Adams Ceramic Coating Review of 2022

Adams ceramic coating
Adams ceramic coatings

This article is all about Adams Ceramic Coating Review. I have been using the product for quite a long time, so I wondered why I helped others know about this product? Adams ceramic spray coating will ideally suit you if you want to take the responsibility of coating your vehicle with an easy using process and maximum output.

I fall for it right after I use it. So, I will talk about my good and bad experience in the Adams ceramic coating review.

What you will get here

  • 50ml UV Paint-Coating Bottle- 1pcs
  • 4-oz Ceramic Boost- 1 pcs
  • 4-oz Surface Prep- 1pcs
  • Surface Prep Towel- 2pcs
  • Removal Towel- 2pcs
  • Micro Silk Applicator- 2pcs
  • Gloves- 1 pair

Consider before buying Adams Ceramic Coating or Adams ceramic spray coating?

Ceramic coating is an expensive way of coating your vehicle, and you must be familiar with it if you are a lover of shiny texture. How much can it cost? Ceramic coating of a pro-grade level can cost you almost $2000, but the output will be worth it. But what are the alternatives if I don’t have that much to spend? Well, that’s why I am here to help you out. You can accomplish the job all by yourself at a cheaper price rate compared to that one.

Is coating paint? Not. It’s a barrier that protects your car’s paint from outer effects. You can compare coating with wax or sealant of car, except that the coating has a longer lifespan. And, of course, the ceramic coating creates enough noticeable difference to your car that you can tell which car has the coating and which doesn’t; without even putting them together.

Ceramic coatings are highly microscopic and transparent. You should never apply them on scratch or use them as a fixing solution for any crack. Coatings will not remove your scratch. It will fill the scratch up, and you will have a shiny visible scratch as the output.

If you choose to do the job yourself, a good ceramic coating tool will be worth your money. A good one will be enough to coat almost two cars where each application can have durability for 2 to 5 years, though your maintenance will play a role here. You are going to have to back your money in the form of savings within a few months.

By now, you realize how much ceramic coating matters. Now let’s talk about Adam’s UV Ceramic Coating.

Three different coatings

Adam’s Ceramic Coating provides three different coatings, and the most effective way to differentiate them is their durability & thickness.

The Adams spray coating and the wheel coating don’t have the same formulation at all. Wheel coating is the thicker one between the two. Not only that, wheel coating can stand against the most challenging element your car can fight with.

The paint coating will give you the premium coating with its shiniest & slickest formulae. Adam’s products are all tested. Before even real-life testing, they are tested to the most potent acid & alkaline conditions. What does that mean? It means the product is versatile, long-lasting, & durable.

Who can apply this product?

You don’t have to be professional to apply this to your car. The company offers borderless grey towels or a single soft towel in the package. The plusher towels can take away more oils during the application.

There isn’t any risk of missing the spot or improper application when you use Adams coating. The procedure is the same. All that is different is the shiny output. You can even give a final wiping in case you doubt about missing any spot.

The unique chemistry and the product’s technique make it easier for the everyday user without breaking the bank. Finally, you can be at ease with this product.

You can save time while applying and can improve your skills with it.


The nanocrystalline formulae of the product protect your car from UV rays along with repealing muds & other contaminants. The privileges you will have like full coverage, paint protection with 9H hardness will last for five years, even in the most critical conditions.

The unbeatable shine will astonish you if you follow the proper application process and prepare before the application, like- washing, claying, & removing the contaminants. The final wipe down after the polishing will remove the leftover sealant or wax. Now, you can start the process by following the rule of 50/50 overlapping. Read more, the best ceramic spray coating.

Adam’s coating is hydrophobic enough to create a durable barrier between bonded contaminants and the paint, which causes water to jump off the exterior surface.

Where is the nano-coating suitable to apply? The coating is safe on a single stage, vinyl wraps, clear coat, & lacquer paint finishes.

Where are the products made? Thanks to them, it’s made in the U.S.A & the manufacturer used the most advanced tech to design it. These products have fewer chances to create swirl marks & scratches while cleaning.  

Frequent questions related to Adam’s coating

To make the coating last longer, how about layering it?

It’s a good idea; still, there is a limit. The coating will last a bit longer than usual. But it doesn’t mean the coating will last five times longer if you layer for five times. If you exceed three layers, the car’s hydrophobic effect will not increase anymore, while you will have a tacky appearance on the car.

What does Ceramic Glow Tech mean?

It’s a patent-pending formula of this product. In this tech, an optical brightener having crystalline form emits light by absorbing energy; it reflexes back down in a lower energy state.

Can I use this product in the entire car?

You can. The product protects a wide range of areas of your car. The places that are safe using it: painted surfaces, bed rail covers, trim, plastic engine bay parts, bed liners, canvas tops, headlights, floor mats, tonneau covers.

If I charge the coating using UV light, will it glow?

No, it won’t. The coating isn’t phosphorescent; it’s fluorescent. The items that glow in the dark have a green hue or yellow hue of phosphorescent dyes, and that’s why they light up under any light & diminish within a few minutes. The Adam’s coating will light up only under the 395 NM UV light.

What if I miss a spot during the application?

In that case, you have to catch the missed area within 15 to 20 minutes and reapply for that area. Then wait up to one or two minutes and wipe it off. By reactivating the product, it becomes easy to remove.

If you can’t find the missed spot within 15 to 20 minutes, use the Brilliant Glaze & a microfiber applicator. Or you can go for a polishing machine with polish-correcting for the total removal of the imperfection.

Is there any major difference between phosphorescence & fluorescence?

Items having fluorescence can glow up as long as there is any UV light shining on them. On the other hand, you can charge the item with phosphorescence using normal light and make it glow up longer.

It happens because there is a difference between the items in time amount they take for relaxing the electrons & stopping the release of energy in light (photons).

Will sunlight make my car glow?

No, it won’t. The coating is invisible under the standard light. The coating will give a bluish glow when it’s under 395 NM UV light. Other than that, your car won’t glow under any usual light, a streetlight, a flashlight, or sunlight.

Why is there a difference in the glow intensity on different parts?

There is a difference in the coating’s porosity, penetrating ability & bonding capability with different surfaces. This incident causes a thicker & thinner film. The thinner the film, the less the glow intensifies.

Pros of Adams ceramic coating

  • High-quality
  • Both professionals and non-professionals can use them.
  • Patent-pending UV-Tracing Tech
  • Enhanced depth, shine, & gloss
  • Hydrophobic effects at an extreme level
  • One purchase is enough to coat two vehicles
  • 9H hardness
  • Protection for more than five-years

Cons of Adams ceramic coating

  • You have to buff the existing imperfections, or else this product will make them visible by sealing them.


Adams Ceramic Coating Review contains all you need to know before purchasing it and why you should consider buying. There is a small try to help you with some frequent questions’ answers and summarization of pros & cons. Now, make your decision.

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