How To Paint Ceramic Mugs Easily Step By Step

Painting a ceramic mug is big fun. Printed ceramic mugs make more attractive the coffee table. A hand-painted coffee mug can be a great gift idea for friends and family. If you don’t know how to paint ceramic mugs and you want to paint your mugs, this content will reach you until finishing painting a coffee mug.

How to paint ceramic mug

This content comes with four easy painting methods to paint a mug. You can choose any one method to paint your mug. These methods are very easy and enjoyable painting solutions. Just take a mug, wash it properly, dub rubbing alcohol where you want to put paint, and you’re almost ready to start painting.

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Method 1: painting mugs with acrylic paint

Acrylic paint is a water-based paint. This paint can be applied to any ceramic product without being fired in a kiln. The acrylic paints are inexpensive and it is easy to found from online or local stores.

Painting Mugs With Acrylic Paint

Things you’ll need

  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Painters tape
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Paint plate or paper plate
  • Newspapers
  • Paper towel
  • Water
  • Oven

Step 1: Choose a workplace and lay down newspapers on the work space

Cover all your entire work space with newspaper. If the newspaper sliding out of the place, tape it down. Make two or three layers of newspapers if the workplace is messy. Read more, best ceramic tile paint.

Step 2: Pour acrylic paint into the paint plate

Take a paint plate and pour the paint into the plate. If you want to mix colors, pour little amounts of each color into the plate. Mix all the colors with a separate brush. If you don’t have a paint plate, you can use a paper plate. Do not pour more paint once.

Step 3: Make a design on the ceramic mug with a pencil

The pencil is perfect for making an outline design on the ceramic mug. In this step, mark all the designs on the mug. If you make any mistakes, you can erase your draw. Use a painter tape to make a straight line.

Step 4: Brush the first layer design with a paintbrush

Dip the paintbrush in clean water and dry it with a soft cloth. After that, dip it into the paint and paint on the mug whatever you want. But do not paint on the lip of the mug. If you want to paint larger areas, such as background color, use a thick foam paintbrush. When you work in a smaller area, use a thin paintbrush.

Step 5: Complete your paint

Paint all layers and areas until you finished painting on the ceramic mug with lid. To get a smooth look, add a second coat over your design. Just take a new paintbrush and paint over the design.

Step 6: Naturally dry the ceramic mug

To dry the mug naturally, place it on the newspaper and store in a cool and dry place. Do not touch over the paint and leave it at least 24 hours.

Step 7: Clean the design after drying

Clean the paint layer after drying the mug. Use a Q-Tip soaked in rubbing alcohol to rains the spot or unwanted paint until it’s gone. Scrubbed slowly so when you dubbing accidentally not remove the part of your paint.

Step 8: Bake the ceramic mug in the oven

Bring your ceramic mug and place it on a baking sheet. Turn on the oven and turn the temperature 350° F, which is 177° Celsius. Put your ceramic mug into the oven. Leave the oven and mug for at 30 minutes. Remove the mug and place it a cool place and wait until it becomes cool.

Step 9: Wash your ceramic mug

Wash the painted mug with dish soap and warm water. Do not dishwasher to clean it because it can mess up the painting design. Wash your mug properly and use it.

Method 2: Paint your ceramic mug with a paint pen

Paint Ceramic Mug With A Paint Pen

Things you’ll need

  • Ceramic mug
  • Paint pen
  • Paper towel
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Painter’s tape
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Oven

Step 1: Design outline on your mug with a pencil

Art a design on your mug with a pencil. This step isn’t important to paint pen method. But, it helps to make a clean and neat design. If you make any mistake while art design, you can erase it.

Step 2: Paint the first layer with a paint pen

Paint the first layer of the design you made with pencil. To paint, use an oil-based paint marker pen. Do not use an eraser to erase the paint. It will mess up the paint and design.

Step 3: Complete the design

Art more layers after drying the first layer. Wait a few minutes to dry it. Add more layers and complete the design on your mug. Be careful about color, thickness, and texture level that you want. Don’t mix up the colors.

Step 4: repair mistakes

Look at the design and check out the mistakes, spots, unwanted paint. Erase all the mistakes with rubbing alcohol and soaked Q-Tip. You can also use an eraser on leftover pencil marks. If there are more stray paint marks, wait a few minutes until the paint becomes dry. Then, dip the soaked Q-Tip into the rubbing alcohol and scrub the spot until it’s gone. Do this step slowly and gently.

Step 5: dry the mug

Dry the painted ceramic mug naturally for at least 24 hours. Place the mug on a newspaper to dry it. Don’t touch the design until dry it.

Step 6: bake the painted mug with oven

Put the mug on a baking sheet and place it into the oven. Turn the oven at 375° F temperature. Bake the mug at least 25 minutes then turn the oven off. But do not take out the mug from the oven. Leave your mug inside the oven for two hours. Remove the mug and place in a dry place to cool.

Step 7: wash the mug with dish soap

This is the last step to wash the mug. Hand-wash the mug with warm water and dish soap. Wash it inside and outside properly. Don’t use any dishwasher. Now your mug is ready to use. Read more, ember temperature control ceramic mug.

Method 3: Paint your ceramic mug with nail polish

Paint Your Ceramic Mug With Nail Polish

Things you’ll need

  • Ceramic mug
  • Nail Polish
  • Newspapers
  • Paper towel
  • Small bowl
  • Toothpicks

Step 1: Fill a small bowl with warm water

Choose a small bowl that fits your mug. The bowl should be deep enough to submerge your mug.

Step 2: Pour a few drops of nail polish into the warm water

Put a few drops of nail polish in the warm water and look at the color. If you want to mix many colors, pour those colors in the warm water.

Step 3: Mix the paint slowly with a toothpick

Take a toothpick and swirl the paint slowly with it. Do not miss up the color like water.

Step 4: Dip your ceramic mug in the paint water

Hold the ceramic mug and dip it in the painted water for three to four seconds. Remove the ceramic mug from painted water after 4 seconds. Keep the ceramic mug straight and place it on a plain surface.

Step 5: Dry the mug

Put the mug on a newspaper and place in a dry place. Don’t touch the paint before drying. Place the mug alone until dry it properly.

Step 6: Hand wash the painted ceramic mug

Wash the mug with dish soap and tap water. Rains it properly to use it. The dishwasher will ruin your design so do not use it to wash.

Last thought

I hope that, how to paint ceramic mugs article will help you to paint your ceramic mug, pot, and plate. So, paint your ceramics product yourself and make your regular usable things looks beautiful. 

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Hello, I'm William Jon. I'm a ceramic researcher, ceramic artist, writer, and professional blogger since 2010. I studied at the NYS college of ceramics at Alfred University in the USA about ceramic. I'm a professional ceramicist. Now I'm researching the ceramic products in Wilson Ceramic Laboratory (WCL) and reviewing them to assist online customers.

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