KitchenAid Ceramic Bowl: Which one is for you?

KitchenAid mixers are super handy and a ray of fortune for our household work. If you don’t own a kitchenaid ceramic bowl yet, you are missing an essential material for your kitchen. However, this article isn’t about the mixer but one of its necessary accessories, the bowl. We will review the seven best ceramic kitchenaid bowls for the KitchenAid mixer; there are bowls of other materials, like stainless steel and glass element.

At the end of the review, you will know why and how to pick the ceramic bowls. KitchenAid comes up with different designs also among the ceramic ones according to user preference.  There are patterned, textured, ink colored, matte look and even plain ones. The glass one comes with a measuring mark that helps the beginner to start.

Both the mixer and its bowl are super useful and budget-friendly. You are missing a real-deal if you haven’t considered taking one yet.

Product NameItem SizeBest forLatest Price

1. Ceramic KitchenAid Bowl black & white tapestry

KitchenAid Ceramic Bowl

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Material’s specification

The KitchenAid bowl is suitable for 4.3L & 4.8L stand mixers as it is 4.7L. The stuff being dishwasher safe deducts half of your stress of hand-washing. Thinking of where you can set the bowl, the answers are microwave, oven & freezer.


With being 30% lighter, there you got a comfortable handle & pour spout. You probably wouldn’t be facing any problem setting it up in the kitchen due to the standard size.

Reinforcement & Design

This KitchenAid ceramic bowl has titanium reinforcement with a black-white tapestry color combo. The no-chip 5years of warranty saves you from the later hassles.


Other than making the KitchenAid bowl your kitchen accessory, it can be the right choice for gifts. People of any age would love to have such useful ceramic bowls that adore their house as well.


  1. The eye-catchy & classy outlook will have your attraction.
  2. It has a pretty standard size that lets you use traditional tools.
  3. It can be the right choice for presents.
  4. Being a dishwasher safe tool reduces your stress.
  5. The 5-years of warranty on a ceramic bowl is pretty convincing.


  1. There is no way a ceramic bowl can be intact after you fell it on hard surfaces.

2. KitchenAid Mixer Ceramic Bowl White chocolate, 5-Qt.

KitchenAid Mixer Ceramic Bowl

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Variance in the outlook:

From time to times, KitchenAid tries it best to bring variance in their product outlook and features. Like the above one has a black-white tapestry design, this ceramic bowl has nothing other than the classy white. The model is customarily called KitchenAid Tilt-head Ceramic bowl & the color is white chocolate.

Other ceramic bowls by the company known as KitchenAid 5-quart custom bowl, 5-quart stainless steel bowl, 5-quart tilt-head glass bowl, etc., are there to help you out with your preference.

Withstanding capability:

Usually, this stuff can withstand in the oven up to a temperature of 475 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s dishwasher-safe kitchenware, and you can put it on the freezer & microwave as well. Pick your stand mixers of 4.5-quart & 5-quart for this bowl. Easy pour spout with the handle make the usage convenient.


  1. The sturdiness and the durability have got a pretty ranking by the users to ease at mind.
  2. Accurate for the 4.5-quart & 5-quart stand mixers
  3. Can withstand 475 degrees Fahrenheit in the oven
  4. Easy pour spout with the handle make the usage convenient.
  5. It’s safe dishwasher kitchenware.


  1. One who desires colorful stuff should look for custom bowls by the KitchenAid.

3. kitchenaid® artisan® stand mixer with 5qt ceramic hobnail bowl

kitchenaid® artisan® stand mixer with 5qt ceramic hobnail bowl

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Model & the Outlook:

It’s an ACCs portable ceramic appliance with an ink watercolor design. With a dimension of 11.61inches in both length and weight & 9.84inches in height, the bowl fits all 5-quart & 4.50-quart stand mixers. You can also pick the 5-quart tilt-head stand mixers. Read more, ceramic vase review.


Due to having the titanium reinforcement, the ceramic resists all the chipping crazing, staining & cracking. Besides, the long five years if no-chip assurance proves the confidence of the manufacturer in their product.


You can put the stuff on the microwave, freezer, and oven as well, depending on your work preferences. It can withstand the oven temperature up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit. Being a dishwasher safe stuff, it makes you free from hand fatigue of hand-washing.


  1. One who loves a touch of colors on their bowl should go with this one.
  2. It’s a dishwasher-safe bowl, so no time killing for hand washing.
  3. If you are searching for a portable ceramic bowl, there you go!
  4. It can withstand 475-degree F on the oven at maximum.
  5. There you have a long 5years of no-chip assurance with the product.


  1. There isn’t any measurement marking on it.

4. KitchenAid 5KSM2CB5ER Empire Red Ceramic Dish

KitchenAid Ceramic bowl for mixer

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Item specification:

With a dimension of 11.81inches in both length and weight, the item becomes perfect in shape and outlook. The height is 7.87inches, which is convenient with the standing mixers. The thing is empire red in color and has a capacity of 4.7L. The left question is that whether it’s dishwasher safe? Yes, it is! Also read, Ceramic knife set review.

Uses, withstanding capacity, and reinforcement:

As I said before, the stuff has a capacity of 4.7L and pretty much compatible with 4.3L and 4.8L mixers. Where can you safely place the bowl? There isn’t any danger in putting the stuff in the microwave, freezer, oven but of course, up to a specific temperature. Titanium reinforcement makes the construction anti-staining, anti-chipping, & anti-cracking. But take it for granted, and throw the stuff on the floor!

Additional feature:

You can play around with your experiment as it’s pretty lighter by 30% despite its great capacity. The pouring spout and the convenient handle makes the usage more fun.


  • Pouring spout pours liquid without spreading
  • 30% lighter despite having a large quantity of capacity
  • Titanium reinforcement makes the stuff super durable
  • It’s dishwasher safe, and you don’t have to worry about the color.
  • The empire red color gives a classy outlook.


  1. Improper maintenance may leave dark spots indoors.

5. KitchenAid textured ceramic bowl portable stand mixer bowl

KitchenAid textured ceramic bowl

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Kitchenaid Ceramic Mixing Bowl Pattern:

Among all other KitchenAid ceramic bowls, the textured ceramic bowl has been greatly loved by the users. Users find this striped pattern attracting and adoring. The white chocolate color enriches that look.

It has a length and weight of 11.61inches and a height of 9.84inches.


It has a 5quart capacity. 5quart is the appropriate size for whipping cakes & cookies using a stand mixer. So, the bowl gives you the perfect size for your job and leave nothing to complain about. Other than whipping, you can mix and do the tasks regarding kneading. Overall, it’s a quality product.

Design and capability:

As for KitchenAid mixers, the KitchenAid design, engineering, and trial tests have been done. The features allow you to put the stuff in the oven up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. It’s also freezer and microwave safe. Dishwashers won’t react with it or damage it.

Additional info:

With the 5-years of no-chip assurance, you are free from any upcoming hassles. The titanium reinforcement resists any kind of crazing, staining, cracking, and chipping. You can use your stand mixers having 4.5quart & 5-quart sizes. Related post, Ceramic mug review.


  1. The stuff the perfect size of 5quart.
  2. It can be used in all 4.5 & 5quart tilt-head mixers.
  3. It has an attractive striped texture.
  4. It’s dishwasher safe.
  5. You can put it in an oven up to the temperature of 475 degrees Fahrenheit.


  1. The textured bowl doesn’t come with measurement marking.

6. KitchenAid Artisan mini-series Mixer, KitchenAid Stainless Steel Bowl

KitchenAid stainless steel bowl

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Well, it’s a mixer, not the mixer bowl. It is worth knowing about this handy product. The model falls under artisan mini-series.

The mini-series:

The 3.5quart is the mini-series. It’s a renewed one that has been designed depending on user preferences. The stuff is the artisan bowl for the tilt-head stand mixers.

Material and specification:

When I said handy product, I mean it. It has 120-voltage and 250-wattage, and it runs pretty well. The construction material is zinc. The product is hot sauce color. But other than that, there are empire red, guava glaze, satin copper & twilight blue.

Size and Weight:

The stuff is 25% lighter and 20% smaller footprint than the KitchenAid’s classic stand mixer. Excluding the bowls & beater, it is super compatible with all the attachments.

Tilt-head or Lift bowl:

It has a tilt-head design and mechanism. Why tilt-head is far better than lift bowl has been answered in one of the FAQs. The design keeps beater to bowl contact for quick and efficient The clear access to the connected bowl allows you to pour or add anything you want without any hassle.


  1. It gives direct access to the connected bowl.
  2. It has a tilt-head mechanism.
  3. The stuff is 25% lighter.
  4. The mixer is 20% smaller.
  5. All the necessary accessories are compatible with it.


  1. Many prefer bowl lifting as they have a more powerful motor, and they shouldn’t go for this one.

7. KitchenAid KSMCB5BM Black matte, 5-qt., tilt-head mixer’s Ceramic Bowl

KitchenAid mixer’s Ceramic Bowl

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Here comes the final product, hence one of the demanding ones, the black matte, tilt-head mixer’s bowl.

The gorgeous outlook:

The black color isn’t glossy but pure matte, which is decently pleasant to the eye. Other than the color and the border near the edge, there isn’t any single design on it. And that’s what made the product super classy. However, if you are not into black, you can check for the three other colors and their availability. The rest are majestic yellow, regal purple, white chocolate, etc.


Other than the dishwasher, it’s also oven & microwave safe. You can as well put the bowl in the freezer. The easy pour spout is way more convenient, along with the standard size of 5quart. 9.2inches, 12.6inches, and the 7.7inches are the measurements along the length, width, and height, respectively. The users claim the sturdiness is more of a reason to choose the stuff.

Kitchenaid Ceramic Mixer Bowl Satisfaction:

Not only it adorns your kitchen, but you can also proudly choose it as a gift for any occasion. Not to mention, there will be a limited warranty of a year by the KitchenAid.


  1. It has the standard size for whipping.
  2. A matte look that outrages other designs
  3. The product comes with a warranty.
  4. The users have confirmed the great sturdiness of the product.
  5. It merely fits all the 4.5 & 5-quart tilt-head mixers.


  1. There isn’t any measuring sign.

What should concern you before buying a KitchenAid ceramic bowl?

We find something reliable, easy to detach & clean, durable, and convenient to use for a bowl. What bothers them most is whether the size will match our mixer. We will be breaking down every point and info you will need.


If you have searched a bit, you must have known; it’s not only the ceramic bowl that the company produces. There are also bowls of stainless steel, glass with measurement marks, etc.

Stainless steel:

These products have stainless steel with the standard size fitting all the 5quart tilt-headed mixers.

As for the looks, they may not seem that pretty like the counterparts but has their benefits. You don’t have to be afraid of cracking, warping, melting, or breaking with steel elements. It’s the one with the most longevity and durability.

For an indefinite time, the product will hold all the wear & tear of the culinary activities. Not to mention, it has the anti-rusting property.

The 4.5quart mixers of tilt-head include the steel bowl having footed bases & without any handles. I don’t prefer the stainless steel bowls’ outlook, but I do own it as the anti-cracking one. I have that as my backup, of course.

Measuring Glass Bowls:

These are the transparent ones making the content visible from both the bottom and inside. Even the measurements upon it have a transparent view and don’t damage the classy look at all. One who loves to see the ingredients getting mixed and pinpoint the places where it’s not done should go for this stuff.

Now we are talking about the glass bowls; I’m excited to tell you something. The 6quart glass bowl comes with pro600 & pro6500 design series mixers. It’s the very first product by the KitchenAid that has the unusual combo of elegance & convenience.

The high-quality bowls of glass don’t absorb or retain any odor, don’t rust at all, and dishwasher safe.


The ceramic bowls are the one that adds color to your kitchen. The anti-reactive & anti-glare features are notable here. Let’s discuss this one in more detail.

Ceramic bowl’s design & color:

There is a wide range of variation among the ceramic bowls, including color, texture, pattern, and design. Choose your one from purple, majestic yellow, onyx black, white chocolate, or glacier blue.


The titanium reinforcement makes the construction better for the ceramic, though there is a limit to the withstand. The bowls here are safe for microwave, oven, freezer, and even dishwasher up to a specific temperature.

It’s the feature that makes the stuff anti-breaking, anti-chipping, anti-cracking, & anti-staining.


While buying a bowl, consider what sizes your mixer allows to fit in. 5quart is the appropriate size for whipping cakes & cookies using a hand mixer. Most of the stuff here fits stand mixers of 5 and 4.5quart. At first, recognize whether your mixer is bowl lifting or tilt head one and then get the sizes for it.

Before buying any bowl, recheck the size and reassure if it will fit on your mixer,

Additional services:

Moreover, the feature including a convenient handle having the look of a high-end pottery barn and pouring spout to prevent overflow and splitting is a fact of consideration.

Artisan series:

The artisan series also have 5quart bowls with graduated glass bowls. Spouts make the transfer easier where the handle makes the using convenient.

The 5quart artisan mixer includes a stainless steel bowl that contains a handle. Hence the not good looking one becomes more of the handy and versatile stuff.  

Tough the stainless 4.5quart doesn’t have handles, the 5, 6, and 7quart mixers have steel bowls with handles. These mixers have a bowl lifting mechanism.

FAQ: Some common answers for ceramic kitchenaid bowl

1. Are the KitchenAid mixer ceramic bowls safe for dishwashing?

  1. All the KitchenAid stand mixer bowls, whether they are of ceramic or steel, are safe for dishwashing. However, the packaging always includes that info. It’s better to have secure knowledge and ensure it for all.

2. What are the benefits of having a ceramic one, among other variables?

  1. Ceramic bowls come with titanium enforcement that saves the bowl from cracking, chipping, and staining. The price also comes in a budget-friendly range- starting from 85$ & ending with 95$. Moreover, while buying a ceramic bowl, one can have customizing designs, textures, and patterns.

3. Among the bowl lift and the tilt head, which mixer is better?

  1. I would personally prefer the tilt head one. It’s easy to play with the accessories with the tilt head one. Removing the clinging batter is super convenient with it. Moreover, the clinging batter drips of immediately after tilting the head.

Additionally, this one needs less space vertically, and you can find a cabinet easily for fitting it.

On the other hand, the lifting one got some backward. The products are heavy enough with their powerful motors. With the hinge, the head of the lifting machine has a vibrating tendency. After a time-lapse, the pin holding the head got loose, resulting in the head bobbing. The thickness and heaviness accelerate the process.

Still, there are some plus points for which people choose bowl lift machines as well.

4. How to quickly deal with the residual marks on ceramic bowls?

  1. There are several methods and easy tricks. But for the effective and quick one, they recommend putting some olive oil drops and spread evenly. Let it sit for a couple of minutes and wipe away. Use soapy hot water to wash the bowl. Repeat the process if needed.

For the safe dishwasher bowls, you can simply dish-wash them without any hesitation.

Stainless steel bowls from the KitchenAid tends to have a greyish effect over time. An important note is that the mark isn’t harmful but can discolor your food. This kind of stuff needs occasional treatment. Feel free to give the above treatment occasionally.


By now, you pretty much have the idea which one is excellent for you among different KitchenAid ceramic bowls. The products, as mentioned earlier, are the seven best picks and have their drawbacks as well. You mostly need to go with one that fulfills your job, and the fault doesn’t hinder either. However, if you are still confused, I would like you to read my preferences & the three best picks among the seven. I hope it will help you out!

KitchenAid Black matte, 5-qt., tilt-head mixer’s ceramic bowl is my best pick for both the outlook and the performance. With the utmost sturdiness and budget-friendly price, this one adores my mixer. You will have a warranty as well.

KitchenAid textured ceramic bowl for portable stand mixer bowl is the one I prefer secondly. Due to the striped texture and the white chocolate color, the stuff gives our eyes an elegant view. Moreover, it is for all 4.5 & 5quart tilt-head mixers.

The final one I choose is Ink Watercolor ceramic bowl with the most straightforward but eye-catchy design on it. Whenever you are bored with matte or plain color, try this one. You will not get bored while exploring the strategies of this model.

Though there is one thing I like to advise. Titanium reinforcement make the construction way more robust; it’s better to have a backup with a stainless steel one.

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