How to get ceramic in fallout 4 step by step

How to get ceramic in fallout 4

Hey everyone, this is Alex from random Chivas. In this context, I’ll show you how to get ceramic in fallout four quickly. 

Some places where you can find extra ceramic and this high-end suit will cost you lots of resources if you want to upgrade it. One of the materials that I always struggled a bit to pick up is ceramic. 

So here are some locations where you can pick up objects that contain that material. A place you can visit to start things off is Wildwood cemetery. There are lots of bases in this area. They contain two ceramics each. So let’s hit the content to find out ceramics easily.

Looks up carefully for the ceramic

If you look around carefully, you can get up to 30 ceramic in Wildwood cemetery. Next up, you can always look for coffee cups and ashtrays. They can be found in most places if you know where to look. For example, there are dinosaur restaurants. Mostly behind counters or on the table, you’ll get lots of ceramic.

You can get Some ashtrays in little dinosaurs, but a spread across the whole map and office buildings, apartments, cabins, and all kinds of other places. They are mostly can stay on tables or small cabinets where you would expect them to be. So if you keep that in mind, you can pick up a lot of ceramic on the side while you play a standard game. 

Another way to get this material quickly is to buy shipments of ceramic from a marina in Diamond City. Suppose you have some caps to spare. If you’re short on time and want to do this quickly, you can always use the duplication glitch and make yourself tonnes of ceramic in about 20 minutes.

Some ways to get ceramic in fallout 4

ways to get ceramic in fallout 4

In this context, I’m going to show you guys how to get a lot of ceramic inside Fallout 4. In this context, we will go to three different locations to collect our ceramic. So keep that in mind from this run. I got a total of 138 ceramic. So with that said, let’s go ahead and get straight into this guide. 

Location number one in fallout 4: Voltec Agricultural Research Center

All right, guys. So to go ahead and get your ceramic, Where you are going to want to come is Voltec Agricultural Research Center, located right here on your map. Here is volt 76 for reference. Now once you guys get to Voltec Agricultural Research Center, it will look a little something like this. Many of you should know it because it’s kind of at the beginning of the game. 

However, I want to take a quick moment to show you guys my inventory to show you that there’s no trickery going on here. I only have waste oil and loose screws. So keep that in mind. So go ahead and get your ceramic where you’re want to go. You follow the path I take here. And you guys do kind of head into these greenhouses. 

Collect some ceramic flower pots

Collect some ceramic flower pots

You’re want to collect the flower pots. The flower pots, as you guys can see, are worth one ceramic apiece. So, go ahead and start gathering up all those throughout all of the greenhouses. Because there are a few of them, now, I know of another location to get some more flowerpots, and I’ll show you guys that in just a second. But let’s go ahead and clear out this location first. From this location, I think we’ll probably get it every time. I do this, get around 40 to 45 ceramics. 

Make sure you guys are looking at all the corners. Look at all the places I’m looking for if you guys need fertilizer, and there’s also fertilizer here. There’s fertilizer in those green boxes right there as well. So if you need fertilizer, this is also a great place to come to get fertilizer. So once you go ahead, clear out that greenhouse. Go ahead and move to the next greenhouse. Here we’ll see more flowerpots. Go ahead and take all the flower pots that you can in here as well.

Now be careful guys, there are Mr. farmhands here, but they shouldn’t be anything too hard for you to worry about. I’ve never picked up the gnomes. By the way, not sure if they’re worth ceramic I’m assuming they’re worth plastic. Once you guys loot that one, go ahead and come on over down because there are occasional flowerpots. I’m don’t think there’s any on down this way that I remember seeing no flowerpots. 

Check out the farmhouse

But if you guys come to the farmhouse, you’ll see lots of ceramic here. Usually, where I find the most flowerpots. So as you guys can see, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 ceramic flower pot. I don’t see any more. Than 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. Now I do want to say something else about this method as well. 

Keep in mind the flowerpots do weigh a lot, and they’re probably going to weigh you down. So make sure you have a lot of inventory space. Before you go ahead and do this method, I would hate for you to come here. Run out of inventory space, kind of collect everything here. 

Now, we go ahead and go into our junk. We see that we have 57 flowerpots, which equals 57 ceramic. Now, if that’s all the ceramic you need, you could go ahead and put the guide right here. 

Location number two in fallout 4: Lewis and sons farming supply

Location number two in fallout 4 Lewis and sons farming supply

However, if you need more ceramic, I’m going to show you guys another quick place. Where you guys could go to get some more ceramic, this place called Lewis and son’s farming supply is located right here on your map. Here is a volt 76 reference. So, all you guys are want to do is head on over to Lewis and sons farming supply located right here. All right, ladies and gentlemen. So once you get to Lewis’s son’s farming supplies, again located on your map. Read more, how to glue ceramic.

You will see kind of another little greenhouse. All you guys are want to do is head straight on inside this greenhouse. As you can tell, there is also a bunch of flower pots. So 1, 2,3,4, and 5 here. Coming over here 6, 7, 8, 9 over here 10, 11. Coming on over here 12, 13, 14, 15, 16. Can I grab this one? No. Okay, 17, 18. Let’s see, If I could grab it from the side. Nope, I can’t grab those two, unfortunately. We grabbed here about 19, 20, 21, 22 ceramics. 

I wish I could grab those other ones. But if you guys need fertilizer. Also, it appears that there is a lot of fertilizer for you to go ahead and grab. Suppose we go ahead and look at our flowerpots. We now have at one ceramic, and I have to say this is probably the best place.

Location number 3 in Fallout 4: Winding path

But if you guys need even more ceramic, I have one more place for you. Sorry if this guide seems a bit long, but I’m just showing you personally where I find a lot of ceramic inside Fallout 4. This place is called the winding path, located way up here on the map. We’ll go there in a second. Once I deconstruct all the ceramic I have. So I’ll see you guys in just a second.

Now once you guys get to the palace of the winding path, it’ll look a little. It’s located here on your map once again. Here’s volt 76 for reference. Now you will need a lot of carrying weight to gather the things here that contain ceramic because vases and the vases are very heavy. 

However, if you need ceramic in a pinch, this is a place to come and check out. What you guys do is follow the path I take, come on through the front, pass that red car through these red arches. 

Areas for a high-level player

Areas for a high-level player

Keep on the kind of on the path, and I guess you could say. Now keep in mind, this is not an area for low-level players. It’s a little bit of a high-level area if you will follow the path I take here as soon as you walk in through this door. You will see these vases, and these vases do contain ceramic. Go ahead and pick those up. 

The next place you guys are want to go was kind of to this like I guess you could say a tiny meeting room here. Once you are in this meeting room, you will see the saucers and teacups. Go ahead and take those that are worth one ceramic apiece. Let’s go ahead and pick up all these now; there are multiple places where these do spawn. I’ll show you those places in a moment. 

Pick up some heavy ceramic in Fallout 4

Now you guys can also grab these ornamental vases. However, these ornamental vases are extremely heavy and do take up a lot of weight. And I’ll show you what I mean, kind of in just a second. Once I find a place to hang out. 

So as you guys can see here, our ornamental base weight weighs seven gives us one ceramic into copper. Now I’m going to go ahead and drop this, and you can pick these up as you find them. But for the sake of a guide, I’m going to go ahead and drop this. 

If we look at teacups, they give us two pieces of ceramic, which is good. Saucers give us two ceramics, and teacups give us one ceramic. We already have 81 ceramic. So we’re doing pretty good.

Picking up more ceramic in Fallout 4

Picking up more ceramic in Fallout 4

Also, the white ornamental basis way six gives you three ceramic. So if you guys want to take those, go ahead and do so. I’m just going to go ahead and drop them. As you guys can tell, these vases weigh a little less, given a ceramic. Those are going to be the ones I’m picking up throughout this content. 

So once you guys glued this little out area out. Make sure you grab all the teacups, the teapots, and pretty much everything you can. Make sure to grab all the bases. Let’s go ahead and go on over this way. 

Once you come over this way, follow the path I take. Just kind of, I guess, you could take keep ongoing. Just keep on going, nothing really in this area. It looks like it contains ceramic. There were a few items over here. But it looks like someone beat me kind of to them. 

Rundown into the bathroom, and multiple places

So we don’t want to run down into the basement. Run-on the bathroom will be multiple kinds of a basis. Just go ahead and pick those up. Now once you guys kind of loot this bathroom. Run-on over this way straight. Keep on going this way and all the way you can go. Come on over in. And inside these little kinds of play areas. There’ll be teacups and stuff like that. 

But it looks like somebody came through and managed to grab them all. There are usually teacups and saucers here. But they’re not here right now. But if you do come here, they will be on those little tables. So keep that in mind. Keep on following the path I take here, and as you guys can tell, we are now back to our starting area. 

Grab all these ceramic vases in fallout 4 high-level

Grab all these ceramic vases in fallout 4 high-level

Now, make sure to grab these vases here as well. You guys can take those, but as I said, they’re heavy ones. Lots, and they don’t give you a lot of ceramic. But if you need it, go ahead and take it. 

Come on over this way, and there’s more going to be more basis here. Go ahead and grab these as well. I’m going to go ahead and pick up that one. There’ll be some more vases. Go ahead and grab those as well. As you guys can see more vases, go ahead and grab those as well. 

I suggest grabbing the small ceramics before you grab the big ones unless you can’t grab the big ceramic as well. So keep following me the way I’m going no ceramic over here, so you don’t have to worry about it. Come on over this way. 

Grab some ceramic vases and ceramic teacup

As you guys can see, here are some more ceramics vases. Go ahead and go up the stairs. Let me go ahead and use first aid before I get murdered by some damn scorched. Now you guys could choose to go either way. 

You guys could tell vases, vases, vases, vases, just lots and lots and lots of vases. As you guys can see here, a teacup, go ahead and grab that teacup. Let’s go ahead and head on out, still saying on the second floor, go ahead and go on over this way. Go over this way. 

So let’s go upstairs, I might say got. It confused me with the next level, which I did. There’ll be some basis here usually. So if you want to take those, go ahead and grab those first. As you guys could see some ceramic vases here, we go ahead and grab those faces. Let’s go ahead and go out this way. Go ahead and make yourself a right.

Keep ongoing. If I remember correctly, there’ll be some more vases inside this room, but they’re not here. It looks like somebody’s already been through this place before us. Go ahead, go upstairs. Keep ongoing. Go ahead and make yourself right into here; you’ll see some more vases; grab those. You guys could go ahead and pick that vase. But these vases weigh a lot.

Fallout 4 next location: Work station

Fallout 4 next location Work station

But if you want to grab the big vases, you guys can tell a lot of vases here, vases over here, vase over here, base over here. Go ahead and grab those. Now I am completely out of inventory space. 

So yeah, and that’s all the ceramic that I know of that spawns in this area. I think there’s some down here, I believe, in this room. There are vases, little vases like that one and the other one.

At this point, you should have more than enough ceramic to meet your needs. So let’s go ahead and head on over to a workstation. And let’s go ahead and show you how much ceramic we got. This kind of run between these three places will net you and total. 

Now keep in mind, we left a lot of ceramic. So the actual numbers are much higher than what I’m about to show you.


Finally, back at my little shack, my little vase, if you will. Go ahead and jump up. We’re going to scrap items. We got a total of 57 ceramic, which is quite a bit if we go into our junk in total. We can tell that we got 138 ceramic for this run, which is a little bit ridiculous if you ask me 138 ceramic goods. 

The way to get ceramic is the places I showed you through flowerpots and kind of other things. So if you guys did enjoy this guide, please be sure to jump to the comment section. Anyways, I love all of you. I hope you guys enjoyed how to get ceramic in fallout 4 content.

Remember, I would like to make all kinds of weapon guides, armor guides, fusion core location guides, power armor location guides, and more guides for Fallout 4. I make and would appreciate that. Anyway, Love you all. I hope to See you at the next one but until then remember to stay with us, and Bye Bye everybody. Thanks for reading. See you next time.

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