How to clean ceramic tiles step by step

Inside a house, office or office there are many places where we can find tiles. In bathrooms and kitchens are often placed tiles or tiles that often have a layer of brightness, while terraces are chosen by the use of ceramic tiles, porous or that tend to mimic the wood. To get a perfect result in cleaning tiles, it is best to hire a specialized company. In this article, I will share how to clean ceramic tiles step by step.

clean ceramic tiles

In this post, we will also teach you how to clean tiles depending on the type of material that composes it or the space of the house it occupies, as well as the steps that must always be followed to achieve the most optimal results.

How to clean kitchen tiles?

Kitchens are the places where the accumulation of grease most occurs and therefore their tiles have to be cleaned daily to keep them in perfect condition. In general, the tools used to clean the tiles are warm water, soap, dishwashers, dry cloth, and sponge. But there are also other options to clean the tiles with which you get very good results. Read more about how can ceramic tile maintenance and clean.

The vinegar

Using hot water and vinegar can eliminate unwanted spots while providing shine and disinfect. In many occasions, the joints of the tiles are the areas that accumulate more dirt. Thanks to the vinegar it is possible to drag that dirt from the joints and make the smells disappear. Cleaning the ceramic tile with vinegar is very easy.

One way to clean kitchen tiles is to put water and vinegar in a bucket, then use a toothbrush to rub the stained area and, finally, wipe with a cotton cloth to dry the area. Sometimes the smell of vinegar can be considered a bit intense, but if you open the kitchen windows or put on a light air freshener the smell of vinegar disappears right away.

Ammonia and water

One of the other recommendations on how to clean kitchen tiles effectively is to use hot water and ammonia. These two ingredients are ideal for removing the dirt that has been embedded in the tiles for some time. Before using the ammonia and water, let this mixture rest and always avoid contact with the eyes.

How to clean bathroom tiles?

The bathrooms are usually built with tiles or ceramics. Since they receive a lot of traffic people tend to accumulate a lot of dirt such as dust or mold. When liquids accumulate on the tiles, mold usually appears. To avoid all this it is important to ventilate the bathroom every day and to have the tiles and toilets always clean and dry.

Ceramic tiles

In most ceramic tiles, general dirt and stains are easy to clean. First, the cleaning must be done with a vacuum cleaner or a broom to remove solid waste. Then wipe with a cloth moistened in water and neutral PH soap.

Always in the cleaning of tiles, specifically those of this type, it is necessary to avoid the use of strong products such as acids for industrial use. It is preferable to opt for all cleaners that are of organic origin such as vinegar. Use some tips to clean ceramic tile for better performance.

Types of stains on ceramic tiles

Depending on the type of stain we must perform the cleaning one way or another. Some of the most frequent cases are:

Paint stains: must be removed with the specific paint solvent.

Beverage spots: can be removed with the specific paint solvent.

Blood spots: hydrogen peroxide should be used

Rust stains: bleach should be used.


For the maintenance and cleaning of bathroom tiles, a mixture of hot water and very little ammonia should be used. A scourer is wetted with the previous mixture and the entire surface of the tiles is rubbed with special attention to the white joints. Ammonia serves as a disinfectant and repels insects and mold. After all this, you have to dry the tiles with a dry and clean cloth. Related, ceramic tile cutter.

How to clean tile from the terrace?

The terraces are not usually the places that can be used most often in homes or buildings but because they are outdoors or in contact with it are usually the areas where more dust accumulates.

First of all, they must be swept with a vacuum cleaner or broom and depending on the type of tile, some materials or others may be used. One of the most commonly observed materials on the terraces are terracotta tiles because they resist weather changes such as the heat of summer or the cold of summer.

The most effective and comfortable way to clean them is to use water with a little bleach to remove stains and disinfect. Once scrubbed and dried, special waxes can be added to help protect the tiles by preventing dirt from sinking into them.

If there were tiles on the terraces created with bricks, it is best to scrub them with water and detergent mixed but using a brush or broom, as it helps to drag the dirt. By allowing the tiles to dry a few minutes they will be observed as they will be impeccable.

If you need more information on how to clean the kitchen, bathroom, removing ceramic tile or terrace tiles do not hesitate to contact us.

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