How to use a ceramic teapot

The teapot is a thing that is used every day. We are using the teapot for making tea and keeping it hot. There are many teapots in the market. We need to choose the best teapot for making excellent and tasty tea. A ceramic teapot is the most popular teapot in the world. Most people use ceramic teapots for making tea. Let’s see how to use a ceramic teapot.

How to use a ceramic teapot

Why does people like ceramic teapot?

There is much reason to like the ceramic teapot. The Ceramic teapot originated in Asia and The Middle East 11,000 years ago. It’s very trustful from that time. It’s trendy now. This teapot has natural heat retention ability, low seepage, and brews the leaves quickly and faster.

Ceramic pot can use at low temperature will make overheat. Ceramic pots are most common for everyday use. A ceramic teapot is easy to use. That’s why most people choose ceramic teapots. A ceramic teapot is comparatively simple to use, but you need to keep some things in your mind.

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Ceramic teapot using guidelines step by step

How to use a ceramic teapot

To use your ceramic teapot will need some goods. You have to gather those stuff before you make tea. Once you manage that stuff, let’s make a tasty tea and enjoy your tea time.

Start use ceramic teapot step by step

Now we arranged all those things that could make tasteful tea.

you will need

  • A teapot
  • A tea strainer
  • Teacups
  • Teaspoons
  • Tea leaves or tea bags
  • Milk jug for keep milk. ( If you like to add milk in your tea. )
  • Sugar pot for keep sugar. ( If you want to add sugar in your tea. )
  • Tea tray

About ceramic teapot

The lid of the ceramic teapot is cap type lid. This lid is sitting down over the neck. The lid comes out from the mouth over the teapot body. The ceramic teapot lid is very sung. You can make the neck and the flange of the lid at the same time anytime. Check the lid fits well.

Step 1: Boil water with the best ceramic kettle. Boil water at a temperature near the boiling point over 6 to 8 minutes or until bubbling.

Step 2: Pour warm water into the teapot and shake it well. You are pouring out all of the water while you feel that your teapot is hot.

Note: Check the manufacturer guidelines book; how many degrees Fahrenheit warm water could be better for your teapot. It will save your teapot from the crack.

Step 3: Add two teaspoons of tea leaves per cup ( or as you like ) to the infuser.

Step 4: Add two teaspoons of sugar per cup ( or as you like) to the infuser.

Step 5: Add warm milk in three teaspoons per cup ( or as you like ) into the pot.

Note: If you want milk tea, add it, But if you want red tea, do not add milk.

Step 6: Pour warm water measure per 1 teaspoon of tea leaves 200ml. Put on the lid.

Step 7: Steep for 5 minutes. It will depend on the quality of tea and your performance of strength that you did.

Step 8: Remove the infuser. Make the teacups hot with warm water and serve well. Enjoy the tea.

Could we use a ceramic teapot on the stove?

Could we use a ceramic teapot on the stove

At first, you need to check the manufacturer’s instructions. You could use it on the stove if they allow you to use it. Do not use the stove without permission. Our suggestion is, do not to use your ceramic teapot on the gas stove or electric stove. Never put it in the deep freezer. If you do put it on the stove or deep freezer, your ceramic teapot might crack.

How long does ceramic teapot keep tea hot?

How long does ceramic teapot keep tea hot

A ceramic teapot can keep the temperature inside. A good quality double-walled best ceramic teapot could keep your tea hot for up to 8 hours. Don’t open the lid of the teapot many times. Drink directly from the teapot. I have one ceramic teapot, that one gives me better services. My tea always stays hot.

Did you know what is the difference between teapot and tea kettle?

Did you know what is the difference between teapot and tea kettle

The difference between teapot and kettle is more n more. Because a teapot and a kettle do different work, you should have both a teapot and kettle to make tea. Boil the water with a kettle and then pour the water into the teapot.

Care and clean a ceramic teapot

Care and clean a ceramic teapot

A ceramic teapot is usually looking glazed on the inside as well as the outside. If you like to see your ceramic teapot always looks new, you have to clean it at least once every two weeks. You could make your old teapot looks new to follow some care and cleaning tips.

How do we clean

There are many ways to clean a ceramic teapot. But we are not going to use any chemical or cleaning tablet to clean our ceramic teapot. Because those chemicals will affect teapot colors, you can use vinegar and baking soda to clean them. Vinegar and baking soda are friendly for the teapot. It’s spotless perfectly and has no effects.

you’ll need some supplies

  • ​Baking soda​
  • Vinegar​
  • Sponge or scrubber
  • Boiled water​
  • Medium basin

For dirty little teapot: If your teapot is not too dirty, use these steps.

Step 1: Clean your teapot by simply putting a cup of vinegar or four tablespoons of baking soda.

Step 2: Pour medium warmed water into the ceramic teapot and put the teapot into the basin. Leave the teapot for at least 15 minutes. Let the pot become cool by its self.

Step 3: Scrub the teapot with a plastic or sponge scrubber. Clean it inside by putting your hand into the teapot. If your pot is small, use a brush to clean it. Continue scrubbing until it becomes clear.

Step 4: Pour out all the solution from the teapot. Wash your teapot with clean tap water. Continue to wash until removing the soapy bubble from the ceramic teapot.

Step 5: Wipe your teapot with a clean and soft dish towel and keep it in a safe place.

For more dirty ceramic teapot

How to clean dirty teapot

Some supplies needed:

  • ​Over boiled warm water​
  • Lot of vinegar​
  • Scrubber or sponge
  • Big Pot​
  • Stove

Step 1: Pour water into the big pot and put it on the stove; turn on the stove for the worst teapot—boil water at a high temperature.

Step 2: Add lots of vinegar into the pot.

Step 3: Turn off the stove.

Step 4: Pour 4 cups of vinegar and warm water onto the teapot and put the teapot into the big pot.

Step 5: Leave them for 30 minutes or until becoming cool.

Step 6: Take out the teapot from the big pot. Scrub the teapot with a scrubber.

Step 7: Wash it ideally by tape water. Wipe it by dishcloth after wash.

Why is ceramic used to make a teapot?

Why is ceramic used to make a teapot

The ceramic material is clay that can go in high temperatures without changing its working ability. Ceramic is a material that can keep tea warm longer with original taste. That’s why ceramic is an ideal material for a teapot.

Ceramic keeps tea warm longer, doesn’t damage the taste, safe material. And it has more features available to be used to make a teapot.

Can you put a ceramic teapot on the stove?

Using a ceramic teapot is not recommended. In my opinion, you can boil water in a kettle then use that water to make a ceramic teapot hot or warm.

Does ceramic teapot go on the stove? The answer is No! Do not use a ceramic teapot on the stove. You can put the only metal teapot on the stove to boil water, not a ceramic teapot.

To be safe, boil the water in an electric kettle, then pour the water into a ceramic teapot with loose or bagged tea to serve tea at the table. It would be the best way to use a teapot without using it on the stove.

How to use a ceramic teapot with an infuser?

How to use a ceramic teapot with an infuser

Making a tea in a ceramic teapot with an infuser is not too different as without an infuser teapot. Weather, you’re brewing different types of tea like green tea, black tea, herbal tea, or any tea. The ceramic teapot with infuser is an excellent choice since it will not absorb flavor.

Follow these steps for gently using a teapot with an infuser

  1. Collect fresh water and pour it into an electric kettle. 
  2. Heat the kettle for a while until the water boiled up. 
  3. Pour the pre-heated water into a ceramic teapot. Remember to clean the teapot before pouring hot water into it.
  4. Now, place tea bags, tea leaves, or tear-filled infuser into the ceramic teapot. 
  5. Then, cover the teapot with its lid. 
  6. Let it brew for approximately 5 to 7 minutes. 
  7. Remove the teabags or tea leaves from the infuser. 
  8. Now you’re done. Serve it and enjoy the tea.

How to use a Japanese ceramic teapot?

How to use a Japanese ceramic teapot

The Japanese ceramic teapot is made explicitly by brewing Japanese green tea. Japanese green tea has a unique flavor and aroma. The clay of the Japanese teapot keeps the heat steady, ensuring a fresh and original taste of the green tea.

The Japanese teapot is the perfect blend of practicality, artistry, and craft. However, these pots are pretty easy to use, clean, as well as care about it.

Gather these items to use or make a tea with a Japanese teapot

  1. A Japanese teapot. 
  2. Water cooling pitcher 
  3. Teaspoon 
  4. Teacups

Boil water and cool down it

The first step is boiling water with a stove or electric kettle for five minutes to boil well. Then, cool down the water with a cooling water pitcher to make the ideal brew temperature of the water.

Measure tea and add them

Measure 5 grams (1 tablespoon)of tea with roughly 200ml to 250ml water. If you put 2-tablespoons of tea, then pour 400ml of water. For 3-tablespoons of tea, you need 600ml water.

Now add tea to the Japanese teapot. Let’s put 2-tablespoons (10 grams) of tea.

Pour water into Japanese teapot

We already cooled boiled water with a water-cooling pitcher at the right temperature. And also, we’ve put 2-tablespoons of tea into a Japanese teapot. Now pour 400ml cooled water into the teapot.

Infuse the teapot

The last step is Infusing. Cover the Japanese teapot with a lid for the recommended Infusion time. Generally, it takes about 1 to 2 minutes to get ready.

Serve the green tea

Now, you are done making green tea by using a Japanese teapot. It’s the very most effortless way to make tea with a Japanese teapot. Now, you can serve the tea and enjoy it.

Is ceramic teapot safe?

Yes, a ceramic teapot is safe to use to make your everyday tea. But you’ve to be careful when you purchase a ceramic teapot.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there are instances where ceramic material has lead and cadmium. Lead and cadmium are not suitable for human health.

To be safe, purchase a ceramic teapot that is lead and cadmium-free. There are lots of teapot available, which is cadmium and lead-free.

Can you put a ceramic teapot on a burner?

Can you put a ceramic teapot on a burner

No! You can’t put a ceramic teapot on a burner, as it is not safe. Use an electric kettle to boil water beside directly put the ceramic teapot on a burner.

Can you put a ceramic teapot in the microwave?

Can you put a ceramic teapot in the microwave

Is it ok to put a ceramic teapot in the oven or microwave? Ceramic is a high heat resistant material that is good to go in the microwave or oven. Many ceramic parts are microwave safe and oven safe as long as they are high heat resistant.

However, the ceramic products are not allowed to be put in a microwave or oven containing metal particles. So when it comes to the ceramic teapot, the answer is No!

Ceramic teapots are not suitable to put in the microwave or oven. Because it has some metal parts like a handle, lid ring, and infuser, do not put a ceramic teapot in the microwave.

How to heat up a ceramic teapot?

A heated ceramic teapot delivers the tasty and fresh flavor of your tea. To heat the teapot, use pre-heated water. You can use hot tap water or boiled water to heat it.

We usually use boiled water to pre-heat the teapot, but I haven’t got any scratches or crack in my teapot. But you can read your teapot user manual to know about the highest temperature that can allow your teapot.

some word

I showed all the methods and steps in this article. You need to check how dirty your pot is. Use the proper method to increase the lifetime of your teapot. I hope using a ceramic teapot article will help you clean your teapot perfectly and efficiently. Share this helpful article with your friends and family.

Good luck, Have a nice moment!

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