How To Paint A Ceramic Pot

Let’s say you have a ceramic pot and want to paint it. So you need to know how to paint a ceramic pot? Do many people ask some questions about how to paint ceramic pots? And how to paint plant pots outdoors? How do you paint clay flower pots? I will answer some questions and start painting step by step. Let’s know about those questions and answers, which will increase your painting knowledge.

How To Paint A Ceramic Pot

Which is the best ceramic paint for pots

There are many types of paint available for ceramic products. All the color aren’t lasting long. But you could choose some paint that is good for the ceramic product. Latex, Acrylic, and Epoxy paint are very good for ceramic products.

You could use those paint on a ceramic pot, ceramic tile wall, ceramic vase, ceramic mug, and other ceramic products. Use liquid paint so that you can apply it by hand. Epoxy paint is easy to get, glossy, highly durable, and long-lasting.

Remember that epoxy paint is more expensive than other kinds of color. Acrylic and Latex paints are also good for ceramic pots and vases. This paint is easy to find and also easy to work with it.

List of the best paint for ceramic pot

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Yes, you can design your ceramic pot. Have fun making the design. You’ll need to buy many ceramic colors to develop a ceramic pot. Also, you’ll need many small, big, and medium painting brushes. I need some experience in making the design on a ceramic pot.


We can paint over glazed ceramic pots with two methods. The 1st method is hand painting, and the 2nd method is spray painting. Now, we will see our pot’s painting methods and make it beautiful. So, let’s go to paint a ceramic pot.


We are learning here how to paint a ceramic pot by hand. It is too much fun to paint already glazed ceramics by hand. You could make a design for the ceramic pot. To know properly paint a pot, use the below steps. We are painting our pot step by step. Hand painting is a little hard, but it lasts a long time. Let’s see the steps for hand painting. We need some stuff before we start painting. Gather those stuff and prepare for paint.

You’ll need these stuff to paint a ceramic pot

  • A ceramic pot
  • Ceramic paint
  • Small plastic bowel
  • Small or medium brush
  • Wire brush
  • Cotton swabs
  • Clear spray acrylic

Step 1: prepare the ceramic pot

Soak the pot in a big basin of hot water for an hour. Then, scrub the pot with a stiff brush. It can remove spots, striker, and surface dust. Place the pot in the sun and let it dry before painting.


Put the paint on a small bowl for the base coat. Adjust the paint with other shades if desired. Make the paint thin by adding water. It helps you to make an easier base coat on the pot.


Apply the paint to a ceramic pot with a foam brush. Work around the ceramic pot in board sweeps. Extend the paint an inch, and it sweeps well. Sweep your brush up and down on the top of your pot. Don’t cover the bottom of the pot, which should be left clear for optimal drainage. The ceramic pot will absorb a lot of paint. Apply the additional coat if you like to do it. Allow drying of your ceramic pot between the coats.

Safety and care when you paint a ceramic pot

  • Wear safety glasses, hand gloves, dust mask. It can protect you from any solution containing chemicals, such as stripper or cleaner.
  • Do not store paint near any heat or fire source like a gas stove, electric stove, water heater, fireplace, etc.
  • Do not touch paint with your fingers.


If you want to spray paint ceramic pots or outdoor pots and looking for an easy way, this article is for you. In this article, I will show you the best spray paint method to paint your ceramic pot. It’s an easy method; you could change your ceramic pot’s look with spray paint. Let’s see how to paint a ceramic pot.


  • A ceramic pot
  • spray paint
  • Warm water
  • Brush

Step 1:

Clean your ceramic pot or planter as well. You could use warm water and a brush to clean it. Please make sure the ceramic pot is dry before you put paint on it.

Step 2:

Choose a paint or multiple paints for your pot. Make sure your pot is cool. Do not spray paint on the pot if it is directly blazing sun and if it is heating up. If you do this, your pot will end up with bubbles and peeling paint after a few days.

Step 3:

Hold the spray paint bottle 12 inches away and start spraying with a sweeping motion. Apply the paint to your ceramic pot in a light coat. Allow the pot dry for a few minutes between spraying other coats. Don’t forget to spray the top couple inch inside the ceramic pot. Allow the paint to dry your ceramic pot fully. Please keep it away for 40 to 50 minutes.

Step 4:

Spray the paint for a second coat after drying the first coat. It is the last finishing coat. Spray the paint at least 10 inches from the ceramic pot with a sweep motion. Dry the pot and keep it in a safe place. Read more about how To Season A Ceramic Frying Pan.


  • Do not touch the paint before drying. If you do this, your paint will be screeches.
  • Do not place it in blowing dust wind to dry the paint.
  • Do not place the ceramic pot in the direct sun. It will thread the paint and damage the paint’s surface.
  • Keep your pot dry and cool place.
  • Shake the can of spray paint for 1 minute before applying.


Spray paint getting cracked and winkle for a few causes. Check out the causes below.

  • If you spray paint on a warm pot, the paint will crack or bubble.
  • When you spray paint for the first coat, spray the paint thickly, making the ceramic pot dry faster. If you spray the paint on dry paint, it will crack or peel out.


There is some way to avoid cracking, bubbling, and peeling from the ceramic pot.

  • Apply spray paint when the temperature is 65 to 80 degrees.
  • Apply the spray only light even coats and re-coat every few minutes.
  • Read the back of the spray paint can; some brands say you should have re-coating done in 30 to 50 minutes. Then do not re-coat for 24 to 48 hours. Otherwise, the paint may wrinkle or crack.
  • Keep your ceramic pot dry and cool place after painting.

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