How to sharpen a ceramic knives

Ceramic knives are the sharpest knife for the kitchen. It helps us to cut our food. The ceramic knife stays sharp for a long time. It has a sharp blade. It is sharper and stays sharp for an extended period than a steel knife. Most people like ceramic knives. What are you doing when your ceramic knife is chipped or eventually dull? No one wants dull or chipped knives.

Because it is not helpful for kitchen or cutting food, May it will be dangerous for us. If you face this problem, you need to sharpen your knife or buy a new one. But it is costly to change the knife after a few days. So, a better option is to sharpen your knives. I will explain how to sharpen ceramic knives in this content.

You will get a lot of information about ceramic knives and sharpeners. So let’s know the sharpen method for the ceramic knife.

How to sharpen a ceramic knives

Sharp Ceramic Knives

Ceramic knife is made from zirconium oxide. It is very hard. Once if sharp your ceramic knife, you will be using it for many days. I have some secret methods to sharpen a ceramic knife. It’s an easy method. Those methods are below. Scroll down to check.

  • Sharp with a diamond stone
  • Sharp with an electric sharpener
  • Sharp with sandpaper
  • Sharp with a sharping rod
  • Sharp with work sharp knife and tool sharpener

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Method 1: Sharp With A Diamond Stone

It is usually a standard method of sharping ceramic knives. This method will give you lots of satisfaction if you are like to sharp with a diamond stone. The diamond stone is a smart choice for an intelligent person. It works so faster and smooth and easy to sharp with it.

You will need those tools​

Step 1:

At first, clean the ceramic knife as well. Make sure there are no food derbies left on the knife.

Step 2:

Pass each side smoothly of the ceramic knife blade over the stone. There are large chips and dullness in the blade.

Step 3:

Sharpen the ceramic knife with a 200 grit diamond stone.

Note: This step is for more damage or dullness of ceramic knives. If your knife is not duller or damaged, you can skip this step.

Step 4:

Sharp the knife blade with 600 grit diamond stone. This step makes your knife sharp. But the blade is not smooth in this step.

Step 5:

Sharp the ceramic knife with a 1000 grit diamond stone for some time. Then, sharpen the blade with 1500 grit diamond stone. It will make the knife very sharp.

Note: All the steps of different grit diamond stones will make your knives smoothly sharp. It will just be like new when you first brought it. Read more, 16 Pampered Chef Ceramic Egg Cooker Recipes.

Method 2: Sharp with an electric sharpener

An electric sharpener is the best tool for sharpening a ceramic knife. The electric sharpener is easy to use. Ceramic knives feel wholly comfortable and sharpen very fast with an electric sharpener.

But, you have to know all the electric sharpeners are not compatible with ceramic knives. So watch out that you purchase the ceramic-friendly and suitable model. For example, KYOCERA ADVANCED DIAMOND NONE and ELECTRIC DIAMOND KNIFE SHARPENER are compatible with a ceramic knife, and it works well.

You will need those tools

​Step 1: This step starts by cleaning the ceramic knife. No food will be residue left on the blade. So, it will be sharp ideally.

Step 2: Place the electric ceramic knife sharpener on the flat surface like a table. Ensure that the table is steady to avoid any unpleasant incidents as well.

Step 3: Plug on the electric ceramic knife sharpener. Move on the knife blade in the sharpener. Place the knife in the slot. It’s the first sharping stage. Make sure that it makes a contract with the stone before you start sharping.

When the blade position is correct and perfectly, press the on button and make the knife turn on. Slide the blade gently and smoothly through the slot. Do both sides of the blade. Check the blade is well or not. When you are done, press the off button and make the electric ceramic knife sharpener turn off.

Step 4: Now, turn on the electric sharpener again. Sharp the knife blade for the second time. Repeat the previous step for the second time. Check the sharpener is well or not. Turn off the sharpener by pressing the off button when you are done.


Sharp the blade until getting sharp. Do this for 5 to 6 minutes and make your knives sharpest.

Step 5: This step is the testing step. Test your ceramic knife to check it is sharp enough, perfectly or not. To check, cut some food or vegetable with this knife and feel how sharp it is. If you think the ceramic knife is not sharp enough. Sharp the knife again by repeating steps 3 and 4.

Step 6: When the process is finally over, and your ceramic knife blade is sharp enough to cut through anything you want, ideally, don’t forget to clean your ceramic knife. Make sure no ceramic dust lies on the blade. Please keep it in a safe place and far from children.

Now your ceramic knife is sharpest like new. You can cut anything quickly, and it’s very helpful easy to work. This is the way that, how do you sharpen a ceramic knife. Read more, How To Fix Ceramic Mug properly.

Method 3: Sharp With A Sandpaper

Are you searching for how to sharpen ceramic knives? If so, you are in the right place. Sandpaper is another way to sharpen a ceramic knife. It is the easy and cheapest way to sharpen a ceramic knife. Sharp your ceramic knife by using this way.

Step 1: Lay the sandpaper on the table, counter, hardboard, or cutting board. Put a drop of water on the sandpaper. It makes sandpaper wet. So, the ceramic knife slides well, and the wet edge is made sharp.

Step 2: Firmly hold the ceramic knife by hand on the handle and sweep the edge across the sandpaper-like you are slicing thin layers of the sandpaper. Always move the blade 20-degree angle.

Step 3: Sharp both sides of the blade until it’s sharp well using the same step.

Step 4: When your knife sharpens well, it looks new, then cleans the knife well. So that ceramic and sandpaper dust will remove.

Note: This method is easy, and any time you could do it. But, this method is waist long time. If you want to sharpen your ceramic knife using this method, you have to work a long time for it.

Method 4: Sharp With A Sharpening Rod

Sharping rod is not an electric sharpener, but it can sharpen ceramic knives. When you decide to buy a sharping rod for a ceramic knife, purchase a diamond one made with diamond steel.

You’ll need this

Ceramic knife is easy to with a sharping rod. It’s pretty simple to use.

Step 1: Hold the sharping rod 90 degrees vertically or horizontally corner by the left hand. Set a position your ceramic knife on the sharping rod by the right hand.

Step 2: Strick the blade against the sharping rod 3 to 4 times at each side.

Step 3: Check the knife how it is. Sweeping the blade on the rod until it’s sharp. To check, cut something with it and feel how sharp it is. Ensure your knife is sharp enough.

Step 4: Clean the knife by wiping it with a towel.

Note: When you are sharping a ceramic knife, wear hand gloves.

Method 5: Sharp With Tool Sharpener

It is a straightforward and faster method. You can sharpen your knife for about 3 minutes. This ceramic tool sharpener is only for that person who has many ceramic knives or knife sharpening shops. Because of tool sharpener is costly enough.

Step 1: Hold the tool sharpener by the left hand and use your right hand to slide the blade 5 to 6 times on both sides.

Step 2: Then, change the abrasive belt with a higher grit to make the tool higher.

Step 3: Slide the blade for the second time. Slide the blade left to right until you feel the ceramic knife is sharp enough.

Step 4: Clean the ceramic knife with a soft cloth.

Our Recommendations

All the method is suitable, and we learn how to sharpen ceramic knives. We have checked before writing this content. But, my experience says, method number 2, electric ceramic knife sharpener is the best for sharpening your ceramic knife. It is easy to use and comfortable price.

Care on the ceramic knife

Proper knife care is the most important way to protect your ceramic knife. If you care about the ceramic knife, it will stay sharp for many days and be a long life. Care makes it always helpful for you.

  1. A ceramic knife can cut vegetables, fruit, boneless meat, chicken, fish, chili, onion, and other soft things. Do not cut hard things with it.
  2. Do not try to cut bones with a ceramic knife.
  3. Do not use dish wash to clean ceramic knives. It makes the knife dull.
  4. Do not drop the knife on a hard surface.
  5. Do not cut hard frozen things with a ceramic knife.
  6. Don’t scrape hard surfaces or cutting boards with a ceramic knife.
  7. Don’t put the blade in an open flame or direct fire.
  8. Store your ceramic knife in a box or knife holder and far from children.
  9. Do not cut food on the glass, stone, or hard surface with ceramic knives.
  10. Keep your ceramic knife clean.
  11. Do not apply force when you are sharping your ceramic knife with a sharpener.


Is ceramic knife stay sharp?

A: When ceramic knife made by a good manufacturer, they are delivered them sharply. Ceramic knives stay sharp longer than steel knives and other knives. Once it is dull, you can re-sharp if you re-sharp it once, you will use it for many days like new.

Which things can cut with a ceramic knife?

A: Ceramic knife is straight to cut any vegetables, fruits, fish, boneless meat, chicken, onion, chili, and other soft things. It does not cut any complicated things, sponge, nylon, rubber, and metal. These things can make the knife dull or damage. So, cut the soft things in your kitchen with it. A ceramic knife is a kitchen knife.

Are ceramic knife sharpen then steel?

A: Ceramic knife is more durable than a steel knife. A ceramic knife is a more brutal knife. The blade of the ceramic knife is significantly sharper. Ceramic knives retain their cutting edge much longer than steel knives. Due there sharpness ceramic knife is excellent. It can make thinly sliced meat, vegetables, fruit, etc. Ceramic knives are a healthy kitchen plan.

Are ceramic knife safe?

A: Ceramic knife is safe for health. But, when you are slicing food, be careful about it because a ceramic knife can cut your fingers easily. The ceramic knife’s blade is very sharp.

What is the best ceramic knife?

A: The best ceramic knife is that, which is better for all sides. You need to check the blade, the surface, the sharpness, the price and do other things. Analysis of all the things. Then choose the best ceramic knife. Check the best ceramic knife list below.1. Chefcoo Kitchen Knife Set with Sharpener.

2. Cuisinart Advantage 12-Piece Knife Set.

3. Checkered Chef 4-Piece Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set.

4 .3-Piece Ceramic Knife Set by Oliver & Kline.

5. MioChef Ceramic 4-Piece Knife Set with Sheaths.

6. VOS Professional Classic Ceramic Knife, 7-Piece Set.

7. Solutionelle Ceramic Chef and Paring Knife.

8. Ceramic Knife Set by Heim Concept, 5-Piece.

9. DALSTRONG Infinity Blade 8-inch Chef’s Knife.

10. Kyocera Advanced 3-Piece Ceramic Knife Set.

What is the best ceramic knife sharpener?

A: There are many sharpeners that we are sharpening ceramic knives. You have to know some causes before you choose a ceramic knives sharpener. Check out answers about sharpener size, sharping method, sharping time, sharpener price before choosing the best sharpener. Check the best sharpener list below.1—Diamond Sharpener For Ceramic Or Steel Knives.

2. Battop Ergonomic 2 Stage Ceramic Knife Sharpener.

3. Yoofor Global Knife Sharpener For Ceramic Blades.

4. TopChef Steel Ceramic Professional Knife Sharpener.

5. Dobet Pro Diamond Ceramic Knife Sharpening Tool.

6. Gelindo 3 Stage Sharpener For Ceramic Knives.

7. Homdox Kitchen Knife Sharpener Steel And Ceramic.

8. Kaayee Ceramic Knife And Scissors Sharpener 4 Stage.

9. Arctic Electric Knife Sharpener Ceramic And Steel.

10. iNeibo Ceramic And Steel Chefs Choice Knife Sharpener.

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