Best Ceramic Bearings Review In 2023

Best ceramic bearings

A bearing is a mechanical element that reduces friction between an axis and the parts connected to it that means of a bearing supports it and makes it easier to move. It was created by the Swedish engineer and inventor of Sven Gustaf Wingqvist. Now we are updated about the best ceramic bearings for you like to ride your skateboard, longboard, cycle, skates, and a scooter that make all the difference.

All types of the best bearings are high-quality but the ceramic ones are harder and more durable than other bearings like steel that are worth the cost to many riders. Check here, how to clean ceramic bearings.

If you want to learn about ceramic bearings, then you have come to the right place and you really need to buy it, you can research independently and choose one our top selections list and we may earn commissions to help fund or you can skip the website and go to visit the best ceramic bearing on Amazon.

Top 10 best ceramic bearings in 2023

1. Oldboy Ceramic Longboard Bearing

2. Bones Super Reds Skateboard Bearings

3. Sector 9 Ball Black Ceramic Bearings

4. Amphetamine Longboard Bearings

5. VXB 608 White Ceramic Bearing With Black Balls

6. Neal Ceramic Skate Bearings

7. Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings

8. Magneto Glassy’s Abec 9 Bearings

9. Kwik Heat Resistant Ceramic Bearings

10. Twolions Hybrid Black Ceramic Bearings

1. Oldboy ceramic longboard bearing

Enjoy a smooth ecstatic ride on your skating board with the Oldboy premium bearings. No need to slow down, no need to worry about durability.

Everything is intact with these bearings at hand. Definitely, a better choice than metallic ones.

 Oldboy Ceramic Longboard Bearing.

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Featuring a set of eight pieces, they are heavily pre-lubricated to alleviate friction drag, wear and tear for smooth motion while skating on pavement or in a skating park. This way, its working life is extended to service you to the maximum. Regardless of how fast you ride, the bearings offer great performance.

Highly versatile, these stunning bearings are ideal for not only skating boards but also scooters, hockey skate wheels, inline, rollerblades, and quads. Each bearing has seven ceramic balls in a steel ring, all encased in nylon.

The ceramic material is crafted from sturdy polished glass balls. It is preferred to the steel type because of its resistance to rust and scratches. The ceramic bearings’ dimension is 7X22x8 mm. 

They come packaged in a nice pyramid-shaped box for excellent vibration. They provide easy cleanup and lube application. Order yours today on your shopping spree. Do not miss out on enjoyable rides!


  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy and durable; long-lasting
  • Fast riding experience
  • Rust and scratch-resistant
  • Two free Oldboy stickers for your longboard
  • Better than metal bearings
  • Comes nicely-packed and pre-lubricated


  • Slightly expensive

2. Bones Super Reds Skateboard Bearings

If you are looking for bearings that every skating pro recognizes, then look no further. Bones skateboard bearings are the best-selling with a 25-year history in use. It owns a good reputation likely because of its premium quality and great value. Being a Chinese product, it is somewhat different with high performance yet cheap and budget-friendly.

Bones Super Reds Skateboard Bearings

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The classic bearings type comes as an 8-set pack and all eight are pre-lubricated with bones speed cream lubricant. These bearings, in addition, have a fast-speed nylon ball retainer necessary for great speed and sturdiness.

Its acerbic balls crafted from ceramic are the best substitute for steel balls in that they are water-proof, tougher, rust-resistant, and more durable. Not to forget, the non-contact rubber shield reduces friction and is removable for easy cleanup. Read more, ceramic spray wax review.

The manufacturer offers a warranty for all its bones bearing. If received in a bad state, feel free to ask for a replacement. Though be rest sure that rarely happens, their products are worth your hard-earned money. Honestly, these ceramic bearings meet a low cost in combination with great speed and durability. 


  • Inexpensive
  • 8-set pack
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Highly water-proof
  • Pre-lubricated with the speed cream racing lubricant
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Great reputation in the bearings industry
  • Takes little time to clean


  • Outdone by some steel bearings brands

3. Sector 9 Ball Black Ceramic Bearings

The flawless skating experience is necessitated by the quality and fully functional bearings. Sector 9 ceramic bearings, undeniably, is one of the best you can ever have as a skateboarder; a smooth fancy ride day in day out. 

Sector 9 Ball Black Ceramic Bearings

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Quite outstanding black bearings with built-in ceramic balls lighter, harder, and more durable than most steel bearings. Besides, the eight pieces in the package, there is a spacer too. These skateboard components are waterproof and corrosion-resistant to extend their life in skating service.

They are heavy-duty bearings but not of high density compared to the steel type. Just like the bones bearings, it has the nylon ball retainer and a removable rubber shield that enables convenient cleaning in no time. 

The most unique feature in the sector 9 bearings is how compatible it is with almost all longboards; they fit well to your liking. More to say, its capability to displace the heat generated on a high-speed ride. It is also easy to fix and set up with little to no difficulties. Also, read Meguiars ceramic wax.


  • The set is inclusive of a spacer too
  • Very affordable
  • Strong with a high density
  • Corrosion-resistant and water-proof
  • Removable rubber shield
  • Spins smoothly and quietly


  • Takes time to break in when lubricating

4. Amphetamine longboard Bearings

Amphetamine ceramic bearings are available in a wide array of varieties. Namely, the ceramic gold, ceramic silver, hybrid in series of ABEC 3, ABEC 5, and ABEC 7.

The ceramic gold type tops the list and is credited to be the best amphetamine bearings. 

Amphetamine Longboard Bearings

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For your skating needs, amphetamine company works to meet all in order to effectuate a fun and enjoyable street skating moment. It comes in a set of 8 bearings with 4 spacers as well. Each bearing has six steel balls, and one ceramic ball encased in a nylon high ball retainer.

The balls boast high strength and are extra hard to withstand corrosion. Therefore, it is made to last long. Sealed with two nylon removable shields, you can clean the bearings with ease. Learn more, ceramic brake pads.

Well, it is not so different from most ceramic bearings since it is pre-lubricated with high-performance oil to obstruct rusting and for smooth spinning downhill without any friction hindrances. Furthermore, it cannot wear and tear and the original appearance is maintained. Feel the explicit speeding by fixing the amphetamine ceramic bearings on your skating board. 


  • Features four spacers in the pack
  • Pre-lubricated
  • High strength balls
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Two shields that are easy to remove
  • Great performance


  • A bit difficult to fix the spacers

5. VXB 608 White Ceramic Bearing with Black Balls

These white ceramic skateboard bearings are in a class of their own with an eye-catching appearance. The dimensions are 8mm inside diameter, 22 mm outside diameter, and a 7 mm depth. The bore diameter is 8mm. It features zirconium oxide races, and the casing/cage is of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) material.

VXB 608 White Ceramic Bearing With Black Balls

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The black balls are made from silicon nitride ceramic, which is resistant to both high temperatures and corrosion; thus, durable, and tough black balls. 

The PTFE cage creates ample spacing between the balls for even distribution of load; the balls are kept non-contact to minimize friction, screeching sound, and vibration.

The bearing possesses a deep groove geometry to support both axial and radial loads as well as high speeding. That, in effect, lengthens the life span of the VXB 608 ceramic bearing.

The bearing is designed to be open on both of its sides for lubrication. It weighs 0.48 ounces, hence light enough to roll over the skating surface. it comes as one piece and can be used in a spinner beside the skating board and rollerblades. However, not as economical as the 8-set pack in most ceramic bearings.


  • Cost-effective
  • Great value for money
  • Perfect for a fidget spinner
  • Beautifully-colored appearance
  • Made to last long
  • Corrosion and weather-resistant
  • Creates a great skating speed


  • Comes as one bearing, not economical

6. Neal Ceramic Skate Bearings

An excellent option to upgrade the look of your scooter or skateboard. Being one of the most exceptional ceramic bearings, it is incredibly amazing with top-notch quality and great value. Do not hesitate to make a purchase.

Neal Ceramic Skate Bearings

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The neal precision longboard bearings are genuinely stronger, harder, and lighter than steel bearings. Crafted from ceramic, be rest sure of longevity in spinning at a fast speed downhill.

When you buy, you receive a package with eight bearings and four skateboard spacers and stickers to glue onto your skateboard purposely for marketing the producing company. The package is inclusive of a reusable aluminum casing also. 

The bearings come heavily pre-lubed and with a removable shield, just like most skate bearings, that allows for cleaning and builds the durability of the bearings.

All these components are incorporated in the design of the Neal bearings to give a quick and smooth ride. With these bearings, you barely have to worry about breaking. The quality input has you covered.


  • Great price
  • The protective shield that prevents dirt
  • High precision design
  • Suitable for both beginner and professional skaters
  • Fast speed quality
  • Good packaging


  • Some users report it does not last long before malfunctioning sets in

7. Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings

Bone swiss ceramic bearings are highly sought for is that they offer incredible high-speed rides and deliver high-end quality. They spin faster, more smoothly, and with ease. You cannot compare them to any steel bearings- they outdo the steel type to be the best of the best.

Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings

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Designed to consist of acerbic ceramic balls, they are in their own class with a stronger and super long-lasting power. These balls accelerate fast and are highly resistant to moisture, dirt, and adverse weather conditions.

The nylon ball retainer gives great speed and performance. The package includes a set of eight skate bearings, stickers, four spacers, and an instructions manual. The eight bearings come already lubricated with bones speed cream lubricant. 

The instructions are comprehensive, and when adhered to, the installation process is as easy as ABC. Correct installation means the bones swiss bearings will deliver the best results.

The decorative sticker is to be stuck on your skateboard or scooter to announce how much you like the great product. The four spacers inhibit contact between the balls to reduce friction, and they build longevity. Remember, the manufacturing company is honored for its 25-year reputation in producing impressive bearings and other items.


  • Lasting quality and performance
  • Easy to clean
  • Come with detailed instructions
  • Pre-lubricated
  • Rolls fast at long distances
  • Premium grade


  • A bit pricey

8. Magneto Glassy’s Abec 9 Bearings

Bearings that belong to the best quality rating, ABEC 9, which is the tightest tolerance there is.

Therefore, this is a guarantee that you can never go wrong with magneto Glasses ’ bearings; absolutely a suitable choice for your scooter, skateboard, inline hockey, or rollerblades.

Magneto Glassy’s Abec 9 Bearings.

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Made with quality ceramic material, the bearings are rust-resistant, hard, and durable to serve for the longest time possible. Apart from that, they are water-proof and cannot corrode regardless of harsh weather conditions. They can never seize up as well. These bearings are better than steel ones that are susceptible to rust. 

Furthermore, they boast a self-healing property whereby the bearings crushes and discard any debris that enters the races for a smooth and sustained ride. Unlike steel bearings, when a lot of heat is generated, Glassy’s bearings are capable of withstanding and breaking down the heat.

The tin package comes inclusive of eight ceramic bearings, four aluminum spacers eight stainless steel bearing washers, and Glassy’s sticker. 

With an extra-long lifespan, freely enjoy the speed that comes with the use of a skateboard fixed with these strong bearings. Rarely will you need frequent replacements, hence it is money-saving? 


  • Self-healing property
  • Long life span
  • They spin quietly
  • Super-strong and durable
  • Made of anti-rust and hard ceramic material
  • ABEC 9, highest bearing rating
  • Great speed and tolerance


  • No cons

9. Kwik Heat Resistant Ceramic Bearings

Kwik ceramic skate bearings promise to offer a quiet and remarkable experience with your skateboard.

Something worth your investment, ranked among the best ceramic bearings.

Kwik Heat Resistant Ceramic Bearings

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If you want bearings that produce no squeaks, look no further. These ceramic bearings fully utilize the advanced characteristics of ceramic bearings in conjunction with titanium nitride; a powerful duo that deems a powerful performance. They roll faster at long stretches without wearing out. 

Besides, the kwik bearings have titanium nitride-coated races that are corrosion-resistant. They readily withstand heat and friction to enable a continued fast and smooth spinning. The durability and strength are prolonged because of these unique properties. The bearings also exhibit strong Delrin retainers that come pre-spun with high-performance oil. 

Lastly, the design looks gorgeous and classy. The premium bearings possess an appealing metallic gold finish incomparable to the appearances of most skate bearings. Kwik delivers both a striking design combined with great performance and value. 


  • An advanced sleek design
  • Beautiful metallic gold finish
  • Resistant to corrosion, friction, and heat
  • High-speed and smooth spinning
  • Impressive performance
  • Great strength and durability
  • Comes pre-spun with high-performance oil


  • The bearings wobble a bit if not correctly fixed

10. Twolions Hybrid Black Ceramic Bearings

If you need an alternative for your rusty steel bearings, it is recommended to try out ceramic bearings, which are far much better.

Two lions hybrid bearings are part of the list of the most remarkable bearings with precision in speed, strength, and performance.

Twolions Hybrid Black Ceramic Bearings

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With its size of 8 X 22 X 7 mm (inner X outer X depth), two lions are a perfect fit for your scooter, skateboard, or inline hockey. The black bearings are not all-ceramic. The seven balls are made of high-quality ceramic, and the bearing ring encasing the balls is made of steel. The two-side shield protects the inner components from dust and allows for easy cleaning in a short time.

The rolling elements of the bearing are anti-rust and resistant to high temperature, abrasion, and corrosion. It has a great limiting speed of 22000 revolutions per minute with a long spinning time over a great distance haul.

The tin package consists of eight ceramic bearings. These eigh bearings need no lubrication or greasing; they possess a special rustling distinct from several bearing brands. 

They fall under the ABEC 9 grade, which means they own the finest quality. Make a change on your skateboard today by installing Two lions ceramic bearings. It is never too late!


  • High speed of 22000 rev/min
  • ABEC 9 grade bearings
  • Cannot corrode or wear out
  • Cleaning is easy and convenient
  • Cover a long spinning time
  • Needs no lubrication
  • Resistant to high temperatures


  • Questionable durability

What are ceramic bearings?

Any bicycle has several components that incorporate bearings inside. Bushings, bottom brackets, steering, or gear wheels are some examples of them and the main components that have the option of incorporating a ceramic mount.

The incorporation of ceramic bearings does not represent any significant change in the bicycle. The aesthetics and mechanics remain practically intact and the only intention of the change is to reduce friction, lighten the weight and make the most of the inertia generated in the pedaling phase.

Some aspects that ceramic bearings seem to work much better than traditional steel bearings. The assembly of any ceramic system should translate, in the opinion of the main market brands, into an immediate increase in performance.

Note that the origin of ceramic bearings is not related to the world of cycling since their true potential comes at a higher speed and a higher number of revolutions. It is for this reason that it is common to see ceramic bearings also in other types of machinery.

Despite everything, it was scientifically detected that the benefit was important enough to be extrapolated to sports and elements such as bicycles, skates, fishing reels, or the famous “spinners”.

In the following video, you can see the assembly of a ceramic bearing and the inertia that the bicycle takes and maintains after its installation.

Advantages and characteristics of ceramic bearings

Reduce friction: As we said before, the main purpose of ceramic bearings is to reduce friction and minimize internal friction. An ambitious goal that most brands seem to have achieved after several years of trying and piloting. With the ceramic model, the entire system is smoother and more uniform, facilitating rotation and taking advantage of the power used.

Save energy: Placing ceramic bearings on any axis of rotation reduces the energy required to move them. The ceramic system represents energy savings compared to steel bearings and the benefit in terms of performance can be up to 16 watts apart according to figures from one of the leading companies in the market.

A benefit that may seem moderate but that in terms of effort comes completely “free” to the cyclist. A tempting upgrade for many that will determine how much each watt you are willing to save is worth.

In reference to ceramic bearings for road wheels, it must be said that the benefit goes beyond the performance expressed in watts. The improvement is also noticeable at the level of inertia and when we increase the speed, especially in flat and downhill, the wheels convey a feeling of accompanying us in the advance, something that does not happen in bicycle wheels with simple bearings that seem to slow us down enormously as regards speed is high.

Increase durability: This aspect still generates a discrepancy of opinions between those who favor ceramic bearings and defenders of the traditional system. What is clear is that ceramic bearings are thanks to their better sealing system and unlike corrosion and oxidation resistant steel bearings.

A clear advantage especially in the wheel and bottom bracket bearings where the appearance of these external agents takes its toll. High-end ceramic bearings also require considerably less periodic maintenance.

Disadvantages of ceramic bearings

Price: the main drawback of ceramic bearings is their high price. A budget problem for many that make it difficult for this type of product to reach a greater number of cyclists. Quality ceramic bearings are expensive, but your effort and investment are quickly offset in terms of performance. People who have been fortunate enough to try a ceramic bearing claim to be happy and fully satisfied with the change.

Mixed bearings are currently sold in a hybrid assembly between steel and ceramic. The balls are ceramic but the steel tracks, something that makes it possible to lower the price of said product.

Problems with sealing: As we said before, the sealing of a ceramic bearing is essential to take full advantage of its benefits. Some cheaper brands offer ceramic bearings at really competitive prices but their sealing is of poor quality and over time they tend to cause problems.

Dust, the entry of water or air can greatly affect the performance of this type of product. A ceramic bearing is a high-quality asset as long as it is cared for and subjected to corresponding maintenance. For SUVs or “crushers” who do not treat the bike with care, it is likely that they will be better off buying a steel bearing.

Types of ceramic bearings

Having said what a bearing is, we can then explain what a ceramic bearing is and the types of ceramic bearings. Conventional bearings are mostly made of steel, while ceramic bearings are made of Silicon Nitride and these are classified in 2

Hybrid ceramic bearings

These have balls made of ceramic material and the tracks they slide are made of steel.

Integral ceramic bearings

These are made of ceramic material, both the track and the balls.

Ceramic bearings regardless of their classification are more durable, somewhat lighter, and have a longer life, due to the materials used for their manufacture, they reduce friction significantly, generating less heat and higher speed. As if that were not enough at higher speeds, ceramic bearings work better.

Ceramic bearings in road bikes

Initially, ceramic bearings were not designed to be used on bicycles, ceramic bearings achieve their highest operating efficiency at around 10,000 revolutions, and to give you an idea, the bottom bracket of the bicycle can rotate at around 120-130 revolutions.

At most, the wheels at about 500 revolutions, the ceramic bearings are used in professional level bicycles, due to their low friction and being able to scratch down to the last watt.

To get the most out of ceramic bearings on bikes, it is important that they are well manufactured, it is not enough to buy the first ceramic bearing you find on Ali express. The manufacturers that we have verified its quality are our friends from Cycling ceramic and Ceramic Speed.

Due to all their virtues, ceramic bearings are increasingly being used in high competition, in disciplines such as Triathlon, Road, Track, Mountain bikes, and BMX, since the low friction they have is an undoubted benefit that can decide between victory or defeat.

Ceramic bearings on the bottom bracket

The most used bottom bracket bearings are of two types, threaded to the frame or installed by pressure, (it will always depend on the frame of your bicycle), the BB30, as its name indicates, is for cranks that have a 30mm axis, then We find the presets that are used by Shimano, these bottom bracket bearings have a diameter of 24mm on both sides, we also find the GXP system used by Sram the part of the plate has a diameter of 24mm and the opposite part of 22mm. They all have their ceramic version.

When giving the pedals to our bicycle, when performing a sprint or climbing a port, we must make a considerable amount of force to rotate the pedals, which results in the loss of a small amount of energy, so any improvement in the reduction of friction, however small, that we can reduce in the bottom bracket on the wheels of our bicycle, will save us a minimum of energy when pedaling.

Ceramic bearings in cycling

In the cycling world, every gram, every watt, and every drop of sweat count, which is why designers always seek to use lightweight elements that deliver maximum performance and require minimal effort from cyclists.

The big teams use ceramic bearings to make their bikes as efficient as possible, saving from 6 to 10w according to the manufacturers, they use the entire kit of bottom brackets, wheels, and ceramic sheaves.

XC and XC-Marathon teams are starting to use them since these bearings are evolving a lot and the materials currently used are very resistant and are not corrosive.

Great cyclists confirm that ceramic bearings reduce the energy used to pedal.

In conclusion, installing ceramic bearings on bicycles in different competition disciplines can really make a little difference in the times or why not, it can be the variant between losing and winning.

What is still an aspect that makes us think about whether to install ceramic bearings or not, is its high price.

But without a doubt, if you can afford this luxury you will surely not regret it.

Why are conventional ones still being used in greater quantity?

The answer is simple, the price. Everything that is of quality is more expensive, if the durability of a ceramic bearing is said to be up to 10 times more, compared to a conventional one, it is expected that the price will be quite high when we talk about this type of bearing, until such point that they become almost a luxury object that not everyone can treat themselves.

All the positive aspects can be appreciated and taken advantage of if the ceramic bearing is well manufactured, it is important to say that due to the demand they have generated and their high cost, doubtful specimens have emerged on the market that is not of the same quality as those offered by the most qualified manufacturers.

Ceramic bearings vs. traditional bearings

By default, traditional bearings will always be mounted on a standard bicycle. This is mainly because they are much cheaper than ceramics.

The traditional ones have steel balls located radially inside the bearing. They are really very effective, and significantly reduce friction when turning compared to other systems such as bushings or bearings.

Ceramics go a step further in terms of performance compared to traditional ones. Mainly they will provide a greater smoothness of turn than the traditional ones and also greater durability.

The turn in a ceramic bearing is going to be smoother because both the balls and the raceway have a surface treatment that will reduce the friction noticeably.

As it has much lower friction than a traditional bearing, the temperatures that this bearing will reach are much lower compared to a traditional bearing, so its useful life will be much longer. It is estimated that in optimal conditions of use a ceramic one lasts about 15 times longer than a traditional one.

Another advantage of ceramics is that having less friction will provide some extra watts compared to traditional ones. This really matters in competition, where the differences between cyclists are minimal. For fans, this data should not be relevant.

Finally, there is a very important difference between the two, which is the price. Ceramics are much more expensive than traditional ones. If we take as an example the bottom bracket bearings, if they are ceramic the pair can easily exceed 250 USD, and the traditional ones can be around 50 USD.


Finally, we are completed the article that helps you when you are choosing the best ceramic bearings. You can check our review and choose one of the best our top 10 product list suit you need.

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