Best ceramic honing rod Reviews & Buying Guide 2023 update

Ceramic honing rods

The knife honing tool is one of the must-have tools of every kitchen. Not only the home kitchen but every job places that relate to knife use daily. There is a noticeable difference between honing and sharpening a knife. Most people don’t know that. Continue read the best ceramic honing rod reviews to all about honing rod.

Honing is to maintain a sharp edge, whereas sharpening is to remove metal from the knife edge. So, sharpening too frequently makes your knife to wear down, but honing won’t.

The products that I will showcase below can be honing tools or tools with honing and sharpening features.

By the end of the article: “Best ceramic honing rod Reviews & Buying Guide,” you will catch up with a decent buying guide along with FAQs that will solve your puzzle mind.

Best Ceramic Honing Rod Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Lightweight ceramic sharpening rod by Green Elephant Store

Green Elephant uses the best ceramic for the knives that give you the utmost durability. The lightweight and ergonomic handle design keep you fatigue-free.

The tough 1500 grit of ceramic sharpens the knife properly. You can share almost every type of knives, including the one from German and Japan. So, in a word, all you need is the tool.

Lightweight Ceramic Sharpening Rod

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You might be thinking such a great product may have come with a great price tag, but rest assured, it is pretty affordable. Moreover, you will get a money-back guarantee of 30 days, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

The stuff has multifunctional features, so it is worth giving a try. Don’t forget to read instructions as multifunctional stuff has additional instructions that you can’t reach without reading. Read more, How to sharpen a ceramic knife?

However, I think it would be great if the knife has an extra protective layer, and it only prefers hand wash. If these features don’t bother you, then go for it.

It is a pretty common product and a highly recommended one if you search through the reviews so that it will be a great investment, indeed!

Highlighted features and benefits

  • Extreme durability
  • Light-weighted
  • Ceramic sharpening
  • It has a hardness of 9 Mohs
  • The rod’s length is 10.75-inches.
  • It prevents shattering by shock absorption capabilities

Lightweight Ceramic Sharpening Rods Pros and Cons


  • Break prevention through shock absorption.
  • Quality ceramic has been used in the product.
  • The product is pretty suitable for all knives, including the one from German & Japan.
  • It is quite affordable & comes with a money-back guarantee
  • You can accomplish multifunctional activities using the knife.
  • The ergonomic handle makes the use easy.


  • It would be super if the manufacturer could provide the knife with a protective cover.
  • Avoid excessive pressure while using the knife

2. The Pro-grade honing rod by Noble Home & Chef Store

Do you want to reshape or hone a bent or dull knife? Then this one is all you need in your kitchen.

The steel has a length of 12” with a chromium plating that protects the blades from further corrosion and rust. The diameter of the rod is 0.375” making the holding comfortable, where the end diameter is 0.3125”

Pro-grade honing rod

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Moreover, the handle is an oval shape giving you a perfect grip to work with.

Another winning point of the stuff is that it is magnetized. It will attract the tiny metal particles released during sharpening. So, you will be protected from breathing in the tiny particles from the air while working.

Only a few numbers of passes from this honing tool can make your knife pretty sharp.

You don’t have to worry about cleaning it every time you use it as the stuff doesn’t need to wash every time. Though you can give a soft wipe using a wet cloth. It is also dishwasher safe.

Sometimes, clients complain about the construction, so you have to request the shipping with the utmost care. Otherwise, the tool that I have used has pretty good construction.

Highlighted features and benefits

  • Carbon steel with chromium plating
  • The length of the rod is 12-inches.
  • The diameter of the rod is 0.375-inches.
  • The length of the rod with handle is 16.75-inches.
  • Handle’s material is plastic and steel

Pro-grade honing rod Pros and Cons


  • The honing tool poses an oval handle for a firm grip
  • Elegant design
  • You won’t need to wash the stuff every time you use
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • It is easy to use & maintain
  • Chromium plating prevents rust & corrosion


  • You have to request the shipping with care
  • The construction is overall, okay. Sometimes it seems that customers are complaining about the construction.

3. Does the best home use ceramic rod by Messermeister Store

Messermeister has two lengths, and both are pretty effective to work with. One is 10-inches, and the other is 12-inches. The 10″ one is affordable where the 12″ one is a bit costly.

The 1200 grit rod works pretty well on any knives, including the Japanese ones. If you have a collection of Japanese style knives, this one will work great for you.

best home use ceramic rod

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There is no place of questioning its durability and weight. Both are in their perfect form to surprise you.

Your knife will follow alignment while you are working on sharping it. There is nothing to say about the ergonomic handle; you know how it feels to have an anti-slip handle.

Though it is risky to have a round handle as it can fall from your hand. Otherwise, if you are used to handling such shape, it’s probably not a cons for you.

The plastic sleeve design protects the rod while using the loop on it to store the rod by hanging.

As the tool is very effective, you will notice the reduction of metal on your knife that causes the knife’s wearing every time you use it.

If the review section is searching for, this tool has many good reviews that may make you unnoticeable about the price.

Highlighted features and benefits

  • Ceramic steel having industrial strength
  • Two-rod lengths
  • Sharps the knife
  • Aligns the knife
  • Durable
  • Light-weighted

Does the best home use ceramic rod Pros and Cons


  • It is good that the product is available in both ten and twelve inches.
  • The strength is great.
  • The ergonomic handle makes the use easy.
  • Perfect enough to work on Japanese knives
  • Affordable when it is the 10” one
  • The stuff has a protective sleeve made of plastic


  • The 12” one is a bit costly
  • It’s good to replace the round handle with some other shape

4. Diamond carbon rod from the Brand: Kota Japan

The diamond coating rods from the Kota Japan comes in a 12″ length of the rod in an oval shape. Oval honing tools have the maximum efficiency of honing.

The squared handle, along with the ergonomic design, not only makes the holding process comfortable but also keeps it away from rolling down from your counter.

Diamond ceramic honig rod

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The honing tool’s outlook is aesthetic enough that you can display it as well, adding beauty to your kitchen.

It is a 1000 grit steel blade that is effective on any kind of blade. Moreover, the honing tool is capable of sharpening so that you won’t need any other tool.

Honing doesn’t take off the metal from your knife, whereas sharping does.  

As this honing tool has bought different merits of sharpening for you, it will also do the demerits of metal reduction. You should know that if you are searching for a tool that can both do the job of sharpening and honing.

If you want to avoid the sharpening part and continue only honing, then give one to two strokes on each side. Using it for longer will sharpen your knife.

Highlighted features and benefits

  • A pro-grade sharpening rod
  • Diamond electroplated honing steel
  • The length of the rod is 12.”
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Best honing rod for home and kitchen

Diamond carbon rod Pros and Cons


  • It’s a budget-friendly stuff
  • The product comes with a lifetime warranty without any condition
  • The squared handle design prevents the most annoying rolling of rod
  • You can use the stuff for both sharpening and honing
  • The outlook is pretty enough to use it for displaying as well
  • The ergonomic handle makes the use easy.


  • The tool is astonishingly effective, so you can’t do so many strokes once at a time. It can wear down your knife quickly.
  • I hate to admit, but diamond coatings have a lifespan limitation.

5. Culinary Kitchen knives sharpener along with ceramic honing rod by the Work Sharp Store

You must be confused by now by looking at the features, pros, and cons. In this section, we are talking about not just a honing rod but also a knife sharpener. Yes, you heard it right.

This product is more of a sharpener where the rod is an extra privilege for you.

Best ceramic honing rod with sharpener

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So, we will talk about the sharpener more in detail and end with the rod detailing. The sharpener is an excellent plastic body material for knives sharpening run by electricity.

The first-ever sharpener with a built-in vacuum system that deals with the debris created from sharpening.

You see, other sharpeners are kept away from the food section of your kitchen as the food could be mixed with the tiny metal particles in the air. But this one has a compatible design with your kitchen.

The electric stuff has a pre-programmed system: shaping, sharpening, and refining with one-touch programming. When it’s all done, the material goes off automatically. And it’s done in less than 90 seconds.

The sharpening guides will keep you away from uneven sharpening and guesswork. This brilliant design is award-winning and got the innovation award in 2018.

Now, we get to the honing rod, basically, the reason you are on this page. Sorry to keep you waiting, but this product is more than a honing rod for you, and you won’t regret buying it.

The ceramic honing rod comes as the extra privilege with all-round quality. Honing less than 60 seconds is all you need to do before cooking.

Highlighted features and benefits

  • A sharpener with a rod
  • Ceramic Honing rod
  • Plastic material included in the sharpener
  • It has great suction power.
  • Electric sharpener
  • The dimension of the electric sharpener is 7.2 x 4.5 x 5.2 inches

Culinary Kitchen knives sharpener Pros and Cons


  • It is a great combo product with a sharpener and a rod.
  • The sharpener has three programmed cycles for sharpening.
  • You are assured of having safe sharpening with the stuff
  • You can eventually sharp any knife of any brand with this product.
  • The built-in vacuum of the sharpener keeps the debris away
  • Honing with the provided rod needs less than a minute.


  • The stuff is a bit costly, but worth it as it’s not only the rod, you are talking about. It is more than that.
  • Some may find the sharpener hard to work with.

6. ​The honing rod by the Brand: Mac Knife

First, I want to understandably state that this tool is only for honing the knives’ edges. So, you can use it regularly to hone and maintain the edges.

Many of the honing rods have both sharpening and honing feature, so honing without care may end into sharpening. Many clients then complain about the fact. That person should go with this one as it won’t replace sharpening.

Ceramic honing rod

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The surface of the tool is medium 2000-grit. The ceramic of the tool is a new one, and it is black.

Black ceramic tends to be harder and durable than ordinary white ones. One only that, black ceramic is harder than steel as well. Moreover, black ceramic has anti-rust property.

It’s a bit sad that the tool isn’t dishwasher safe, and you can only do the hand wash. Still, the product has enough good ratings and recommendations for you to give a try.

Highlighted features and benefits

  • The ten and a half-inch ceramic honing rod
  • A smooth polisher
  • 2000-grit medium surface
  • The ceramic is black
  • Anti-rust property

Mac Knife honing rods Pros and Cons


  • It includes hard and durable ceramic.
  • People looking for only honing rod are fortunate to have this.
  • The outlook of the product is pretty bold.
  • The stuff has good sheerness.
  • The durability and thickness of the product are pretty good.


  • The product isn’t dishwasher safe, so you have to hand wash it.
  • People looking for both honing and sharpening rod, this one isn’t for you.

7. Kyocera advanced 9-inch Ceramic Sharpening Rod

This item is the very last product of the article, and it also comes with both sharpening and honing features. The double-sided surface of the rod made that possible.

The rod’s length is 9 inches, where the overall length, including the handle, stand at 13.75″.

Kyocera Ceramic Sharpening Rod

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You can use the rod both for sharpening and honing. But note that you can’t use ceramic knives on it. And you are free to use it on any steel knife.

The rod is light weighted and easy to usage. It is rustproof, so logically the lifespan is more. Moreover, the cleaning process of the rod is far easy.

The manufacturer is 100 percent confident about its material quality and construction.

Though they haven’t mentioned the grit detail in their discussion section, from my experience, I can assume that the surface is coarser than 400.

From the global rating of this product, you can get a pretty good idea that it is something. So, give this one a try. Perhaps, your knife meets its must-have partner.

Highlighted features and benefits

  • A ceramic sharpening rod
  • The length of the steel is 9-inches.
  • Material is ceramic
  • Color is black
  • It has a medium rate sheerness
  • The durability has got a great point.

Mac Knife honing rods Pros and Cons


  • It is affordable enough.
  • The stuff has both honing and sharpening features.
  • If you want something serious for sharpening, then this one is a must, along with being a honing rod.
  • It has a good number of customer responses.
  • Great for kitchen & smaller pocket knives.


  • The stuff isn’t for ceramic knives.
  • It can work pretty seriously as a sharpening tool, so you have to be careful.

Know which honing steel would work for you- Buying Guide 2021 update

It’s a decent and very mandatory buying guide as people don’t seem to know the difference between honing & sharpening. Well, it may not be you, but I have seemed a lot. And I mean it.

Moreover, with honing and sharpening, a blade changes every time, so it becomes difficult to choose the perfect one for you.

The followings are some points that you should remember while buying a honing rod.

Steel Length

It is the most important point. You will have a long runway to pull your knife if you have a longer honing rod. It won’t bother you if you are honing small knives like the paring one, but you will know the difficulty of hone the large knives like the chef’s one or slicers.

Serrated knives have teeth that make honing a hard job.

I do prefer a length of 12″ for the honing rod, excluding the handle. It’s a standard measurement to work with, and it should be your minimum length.

This measurement keeps the knives away from hitting the work surface, and you are free to use the vertical honing process.

But if you have knives with a length of 10″ plus then, you might need an even longer rod to hone.

Material option

Honing steel gives you three options to choose from, and they are stainless steel, ceramic, and diamond.

Stainless steel

Honing steel of stainless steel is a classic material. It is a long, slender rod where the ridges run lengthwise along with it. You have the option to choose a smoother version as well. Smooth ones have a lower wearing rate.

Ceramic steel

Ceramic steels can rub a little amount of metal from the knives. You can see the grey streaks on the rod’s surface. So, logically, you can say that this one has a slight effect on sharpening.

If you are to hone that frequently, avoiding true sharpening, then you should go for this one as the ceramic rod is gentle enough to avoid drastic changes to your knife.

The main downside of ceramic tends to be brittle enough to break if you’re careless.

Diamond steel

Diamond steels are a controversial topic as it can remove a noticeable amount of metal from knives. So, it is not a suitable product for a daily honing job.

Moreover, the diamond coating has a limited lifespan. If you choose to use this type of rod, you better choose a good product. This list’s fourth product is the diamond carbon steel rod by Kota Japan would be a great one.

Handle design

Honing tool tends to be brittle, and an ergonomic handle helps you handle it properly, avoiding any breakage. Look for an anti-slip, comfortable grip, and well-sized handle. Having a safety guard will be a plus point.  

In the above, you have come across a squared shape design, and it is recommended. This kind of squared handle avoids rolling off the table.

Easy use and maintenance

Honing needs utmost care, and so you need comfortable use. Check if the product meets these requirements.

One of the above products is a knife sharpener that makes your job easier with a programmed version and built-in vacuum. Always look for something where you can get benefit from the innovative design.


It’s good to have a warranty or guarantee as it shows the maker’s confidence in his creation. Many of the above have a lifetime warranty or a money-back guarantee. Look for the instruction before you use, and avoid any method that can void your warranty.

FAQ to find the best honing rod

What is the best honing tool?

The best is the tool that will suit your job. Read the buying guide for considering and differences of material and choose your one.

If you are looking for an A-grade quality product, then the reviewed rods in the above are for you. Why don’t you have a check?!

How often should I hone my knife?

Professional does that after every use of a knife. As we all are not professional, I’ll say to hone after every three-knife uses. Most people hone their knife when it is blunt.

Is there any difference between honing steel and sharpening steel?

There is! Honing maintains the edge as it is, whereas sharpening reduces metal from the knives edges, causing it to wear down.


The article: Best ceramic honing rod Reviews & Buying Guide focuses on reviewing the well-known honing tools out there. Though I certainly felt the need to distinguish the sharpening and honing tool, many out there don’t know the difference even they are searching to buy one.

So, I provide an effective buying guide to know the difference and buy the same stuff that you need.

As all of the above have its point to prove, and you are to choose depending on your need. Still, I would like to state my favorite one.  Both knives from Kota Japan and Messermeister Store are my favorite. I use them alternatively, depending on my need. I hope you get your one too!

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