act differently than other old school-wax, as they perfectly bond with the painted surface where you apply it.

Once you apply it and have cured, a silica-based sealant will protect your car surface. It is extremely resistant to soap, water, and of course environmental. That’s why this wax properly bonds with the painted surface.

This Meguiar’s item made with SiO2 spray sealant. I think they are using the term “wax” to appeal to the average consumer. Because it is a term that is would be familiar with.

Meguiar’s Ceramic Wax | Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax Review

1 MEGUIAR’S Hybrid Ceramic wax, Meguiars Ceramic Spray

Do you search for the best car wax that is easy to use, cutting-edge faster, and sophisticated technology that delivers the latest in protection? Meguiar’s hybrid ceramic wax is a product that will give you a better solution. With Meguiar’s wax advanced Si02 hybrid technology, you will get ceramic protection that’s so easy to use, and you can wax your paint as you rinse off your car!

MEGUIAR'S Hybrid Ceramic wax

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Simply spray on Meguiar’s ceramic wax after washing and rinsing off your car with liquid soap. After then follow that with a second rinse with a strong stream of water. The final rinse helps to spread and lay down the wax evenly for you. Dry your car as you would normally with a quality microfiber drying towel, such as Meguiar’s microfiber water magnet drying towel.

You don’t need any rubbing, buffing, and also curling time. This product has ceramic protection and durability well beyond conventional wax and extreme water beading protection. Conventional? No. Sensational? Yes! It’s ceramic-made easy car wax!


1 It has advanced SiO2 hybrid technology.
2 They highly deliver ceramic wax protection.
3 It has extreme water beading action protection.
4 Easy to use.
5 No extra job like rubbing, curing, buffing, or mess.


1 Not available at the local store.

2. Meguiar Ultimate Liquid Wax

Are you searching for a long-lasting car wax? Is your car surface not looks glossy or shiny? Do you want your car to look pretty eye-catcher? If so, Meguiar’s ultimate liquid wax is the wax that you want. It will present you with a glossy, shiny, and attractive look for your car.

Meguiars Ceramic wax

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This product uses the latest thin-film technology to deliver you an easy application and easy removal, even if you work outdoors in the full hot sun. Its proprietary hydrophobic polymer technology increases the vehicle surface tension so water beads and rolls right off.

It has re-set the bar for car wax with pure synthetic wax that provides extended protection with amplified reflectivity. So, they won’t leave a white residue on trim and plastic.

Ultimate liquid wax is perfectly safe and effective on all glossy paints and clear coat surfaces. And it can be applied by hand or dual action variable speed polisher like Maguire’s MT300 dual action polisher.


1 A long-lasting protective wax
2 Formulated with maximum synthetic protection
3 The hydrophobic polymer technology increases surface tension to protect the paint.
4 It can work in the full hot sun
5 Easy to apply



3. Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Wax

The ultimate spray wax with hydrophobic polymer technology creates a deep wet-look shine. You would normally expect liquid or ultimate paste wax for your adorable car. With relentless water-beading protection that lasts for one week.

But ultimate Quik wax is the longest-lasting protection from a spray wax. This item is Safe and effective on all types of painted surfaces without leaving a white waxy residue on exterior plastic or trim pieces.

Meguiar's Ultimate Quik Wax

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Quik wax is absolutely quick. Simply spray the ultimate Quik wax on the vehicle and wipe it off. Then, you will get a gorgeous shine in less than 15 minutes.

When to use Meguiar’s ultimate Quik wax on your car? In this case, this item can be used as car paint protection, but it also makes a perfect maintenance wax for existing car wax applications. It is the best way to maintain the just waxed looked on any vehicle without having to use a liquid wax or ultimate paste wax.

How do I apply the ultimate Quik wax on my vehicle? For the best result, apply it on a clean, dry, and cool surface. also, it is a great way to reinforce the polymer protection on its paint after regular washing.

Shake it well, then Mist Ultimate Quik Wax onto one section of the vehicle at a time. Quickly spread the wax with a clean and dry supreme shine microfiber towel. Finally, wipe off the vehicle surface with a microfiber towel then dry it.


1 Ultimate Quik Wax is long-lasting protection
2 It comes with hydrophobic polymer technology
3 Safe and effective on all painted surfaces
4 Easy to use in less than 15 minutes
5 The polymer-based wax can be applied in direct sunlight



4. Meguiar’s Synthetic X-Press Spray Wax

Have you ever applied Meguiar’s Synthetic X-Press Spray wax on your vehicle? Have you got any experience with Meguiar’s Synthetic X-Press Spray Wax? Meguiar’s Synthetic X-Press Spray wax is great for car surface future. Normally, it can be your daily used wax to keep your car looks beautiful.

Meguiar's Synthetic X-Press Spray Wax

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So I thought you’d give it a try. WOW! This item is amazing! It comes with a pretty gallon size bottle. It shines the vehicle better than other normal wax. Spray the wax on a microfiber towel, not on the car surface. Synthetic spray wax such a fine mist the stuff gets everywhere.

This is one of the best worldwide wax for car care. It is a trustful brand in the world and they are stays in the market for more than 115 years. They provide high-performance car care wax for every automotive surface, both on the interior and exterior of cars.


1 Creates deep dark wet-look shine
2 Can be applied in direct sunlight
3 Dries clear on plastic trim & rubber gaskets
4 Fast wet or dry car application
5 Easy to use, mist on, and wipe off
6 Durable protection

5 Meguiar’s Black Wax

Do you have a black or dark-colored car? Need to wax your dark-colored vehicle? If so, now I have good news for you you. Now your time to use Meguiar’s black wax. Because it is specially designed for black or dark-colored cars. Use this black wax on your black or dark car. You could also use it on other colored cars such as white, silver, blue, red, or any light-colored surface.

Meguiar's Black Wax

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For the best result, while you wax for deep color shine and clear reflections Meguiar’s black wax formula includes polishing oils that give your paint a brilliant gloss for a show car finish. The black wax clear coat safe formula goes on swirl-free and it comes with synthetic polymers that provide long-lasting durable protection.

Anyway, use Meguiar’s black wax by hand with an applicator pad. Also, you could use Meguiar’s MT300 dual action polisher for an extra result on your black-colored car and want incredible depth of shine and lasting durable protection. Black wax is perfect for brighter as mirror shine and grate choice for black-colored cars.


1 Specially formulated to produce brilliant color and shine on dark or black colored cars.
2 Extra durable formulated wax.
3 It has synthetic polymers that provide long-lasting protection.
4 Safe to use on any surfaces and easy to use.
5 It can be used by hand, no need for a buffing machine.

6. Meguiar’s Ultimate Paste Wax

Meguiar’s ultimate paste wax comes with synthetic protection depth of color, durability, and reflectivity in this easy one-step.

The ultimate paste wax features effortless applications. It has thin film-technology and they provide for easy application and wipe off even in the hot sun. Advanced synthetic polymers crosslink provide long-lasting protection while applying on the car incredible depth and as-mirror as shine.

Meguiar's Ultimate Paste Wax

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The technology of ultimate paste wax increases surface tension to protect the paint. The ultimate paste wax is safe and glossy for all types of paint and clear coats. It is suitable for applied with hand or dual action variable speed polisher like MT300 dual action polisher.

This paste wax with an easy application with all-weather. You could easily apply this wax and easily remove it. Even it warking on hot weather such as hot sun outdoor.

How to prepare the car before waxing? At first wash your vehicle freshly and clearly. Use a PH balanced car washer as Meguiar’s ultimate wash and wax. Then run your clean and dry fingertips over the existing paint. Touch the paint and feel it rough or smooth.

If the paint is rough, it indicates that you have bonded contaminants on top of your paint. This stuff’s surface clay kit comes with all the features that you need to safely remove contaminants bonded on the paint and leave it as smooth as glass.

If your car paint surface has any scratches, moderate swirls, oxidation, and etchings you need to use Meguiar’s ultimate compound. So, use this ultimate compound polish then apply ultimate paste wax.


1 It has maximum synthetic protection.
2 Thin-film technology provides an easy application.
3 Long-lasting durable wax.
4 It will gift you as smooth as a mirror.
5 Safe and effective for all types of paint.

How to Apply Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax?

Ceramic wax from Meguiar’s can be used as your main source of protection. But, this ceramic wax also suggests using it in addition to your favorite wax, sealant, or even on top of your ceramic coating. It means you don’t need to stress about stripping your car of any old wax or sealant that you applied before. And, hybrid wax should be compatible with anything you already applied to your favorite car.

Anyway, ensure that your car must be freshly cleaned, have no contamination before applying this product.

Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax Applying Steps

Now I present you a way to apply ceramic wax to your car

Initial application or foundation layer. Hybrid ceramic wax is very easy to apply in the car and it makes your car brighter very fast.

Step one: Wash your car properly with a pressure washer. Make sure there is no dirty residue on the car. Apply Meguiar’s hybrid ceramic wax before drying water drops.

Step two: Once you have covered all the surfaces of your car with hybrid ceramic wax, use a microfiber towel to dry it. Pick a quality microfiber towel and begin to dry the car.

Step three: After the first drying, take a new microfiber towel and start dry again. This step helps to dry all the wax that you missed on the first drying step. Now you can see your car is brighter than before. You are done. It is an easy application method to make brighten your favorite car.

How to remove hybrid ceramic wax streaks from the car

If you want to remove hybrid ceramic wax from your car, you can remove it easily. Simply wipe the area with a microfiber towel and water that you want to remove the wax. Even you could spray a light mist of water on the streak and wipe with a microfiber towel. Then easily remove wax streaks from the car. 

How long does last hybrid ceramic wax

Hybrid wax lasts longer than other normal wax. I have been spent more time seeing how long does it last. I have seen that it lasts longer and makes me happy. It lasts for me 3 and a half weeks. After that, I feel the protection on the paint dropping off and water doesn’t bead as well. I’m happy with Meguirs wax.

Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax Reviews Of 2022

Hey, what’s up guys welcome to another episode. So in today’s episode, I’m reviewing a brand new product by Meguir’s, and probably the most requested product review for my viewers so far this year. I’m looking into the brand new Meguirs hybrid ceramic wax. Now, this is a new formula. 

It’s a wax as you rinse product, so it’s very easy to apply to your vehicle. Meaning that you’re going to wash it, you’re going to rinse it, you spray this on while it’s still wet, you dry it. And that’s it, you’ve protected your entire vehicle. 

Here I’m going to show you some important tips and tricks that you’re going to learn in this content, how to apply it? Now you’re also going to see a demonstration on a black SUV. So you’ll learn everything about this new Meguirs product.

All about Meguiars ceramic wax

I hope you guys are having a great day. As I mentioned, I’m reviewing a brand new Meguir ceramic wax, and it’s called hybrid ceramic wax. Now, as you can tell, it comes in a spray bottle, so it’s very easy to apply. And it was unveiled at the latest SEMA Show in Las Vegas, a show that I attended. 

This was one of the products that I wanted to get my hands on. And while there’s been a lot of hype around this, because there’s a lot of technology built into this bottle.

By the way, this is a lot of value for your money because it’s 26 ounces or 768 milliliters. By the way, guys don’t worry, I’ll include the links to the product in the description under the content for you guys to check out. 

These are selling pretty quickly, I waited almost three weeks to get this as this is heavily requested by a lot of people on the internet right now. 

Check out the label

So let’s have a look at the labels. So as you can tell, hybrid ceramic wax labeling. 

Because essentially, this product adds protection to your car’s paint. We can see in the front here that they talk about advanced SiO2 technology. So what exactly is si oh two? They normally three forms of protection for your vehicle’s paint. 

So there are carnauba waxes, which typically last two to three months. You then have synthetic paint sealants, which will last five to six months. And you have the ultimate form of paint protection, which is ceramic coatings. 

Meguirs wax overview

Now they’re essentially in the liquid form, apply them to the paint. And of course, that’ll give you the durability that’s 1 to 2 years or more depending on what type of version that you get. They’re great for water beading and water shooting properties. 

It helps self-cleaning properties, which means that the vehicle is a lot easier to wash during maintenance washes. This product has UV protection built-in, a lot of silkness, and a high gloss effect. For those of you who love that and who don’t, we all want shiny cars.

Inside here, you’re gonna find a hybrid technology. This means that there are some wax particles in there. Because it is a spray wax, but you also have some SiO2 particles or molecules. The SiO2 is silicon dioxide, or commonly known as silica. And that’s one of the main ingredients of common ceramic coatings. 

High durable product

This product is very high durability. You’re looking at many months of protection. Meguiar’s themselves say that the protection should be on par with another product that is Meguiar’s ultimate fast finish. It is a spray-on paint sealant. And it will give you five to six months of real-world protection. 

How you apply Meguiars ceramic wax

So essentially, you get the easy steps to apply it. But there’s a little note at the bottom, and that’s concerning the first application. The first application is critical. Because you’re going to be laying the base layer of foundation and protection onto your vehicle. Meguiars wax can be good to be sprayed by the way all over the exterior surfaces. Don’t worry about your wheels, trim, paint, and glass. 

Tip number one 

Work in the shade, in a garage, and on a cool surface. Never work in direct sunlight as much as possible. Avoid doing the detailing steps on your cars in a hot place. So wait for the vehicle to be cooled. Work in the shade. 

Tip number two

Wash the vehicle, and then you’re going to rinse it off when you have done. Spray the Meguiar’s on the surface generously while the paint is still wet. Then use a microfiber drying towel. After that, gently wipe away everything to make sure you get even coverage. 

Tip number three

So that way, massaging the product into the paint. Go ahead and take a second dry and clean microfiber towel to buff off any excess. But this will leave no streaks if done correctly. It’s simple to apply. So that’s for the initial foundation coat. During your maintenance washes, it’s even simpler. 

Wash your car, rinse it off, then you’re going to spray the product onto the paint. Rinse the spray off again. Dry it, then you’re going to see the water beading and water sheeting is exceptional. 

Tip number four

Now another thing to note. Use a pressure washer if possible, or you can also use a garden hose. Make sure that you have enough water pressure. This product is water-activated. Make sure that you have enough water flow to activate the molecules. 

Where to buy Meguiar’s hybrid ceramic wax

Now the cool thing I found by using this is a great value. You can also mainly have this between 15 to 25 US dollars depending again on when it falls on to the sale. Sometimes there are a lot of sales. It’s widely available in many popular big box stores, including auto parts stores next to your home, and on Amazon. 

But it gives a lot of slicknesses. A lot of gloss on the paint, great protection for water beading and water sheeting. Meguiars is pretty awesome and a lot of value. Again, don’t forget, this is 26 ounces, and the little goes a long way. So after you’ve established your first base layer, the subsequent washes, you’re only going to use one or two sprays per panel at most. 

Pretty good smell

It smells pretty good. It smells kind of a chemical version of blueberries. So they all they have that dial down and yeah, again lots of value for the money. By the way, guys, you can use Meguiar’s hybrid ceramic wax as a standalone product. So meaning if you have no protection on your paint, you can use this by itself.

Multi-surface using facility

You can use it as a topper to apply over waxes, paint sealants, and ceramic coatings. So it’s very versatile. And before we go ahead with a product demonstration on this black SUV. So you guys can see the full effects. Make sure to properly prep the paint. Now we have the protection and visual properties of the item itself. 

So number one, I washed the vehicle. Number two, I fully decontaminated the paint using an iron remover to remove any embedded iron particles that are from brake dust or industrial Fallout. Then I went ahead and did a clay bar with clay lubricants to remove any embedded contaminants. It is still left in the clear coat. 

I properly rinsed the vehicle, and I did an IPA wipe down on the isopropanol alcohol mix. It removes any leftover oils, any old waxes, or paint sealants to make sure that the surface is Virgin and free of any previous protection. So there was never any wax sealant or ceramic coating to start with, but I wanted to make sure to have a super premium Lee cleaned surface.

How to apply it

So guys can see the effect of Meguiar’s hybrid ceramic wax? At first, we’re going to start with the initial application. So you’ll see how we do the base layer foundation. And then I’m going to show you how easy it is to use this product during maintenance washes to increase the water-beating water sheeting to add protection to your paint. 

Okay, so now for the demonstration and tutorial of the application. Now, we have a squeaky clean surface. And let’s test so this will be the control panel. So we’re going to go ahead and do step number one, which rinses the surface now that the car is clean because the product is water-activated. 

Step one

So as this is the first application, we’re going to go ahead and first start by shaking the bottle. Make sure that you shake chemicals. Turn on the trigger sprayer. Wash the vehicle, ensure that there’s still water on there. So we’re going to spray the product liberally on the panel. 

We’re going to go ahead and wipe with a microfiber drying towel. The first application is the heavier application. Make sure you get this right because this is your base coat. I can already tell there is a lot of protection going on. So what you want to do is wipe away with your microfiber drying towel.

Step two

Come with a secondary dry microfiber towel, and you’re going to buff off the residue. It goes on like a charm, very easy. And it leaves no streaking and no residue. I can tell the surface is already very, very slick. It looks nice, gloss, and reflection. 

Alright, done with the first application, let’s see what kind of beading and sheeting we’re going to get. So we’re supposed to have a lot of water beading, and the water should sheet off the panel very quickly, a sign that there’s protection all over the hood.

Step three

Go ahead, wash your car, then rinse it off. While it’s still wet, you’re going to take your Meguiars hybrid ceramic wax. Spray it on the vehicle. Maybe one or two sprays max per door, rinse off. Dry the car with a microfiber towel.

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