Akebono Ceramic Brake Pads Review

Are you looking forward to knowing about the Akebono ceramic brake pads review? Then you are at the right place. Here we let you guide all about it. Akebono Company started making brakes in 1980. This company is responsible for providing its customers with consistent innovation. Quality product control standards translate to actual-world performance and stability while you are on the road. 

Akebono makes brake pads for various vehicle brands and classes, including Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Audi, Chrysler, GM, and more. 

They also produce many friction materials that make brake disc calipers, drum brakes, and much more. Akebono is one of the best brake pad companies and provides one of their best brake pads.

What are Akebono ceramic brake pads?

Akebono Ceramic Brake Pads Review

If you have a car or visit a car repair house, you may see different brake pads. Brake pads are a thing that can reduce the car wheel motion or stop by braking. However, suppose you already know about brake pads. In that case, you may hear about Akebono brake pads which are most popular in the United States and worldwide. 

The Akebono Brake Company was established in 1980 in Chicago, North America. It has been a global leader in braking solutions and a technology leader in North America since the 1980s. Moreover, this brake pads company provides hundreds of models of brake pads.

Nowadays, Akebono is successfully doing business in the American and worldwide markets. They also provide OEM on many famous car brands, including Honda, Audi, and other brands. 

Are Akebono brake pads good?

Yes, Akebono brake pads are good quality and safe to use. It last longer and is durable too. They have three brake pads, so you can use them, which is better for your car. Akebono brake pad has many highlighted features which are better for your vehicles. 

Where to buy Akebono brake pads?

You can buy an Akebono brake pad locally and online. If you want to collect Akebono brake pads locally, check your town and collect from there. Or if you order it online, we can help you get it quickly and get it delivered to your good. Here in this article, we’ve mentioned some Amazon purchase links. Again, collect your favorite brake pads from the Akebono website and wait for delivery.

Are Akebono brake pads good

Who sells Akebono brake pads?

Many sellers, resellers, and retailers for Akebono brake pads are based online and locally. Akebono company has its showroom in several states in America. If you are searching for an online store, you can buy it from Amazon, Etsy, Home Depot, and many trusted online stores.

How much are Akebono brake pads?

Usually, Akebono offers their high-quality brake pads from $48 to $97 on amazon. I’ve seen their price range $48, $55, $60, $63, $70 like this.

Akebono Ceramic Brake Pads Review


Well known Akebono pads are great and provide you with excellent stopping power. These brake pads offer much more stopping power than the other and are about half the price. It delivers definite control of noise, vibration, and harshness. So with this, you get a longer rotor life and cleaner wheels with less brake dust. 

To assure optimum performance, distinct designs have also been developed for each vehicle model. They result in a precise fit that eliminates brake squealing and vibration. These brake options are designed to provide a simple and easy-to-use solution for any vehicle owner.


Therfore, Akebono offers you three different brake pad options, all of which are designed to provide specific performance enhancements and benefits to drivers. All three are excellent and valid options, but it depends upon you which one is best and works best. The three brake pads are The Akebono ProAct Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads and Akebono Euro Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads. Also, Akebono Performance Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads

  • Akebono ProAct Ultra-Premium Brake Pads
  • Akebono Euro Ultra-Premium Brake Pads
  • Akebono Performance Ultra-Premium Brake Pads for Street Vehicles
  • Akebono Performance Ultra-Premium Brake Pads for Fleet Vehicles

So, these are the name of three brake pads that Akebono is offering. All three are best, but it varies on your requirements.


The Akebono brake pads replace by OEM installation. These brakes are made with high-quality ceramic materials. Those are highly powerful and can reduce the amount of brakes dist produced when you engage. Most drivers use it due to their performance. Most drivers are comfortable with these brakes and feel comfortable using these brakes. 

These brakes enhance performance response and vehicle control. These breaks come with a unique integrated formula for every vehicle, make and model. The Akebono brakes provide the driver with longer rotor life and cleaner wheels with less brake dust. Read more, carbon fiber brake pads.


A Brake Pads need to replace at some points. But you should only have to do this once by using the leading brand, just like Akebono. Akebono is one of the best and most trusted manufacturers and suppliers. We mostly give favor to them for straightforward replacements that are OE approved. They have extensive experience and many high-performing and unique features. 

Brake pad has different qualities, so be aware and buy the right one like Akebono. Akebono is much popular due to its quality and durability. So due to these reasons, Akebono is too popular. Akebono offers more than 400 pads available virtually for every domestic.

Use the Right Brake Pad

Driving is the best when the vehicle’s stopping power is ensured and as well as controllable. Excellent quality brake pads bring a car to a halt at a moment’s notice, no matter the speed. Using the right brake pad can also help prevent a collision with an object as they help reduce distance during a sudden stop. So, Akebono is the most recommended brand, especially for brake pads.


  • The Akebono brake pads are much more durable as compared to some others. 
  • Akebono brake pads can increase the places and rotor life which is excellent for your car. 
  • In these brake pads controlling noise, power is also available. 
  • The brakes provide superior performance due to car-optimized ceramic formulas. 
  • These brake pads fit most of the vehicles of these times, and that is great. 
  • The Akebono brake pads are much smooth and fast.


  • They are not flexible with big cars like jeep and some others.

Pros and cons of Akebono ceramic brake pads

Every brake pad has some pros and cons, which makes the brake pad excellent or bad. But here we discuss Akebono ceramic brake pad’s pros and cons. After that, you can consider whether it is good or bad for you. Let’s jump to the Akebono brake pads ceramic pros and cons section.


  • No break-in required
  • Consistent pedal feel
  • High fade-resistance
  • Unrivaled stopping power
  • Unrivaled stopping power
  • Ultra-low dust
  • Ultra-low dust
  • Longer rotor life
  • Longer rotor life
  • Vehicle-optimized ceramic formulas
  • Vehicle-optimized ceramic formulas
  • Unparalleled research and design
  • Unparalleled research and design


  • Akebono brake pads aren’t optimal for cold or icy conditions
  • This brake pad has a few weaknesses
  • It also has some heating issues. It heated faster than other brake pads.

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Does Akebono come with hardware?

Even you have seen that some of the brands sell hardware along with brake pads, but Akebono doesn’t come with one, so this is something that you have to purchase by yourself separately at an additional price. Purchasing hardware is not a big deal. You can easily buy it from any brake pads shop.

Where are Akebono pads manufactured?

Akebono is a well-established brand that has been around for 85 years as they provide USA-made disk brake parts for all vehicles. Customers always return to Akebono pads manufacturers when they need an amount for a replacement. The brakes that Akebono delivers are much more durable and less expensive, so most customers are happy with their services and return when they need a part for replacement.

Are ceramic or Semi-metallic pads better?

Ceramic pads are always a better option for sports vehicles, trucks, or sedans because they increase the performance of your car, and they also have better resistance to hot temperatures. So, ceramic brakes are also better than metallic ones as they are much more durable than metallic brake pads.

How long are Akebono brake pads last?

They are high-quality brake pads, so in 6this way, replacement should last between 50,000 to 60000 miles. If you use it properly, your brakes can be long-lasting for years. It is recommended to use the brake fluid to get excellent performance and is stable.

Which Brake Pads Last long?

Semi-metallic brakes are low metallic NAO, and ceramic brake pads last the longest. But these brake pads wear rotors and discs much slower than other materials, but they are long-lasting breaks that can last for years.


In the last words from above mention story. To reduce the average number of deaths caused by car accidents, you must ensure that your brake pads are in good condition. If it is not, they should replace it to avoid accidents. So this is recommended to use the leading manufacturer, such as Akebono brakes, to replace your brake pads once. 

Again, Akebono brake pads are guaranteed to fit your vehicle’s model if you have matched them correctly. They can increase stopping power and enhance safety. Akebono’s brake pads are of high quality. They ensure that their products perform ultra-quietly, offer enhanced durability, and produce low dusting. So you want high-performance and durable brake pads. Hence, buying Akebono brake pads that are fulfilling and stable is best. 

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