Best ceramic fiber board Review | Ceramic insulation board

The ceramic fiberboard is an insulating material with good thermal stability, used in fire insulation projects, and protects equipment that uses high temperatures. Also, the product can use it in various industrial fields, such as metallurgy and the chemical industry. This product comes with several benefits such as reduced noise and low weight, which means it is easy to handle and use, stability and electrical insulation, and vibration resistance.

They can come in a lot of models and sizes, making it possible to use them.

What is a ceramic insulation board?

It is a lightly refracted material made of alumina-silica fibers, with a smooth, rigid surface and a high mechanical strength, able to withstand heat up to 1400 degrees Celsius.

Ceramic insulation boards are necessary for projects that use equipment that uses high temperatures, so if they are not used, they can cause fires or injuries.

Best ceramic fiberboard | Ceramic insulation board

1. Simod Store Ceramic Fiber Insulation, 2300F, 1-inch x 12 inch x 24 inch. 

Simod Store Ceramic Fiber Insulation, 2300F, 1-inch x 12 inch x 24 inch

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It is an excellent thermal insulator with high rigidity, made of refracted fibers. It is used for thermal insulation of ovens, wood stoves, fireplaces, forges, pizza ovens. It is straightforward to cut. You can use a knife or a window or be drilled, thus making it possible to apply it anywhere you want.

Spectra Overseas produce it, the brand being Simond Store. This brand is famous for creating ceramic fiber products, such as ceramic fiberboards, ceramic fiber beds, ceramic rope, ceramic fiber paper, and many others, with tremendous success in the USA.

People are delighted with this ceramic fiberboard’s services, with 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon, which means that over 95% of buyers were satisfied.


  • 1 inch x 12 inch x 24 inch
  • Has high thermal insulation. the maximum temperature used is 2300F
  • High density of 20-24 lb / ft3
  • Compression strength: It has a deformation resistance of 25% -78 PSI and a permanent linear contraction 3.5 Maximum at 2200F
  • Can be used in many fields
  • Good artistry. It can be drilled and cut very quickly, thus giving you the dimensions you need

Besides these positive aspects that this product offers us, we also have a negative factor. That is represented by the fact that it does not have good conductivity and electrical insulation, and it is not soundproofed, which can lead to accidents at work.

2. Lynn Manufacturing Ceramic Fiber Board,2300F, 15-inch x 24-inch x 3/4 inch

Lynn Manufacturing Ceramic Fiber Board,2300F, 15-inch x 24-inch x 3/4 inch

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It is a ceramic insulation board used for stoves, ovens, pizza ovens, forges, important fire insulation, construction of combustion chambers, hearths in boilers, and furnaces operate on oil or wood. It is made of refracted fibers and is very easy to cut with a knife, saw, or any other object with a blade. It resists heat shocks very well and has low thermal conductivity.

It is produced by Lynn Manufacturing store, weighs 7.28 pounds, and has many reviews on Amazon, namely 121, with a success rate of over 92%, with 4.6 stars out of 5. It is straightforward to install, the quality-ratio price is pretty good, precisely 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and it is a product that you can use on very high durability.


  • 2300F
  • 15 inch x 24 inch x 3/4 inch
  • Density of 16 lbs / ft3
  • Use in many fields
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to process
  • Easy to install
  • Good packaging

It also has some negative aspects: it is skinny but still quite heavy, weighing precisely 7.28 pounds, and has no conductivity and electrical insulation.

3. CERAMIC FIBER BOARD,2300F Rated,2 inch x 19,7 inch x 39,4 inch.

CERAMIC FIBER BOARD,2300F Rated,2 inch x 19,7 inch x 39,4 inch

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This product is used to insulate ovens, forges, stoves, chimney lining, combustion chamber, heat and flame barrier, mechanical stress, electronics, military, and heat shield for the fireplace. They are white, but during combustion, The initial content turns brown because the organic content inside burns, but once burned, it will become shiny and pure white. They are made of refracted fibers containing aluminum, silicate, and binders that have a low organic content and, also, this product is odorless.

It is effortless to use, weighing 28 pounds and feather type. It is an excellent thermal and electrical insulator, has fast heating, long service life, is elastic, and excellent chemical stability.

Simond Fibertech Limited produces it, the brand being Simond Store. It has excellent reviews on Amazon, 100% of the people being satisfied with this ceramic insulation board’s services, having five stars out of 5.


  • Is fireproof
  • 2300F
  • Low thermal conductivity and reduced heat storage
  • Resistant to thermal shocks
  • Does not contain asbestos
  • High chemical stability
  • Compression str
  • 2-inches x 19.7 inches x 39.4 inches.

Besides the multitude of positive aspects presented above, it also has a negative part: it is difficult to cut or drill, making it more challenging to use this board in the places where you want.

4. CERAMIC FIBER INSULATION BOARD,2300F,1,6 inch x 19,7 inch x 19,4 inch.

CERAMIC FIBER INSULATION BOARD,2300F,1,6 inch x 19,7 inch x 19,4 inch

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They are used for ovens, stoves, forges, fireplaces, and many others. It consists of refracted fibers and binders, with a low organic content, processed in a vacuum at a high temperature, being very good for insulation at high temperatures. It has a low thematic conductivity; it is tensile, and, on the chain, it has excellent mechanical resistance.

Initially, it has a white color, but during the initial combustion, it turns brown and gives off a slight odor, but in the end, after the binder is burned, the heart will be a bright white and will not emit any odor.

Simond Fibertech Limited produces this ceramic insulation board; the brand is Simond Store and has excellent reviews, with a success rate of 100%, with 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


  • Permanent linear contraction
  • 3.5 Max at 2200F
  • 2300F
  • 1.6 inches x 19.7 inches x 19.4 inches
  • Compression strength
  • Fire protection
  • High tensile strength
  • Resistance against thermal shocks and chemical attacks

It also has two negative aspects: it does not have good conductivity and electrical insulation. This can lead to accidents. The second would be that it is difficult to use, being difficult to cut and ignite.

5. Ceramic Fiber Insulation Board,2300F, 0,47 inch x 18 inch x 24 inch.

Ceramic Fiber Insulation Board,2300F, 0,47 inch x 18 inch x 24 inch.

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This ceramic fiber plate is use for wood stoves, ovens, fireplaces, forges, pizza ovens, boilers, and combustion chambers’ insulation. They are made of refracted fibers, are white, are rigid, and have excellent mechanical resistance. .It weighs a little, only 5.94 pounds, and can be very easy to cut and drill with a saw or knife, making it easier to use.

It has very high reviews on Amazon, with five stars out of 5; this means that it is appreciated by 100% of people and that this product does its job correctly. Spectra Overseas produce it, the brand being Simond Store.


  • 2300F
  • 0.47 inches x 18 inches x 24 inches
  • High density 20-24lb / ft3
  • Compression strength
  • Deformation resistance of 25% -78 PSI
  • Good machinability.

Besides all these positive aspects, we also have negative aspects. One of them would be that it that not have good conductivity, and electrical insulation can risk accidents. It does not have long-term resistance and is not fireproof.

Things to consider before buying a ceramic fiber board-Which is the best for me?

The first and most important thing would be to check the reviews. Look for new thoughts about the product to see what services it can offer you.

Be careful about the quality-price aspect. If it has a low price, it does not mean that it is good to buy it. Look for quality products to help you with what you need and buy them, even if the price is not low. But make sure the price is not too high and the quality poor, so read the specifications and reviews of that product carefully.

Make sure that the product you buy will fit your needs. Make a plan, measure the size of your project and then buy the product; otherwise, you have the chance to be disappointed after the product arrives.

Check the transport price. The product can come from a distant country, and the transport price must be very high.

Try to find products that are as easy to use as possible, do not buy products that are difficult to use; there is a chance that nescience will ruin your project, and you will have to start over.

If it has a long description, it does not mean that it is a good product.


Can it be used in a fireplace?

Yes, it can be used in a fireplace because it withstands high temperatures and retains heat very well.

What can be built with ceramic fiberboard?

You can build ovens, fireplaces, stoves, insulation in case of fire, and much more. You can check the above.

What is the chemical composition of a board, and what material is it made of?

The chemical composition contains Al2O3 and SiO2, and the material from which it is made is refracted fibers.

Is ceramic fiber board dangerous?

They can be dangerous if you are not careful. Ceramic fiber boards are sharp at the corners and can sting and irritate your skin if the broken ends of the ceramic fibers penetrate the skin. If you do not have experience and do not know how to use them, hire a professional to do your job, thus risking accidents or damaging the places you want to use them.

Is ceramic fiber insulation board safe?

They are very safe if you know how to use them. Most ceramic fibers

are easy to use, so they should not cause us any problems. They are an excellent thermal insulator, thus protecting us from fires and many other accidents. Be careful and do not leave them in use too much because, at some point, they will deteriorate and will increase the chance of a fire. Changes over a reasonable period and everything will go very well and will be 100% SAFE.

What is ceramic fiber made of?

They are made from a wide range of mineral fibers, such as alumina, silicon, and other metal oxides, which have a refractory property.

How are ceramic fiber made?

These are made in furnaces by melting aluminum oxide (Al3O2) and silicon (SiO2), then separating them into fragile fibers or wires.


We have presented above the best ceramic fiber tiles on the market, so don’t miss the chance. I hope I helped you with this review and that you found what you need.

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