Best Hawks Ceramic Brake Pads Reviews of 2023

Best Hawks Ceramic Brake Pads Reviews

Noisy brakes? That isn’t very pleasant! The moment you hit the brake, you hear that awful screeching. Well, that’s the final warning your brake pads utter to help the car not turn truly ugly. Today we’re going to review Hawks ceramic brake pads. Read us to know more.

Before the heavy metal wreckage clicks on the starting, you need to replace your brake pads. Having an active pair of brake pads in your car is crucial for a safe driving experience.

Next, panics you the longevity issue. You’re pretty unsure if your braking pads won’t wear. Well, the glad tiding comes with the ceramic type of braking pads. It keeps you functioning with more stopping bites on city streets.

But which one is reliable? With loads of gearbox tools, finding the ideal pair for your car is more than a mere challenge. To slide the curtains of doubts and worries, we favor you with the Ceramic Brake Pads.

This one from the Hawks is indeed your best-suited match. It impresses you with excellent Braking free of dust, noise, beats, and harsh drive. And as we say the best, trust us. We mean it. You’ll admit it too the minute we give you a sweet ride to its excellent features.

Time to hop on and find more!

Hawk Performance HB649Z.605 Performance Ceramic Brake Pad Reviews

NameModel numberCurrent price
Hawk performance ceramic brake padsHB453Z.585Buy on Amazon
Hawk Performance HB649Z.605 Performance Ceramic Brake PadHB649Z.605Buy on Amazon
Hawk Performance HB551Z.748 Performance Ceramic Brake PadHB551Z.748Buy on Amazon
Hawk Performance HB194Z.570 Performance Ceramic Brake PadHB194Z.570Buy on Amazon
Hawk Performance HB478F.605 HPS Performance Ceramic Brake PadHB478F.605Buy on Amazon
Power Stop Z36-2087, Z36 Truck & Tow Front Carbon-Fiber Ceramic Brake PadsZ36-2087, Z36Buy on Amazon
Hawk Performance HB650F.730 HPS Performance Ceramic Brake PadHB650F.730Buy on Amazon
Hawk Performance HB149F.505 HPS Performance Ceramic Brake PadHB149F.505Buy on Amazon
Hawk Performance HB561F.710 HPS Performance Ceramic Brake PadHB561F.710Buy on Amazon
Power Stop Z26-1718 Z26 Extreme Performance Carbon-Ceramic Rear Brake Pad SetZ26-1718 Z26Buy on Amazon

Key features of Hawks Ceramic Brake Pads

Key features of Hawks Ceramic Brake Pads

Linear friction profile:

We know that sudden and bumpy Braking hurt your wheels. Doesn’t it? That’s why to allow your car to drive miles after miles, and Hawk adds premium disk braking pads. Consistent frictional values assured! Read more, Carbon fiber ceramic brake pads.

With its linear and stable friction profile, you’re sure to run your vehicle’s anti-lock braking system more effectively. You won’t have to apply the brakes too hard. Thus, you achieve a sound grip over the road without sacrificing the power.

Ultra-Resistance to dust: 

If your wheels get a nasty covering of dust while giving you a powerful drive, it’s misery. But that’s surely not your fault. It’s your performance ceramic brakes’ pads that calls the disaster.

Clear out such dust issues with this Hawks performance ceramic composite in braking pads. It has engineered slots to let the gas and dust escape. You won’t ever find any more layers of dirt and grease. Preserve the shine bidding bye to the rust!

Low thermal expansion: 

The manufacturers assure you of a low expansion action as you press the braking pads. And you’re sure to stop doubting their confidence as you install the rear and front pads over the brake disk.

As a result of its thermal tolerance, you can work against the warping of your wheels. No matter how heavy you put the brake. Hence a long life is gifted to your pair of braking pads!

Low corrosion and wearing:

The moment you press the brakes and find the wailing sound, it points to the wearing out of your pads. That’s an irony. To sink away all such painful mishaps, this ceramic type of pads for brakes are resistant to corrosion, one hundred percent!

As the pads specialized for braking cause the work with low heat, it prevents rapid wear. Thanks to its ceramic formula to protect the disks too.

Excellent stopping power: 

Hawks bless you with advanced technology. Guess what it could bring out? Well, it powers you up with instant stopping, free of harshness, noise, and quick tremors.

Gone are those driving challenges when you had to brake giving all your force. Be it a short distant brake or an accelerated stop. Repeated brakes won’t harm even at high speed and temperature. Thus, the pads serve to save your life making sure it prevents accidents.

Pros of Hawks Ceramic Brake Pads

Pros of Hawks Ceramic Brake Pads

· Braking, free of vibration: 

It’s time to apply the brake smoothly. Thanks to the ceramic formula of the Hawk pads. You’ll notice chamfers that subdue the areas for vibration. Hence no brake pulsation will ever disturb your smooth ride.

· Noise-proof Braking: 

Noise is a critical issue for sure that Hawk Performance solves beautifully. It introduces a ceramic compound with ultra-low noise. You’re sure to admire its favorable features that damp noise due to low wear.

· Enhanced shock absorption with 50% weight savings: 

As you compare to the traditional metal disks, you’ll find this ceramic pad for brakes is 50% light in weight. Thus, it cuts the upsprung weight and boosts the response that absorbs shocks.

· Rust-proof and stability:

Its ceramic formula allows your pads to stay stable with no scopes to form rust. You’re sure to get amazed at its robustness and strength. It easily bears max load with no chance of quick decay. 

· Long rotor life: 

For the extended pad life, they’re too gentle to the rotor. As its construction reveals the minus of brake NVH, it ensures a long-lasting performance that protects the disk or rotor as well. Especial rust-proof material, low heat effusion, and pulsation give the rotor a long life.

Cons of Hawks Ceramic Brake Pads

· May is not fit the compatibility case: 

Well, the design of Hawk pads supports working with iron, steel, or other metal rotors. They don’t suit the compatibility issue in the carbon type of ceramic brake disks and rotors.

· A bit pricey: 

The high price may halt your buying if you check its price tag. But it’s worth the extra bucks. Trust us and our recommendation too.

Tips of Hawks Ceramic Brake Pads

Tips of Hawks Ceramic Brake Pads

Here are the secret yet vital tips for enjoying a smooth ride with the Hawk Performance Ceramic type of braking pads: Check here, best ceramic bearings.

  • If you just replaced your old braking pads with the ceramic ones, go easy for at least the first 100 miles. Make sure not to pull heavy brakes or quick stopping.
  • Each manufacturer suggests replacing the pads for Braking when 20% of the original one’s thickness remains intact.
  • Make sure to install the pads viewing their rear and front placements.
  • Always inspect your brake pads at a regular mile and time interval.
  • Stay alert when you get wears indications in the form of noise. Grab a flashlight to check uneven wear.
  • As it’s dust-proof, it’s better to avoid the use of compressed air for cleaning the pads for brakes.
  • While using vapors as brake cleaners, always wear a mask.

Are ceramic pads used for brake disks durable?

Ceramic pads prove their sturdiness and durability when driven on paved roads. But as you move off-road and frequently travel in bumpy ways, they may wear out fast.

Who should get it?

Well, before any purchase of any gear for your vehicle, you need to make sure if it’s compatible or not with your vehicle. Otherwise, you’re sure to end up with an obsolete one with quick wear.

This pair of braking pads suit SUVs and trucks primarily. If you’re wrapped with doubts about the pads’ compatibility factor with your vehicle, check. You can either ask the manufacturers or go for self-research too.

Why do we include it in our recommending list?

Are you tired of changing or reinstalling the pads for Braking once and again? Switch to the superior Hawk Performance HB649Z.605 Performance (Ceramic) Brake Pad. You’ll stay stunned at its innovative design engineered to deliver the best driving. It’s quieter than any metal ones.

You’re sure to turn your noise, dust, and pulsating issues to level zero when you put these pads over your brake disks. The shine of your wheels stays intact, and the rotor lives longer too! It’s the suitable one for long and harsh drives with no risk of accidents.

Final Words

If you’re thinking it’s nothing more than your stubborn rusty wheels’ sounds and hoping it’ll go away soon, you’re having a big delusion. You’re surely misplaced with optimism and going to face dire costs. 

Time calls for changing braking pads. Say bye to all your previous Braking and driving difficulties with the best Hawks Ceramic Brake Pads. 

Now you’re ready to admit its goodness. It’s dust-free, lower in terms of noise damping aspects, instant stopping, yet no compromise with performance.

So, take your keys out and have a noise-free safe ride!

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