How to clean a ceramic straightening iron

The ceramic straightening iron is a valuable tool for those who do not have naturally straight hair. But with all the products that you have to apply to the hair to help iron do their job, the iron can get quite dirty quite quickly. This guide shows you how to clean a ceramic straightening iron, how to cleanly built gunk removes your iron, and how to prevent such build-up with daily maintenance.

How to clean a ceramic straightening iron

Cleaning a ceramic straightening iron

Make sure the iron is disconnected. If you used any hair-styling product while straightening with the iron, wipe the iron with a paper towel. Place the paper towel between the plates. Close the plates together and pull through as if you pulled the iron through the hair. This will get rid of excess product and facilitate cleaning. Also read, ceramic styler review.

Dip a few sheets of kitchen towels into the soapy water container. Squeeze excess water through a lump of towels into the fist. When the iron is cooled, wipe the outside of the iron with the damp towels. Read more, how to clean ceramic curling iron.

Place a sheet of the towel on top of an open alcohol bottle. Turn the alcohol bottle over just enough to wet the portion of the paper towel covering the opening of the bottle. Pull the ceramic sheets iron with an alcoholic portion of the towel. This step may need to be repeated depending on how dirty the leaves are.

Clean the space between the ceramic plate and the outside. If there is one with a cotton swab. Dip cotton swab in rubbing alcohol. Swipe this area as many times as needed to remove all dirt.

Fold a paper towel in it half. Slide the door into the spaces just swiped by the cotton swab, and slide it back and forth through the spaces. Repeat as needed.


Use the smallest amount of hair styling product on the hair as possible. Stay away from oil or petroleum-based stylers, as these can corrode the coating on some ceramic plates. Draw the iron plates between straightening hairs to prevent product build-up. Daily cleaning ceramic flat iron is best for optimum performance. However, the iron must be cleaned at least once a week. If you are not sure all the liquid has dried from iron, a quick blast over the suspected section with a blower will quickly free the iron in any liquid.

Never clean with any liquid while the iron is connected. Never leave a floating position in any crack. Do not use abrasive materials on ceramic tiles, such as sponges or emory paper. Do not use any strong detergents or chemicals stronger than alcohol.

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