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Ceramic coating cost

Ceramic is in being used for different purposes for a long. We’re going to see the ceramic coating cost per its packages. They do an outstanding job of protecting surfaces. They also do an excellent job of glorifying the objects. Only a few people know the actual ceramic coating cost, despite its benefits. For the proper installation of ceramics, money is spent.

We spend money on its preparation, installation, and application. We spend a lot of money on its aftercare. All of the expenditure varies depending upon the kind of work we are going to do. Many ceramics products have a high purchase rate. There are also a lot of ceramic products whose rates are pretty reasonable and affordable.

DIY NANO-ceramic kits are highly affordable. Vehicles require pain correction often. They also cost a considerable amount to paint a car. Do remember one thing, good work isn’t cheap, and cheap work isn’t good. Significant changes take time and money.

How is the Professional ceramic coating product does is installed?

A certified professional worker installs a professional ceramic coating. This process is usually completed in 5 days, and it consists of a lot of steps. It includes:

1) Surface preparation

2) Application of coating

3) Curing 

Most professional coatings are sold out in package form. Regardless of what you choose, you will receive a similar package as listed below

1) Prep work (include washing the vehicle, stripping wax, PPF products or ceramic coating, polishing, paint correction, and an IPA wipe down)

2) Products supplies include ceramic products and the material necessary to install the product.

3) Storage of vehicle

If you selected the ceramic coating, then you have chosen the worker to install each and everything. The cost of preparation work is increasing exponentially. Read more, Mothers CMX ceramic spray coating.

What are the Prices for professional-grade ceramic coating?

What are the Prices for professional-grade ceramic coating

Many similar shops offer the same packages but prefer to break their services down into packages that precious metals can show.

1. Gold package ceramic coating:

Gold package is the best option selected when it comes to having durable paint. This package offers “permanent protection with a lifetime warranty”. The gold coating contains four layers. These four layers are installed pro ceramic coating. It comes with different prices. The price of the package depends upon the size of the vehicle and depends upon the preparation work required. Generally, this package has a range of $1500-USD 2500. This amount is without paint correction.

2. Silver package ceramic coating:

This package comes at a little lower price than the Gold package. Silver package has a 5-year warranty plan. The buyer gets a 9H coated ceramic coating if he buys this plan. He also gets a light top coating. The price range for this package varies between 400 to 900 USD. Also read, how to apply ceramic coating?

3. Bronze package ceramic coating:

Buying this package will include one layer of light ceramic coating. This layer is only valid for two years. The range for the bronze package hovers at 400 to 900 USD.

What is upkeep for professional ceramic coating?

Most professional coating dealers advise you to use aftercare. We mostly use silica-based aftercare for this purpose. This aftercare polish or spray is ceramic-friendly material. It shines the ceramic surface effectively. It is present at different prices depending upon the working. They typically work well when applied on a regular basis.

One bottle of aftercare spray lasts about 2-3 months. Ceramic coating boosters typically range from $50 to $70 United States dollar.

Another method is the routine car wash. This costs less than $60 per month. Check here, Adams ceramic coating.

What is the total cost of professional ceramic coating?

Suppose you have chosen a lifetime warranty professional ceramic coating package, and You keep your car for five years. It is what you are spending.

1) Installation of coating= $2000

2) Protective spray for five years ($60*5) =$300

3) A professional car wash after every two weeks for five years = $7800

Total cost= $10,100

What is the cost of DIY Ceramic Coating?

If you are the kind of person who does everything by himself, DIY is the best option. You do every single step with your hand and know every price. This ideal option for persons who love doing self-work. When we previously broke down the prices for the professional ceramic installation, we pretty much include many costs for professional workers. In the DIY approach, you will take all of the tasks to handle the money. Related post, Best ceramic spray wax.

What are the Prices for DIY surface prep supplies?

What are the Prices for DIY surface prep supplies

Before you start the DIY, take a look at the prices.

Car washing:

You will need shampoo, a microfiber wash, at least 7-8 clean clothes (microfiber), and a brush for cleaning the tires. Many people who do DIY buy a kit that includes all of the items in them. It costs almost 70-100 USD to purchase the kit. It is a good investment as it contains a lot of equipment.

Clay bar MIT:

After washing the car, you will need to clay the whole car. You will need to remove all the impurities from the surface. Lubrication is also essential in this step so that it will cost you around about $30.

Polishing supplies:

You will then going to need a polishing supply. Generally, you are going to need an electric polisher. It would be best if you were prepared to spend almost $150 on supplies. The stage is the buffing stage. Popular post, Nexgen ceramic spray.

IPA spray:

The final step in preparation work is a spray. The IPA sprays cost around about $10. After the spraying process is completed, the entire surface is cleaned with a microfiber towel. You can even use personal tools for the creation of IPA spray.

The total cost for preparation work is about 300 USD.

What is the cost of a ceramic DIY installed?

We have covered enough parts of DIY coating. Now, it’s time to calculate the actual price for installing the product. This is difficult to calculate because not everyone spends the same time installing the product. A typical armor shield ix can be installed in just 2-3 hours. Remembering every possible consequence, we can get sure that it will cost about three hundred dollars. Related post, coating for the wheel.

What is the total cost of DIY ceramic coating?

Imagine you have planned to wash your vehicle every two weeks. Don’t give this task to a professional person. Try saving extra 300 dollars. Let us assume that you have bought three kits of armor shield ix to coat your car. You plan to keep your vehicle for at least 5-years. So the prices I listed below are the ones you will spend on ceramic coating, which will last for five years.

1) Ceramic coating initial preparation work and car washing supplies =$300

2) Prices of three Armor shield IX kits = $140

3) Car washing kit for 5 years = $500

Total cost= $ 940

What is the real cost for paint correction?

If the vehicle’s surface has an extensive amount of blemishes, you will need the paint correction. Let us take a look that how much the pain correction is going to cost?

1) Prices of electric polisher = $100

2) Polishing compounds: kit run about $50

3) The prices for microfiber polishing pads-5 disc package = $15

The paint correction is necessary as it glorifies and works like aftercare for the ceramic coating.

The total cost of pain correction is about 165 United States dollars.

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