Best ceramic tint Reviews & Buying Guide of 2023

Best ceramic tint

Window tints are common nowadays, whether you want to upgrade your window’s outlook or block the sunlight on summer days. Both of your requirements need the best ceramic tint out there so that it can completely transform your vehicle.

You must know that the direct sun on summer days can raise your car’s inner temperature to 170⁰F. This amount of heat not only causes you discomfort but is also the reason for your fabric discoloration. Thus the need for a window tint arose.

Among many expensive ways of car maintenance, tint installation is the budget-friendly one. Moreover, it’s a long period of investment that you’re going to invest in your car.

Going through the reviews and buying guide section of the “Best ceramic tint Reviews & Buying Guide” article, you will come to know how a tint protects you, your windows from hazards, and what is a ceramic tint? You will also get a FAQ section that will be solving your puzzled mind.

Let’s get started.

Benefits of Ceramic Window Tint

There are huge benefits to ceramic window tint. There are lots of tinting films available on the market for your car and window. But ceramic tint is the leader in tinting. It has strong protection ability, sun-blocking capability, quality, and appearance.

However, ceramic tint film is more invisible than other tints. So, you’ll see the road clearly with naked eyes when you are driving. Let’s see why do ceramic tint is best for you.

UV Protection

When you’re driving an untinted car, some UVA and UVB rays naturally hits the car windows. And untinted windows allow those rays to hit you too. It causes may skin damage, eye problems, cataracts, macular degeneration, or melanoma and disease.

But ceramic tint perfectly protects you from UVA and UVB rays from sunlight. These rays cause cancer. A quality ceramic tint blocks up to 99% of UV rays that come naturally. This tinted film will reduce the risk of many diseases that cause UV rays. It also protects your car from fading from strong sunlight.

Blocks the glare while you driving

Ceramic tint not only blocks the UV rays to protect you during your driving time. You may feel disturbed by a strong sun glare while you drive an untinted car. When the sun’s glare hits on our eyes, we can’t see the road as well. It causes can be happened unwanted accidents.

You’re happy to hear that, ceramic tint designed to block the glare and direct light to save your eyes. So you’ll see the road very well and enjoy your driving. It usually blocks up to 50% sun glare and unwanted direct light from other vehicles. That’s much better for your visibility.

No electric signal interference

You may know if you have driven a metallic-tinted car before. The metallic tints disadvantage is it interrupt your radio and cell phone signals. Metallic tint made with tiny particles of metal which cases they block the signals.

When it comes to ceramic tint, it doesn’t act like this. Be free about these problems. You can play your car radio and make cell phone calls without any problems that cause tint.

Keeps cool your car

The best quality ceramic tint not only protecting your car from UV rays but also keeps your car’s temperatures very good. High-quality ceramic tint blocks up to 80% sunlight and keeps your car inside cool every day.

You can save your money and energy by using a ceramic tint. When a ceramic tint keeps your car already cool, you won’t have to start ac to cool down the temperature.

More privacy with safety

If you’ve already installed ceramic tint on your car, you may notice how darker it is. No one can see you in your ceramic-tinted car. You’ll feel more comfortable with more privacy. The darker looks from outside of the car, but you won’t have any problem with visibility when you are driving.

But it blocks visibility from outside so that no one can see what is inside of your car or what you doing in your car without breaking the window glass.

Top 10 Best ceramic tint | Best ceramic window tint

1. Motoshield Pro-Premium-Precut Ceramic Window Tint

When talking about the best ceramic tint, the first product that came to our mind is the MotoShield Pro Precut Window Tint.

Motoshield is one of the reputable companies that make ceramic tint films.

ceramic tint

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You will get a variety of pre-cut shades of tint. Some will fit the sedans up to a particular size, whereas others are for bigger SUVs, trucks, minivans, and whatnot! You must make sure that you find the perfect fit before you purchase it.

We can say about the tint quality; it’s probably the best we have seen so far! A reminder, don’t take shortcuts while installing it. Once you have installed it correctly, you are guaranteed that the product will outlast most of the other market best ceramic brands. However, you must remember that the installation process is not easy. You may like, Ceramic kiln.

The product comes with four sedan doors. You can trust the product in protecting you from the burning sun. It comes with superior solar protection. And most importantly, the product is super easy to handle!

Key Features:

  • Variable VLT ranges from 5% to 75%
  • Premium pre-cut ceramic window tint
  • 4-Door Sedan
  • 99% UV protection
  • 99% heat reduction


  • You can customize your shade from 5% to 75%. (you will only get 35% if you don’t specify)
  • The pre-cut window films are cut to precision to ensure an efficient and consistent installation.
  • The product will not fade or turn purple.
  • It doesn’t contain any metallic particle, so it will not interfere with any connection with your electric devices.
  • Reduces glare at a higher percentage


  • Some customers complained about poor customer service.

2. Motoshield-Prograde-Premium Infrared Heat-Reduction Nano Ceramic Tint

Here is another awesome product from Motoshield. Finely designed with nonmetallic and nonconductive nano-ceramic, the product is safe for the environment. With 70% glare reduction, 99% IRR rejection, 99% UV rejection, and 63% TSER, this model can be the perfect choice for you!

Nano ceramic tint

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It is widely used on trucks, cars, SUVs, skyscrapers, restaurants, commercial buildings, and anything that is glass!

This window tint gives a perfect shield against the powerful ultraviolet rays. Also, it prevents your interior from cracking and fading due to UV damage. Moreover, it reduces interior temperature by (up to) 25 deg. F.

The product’s most eye-catchy feature is its seven shades, 75% being the lightest and 5% the highest shade. Another advantage is you will not have to face the problem of lost connectivity on the road as it doesn’t have any metallic particles. So, it won’t interfere with your electronic device connections. Check here, Ceramic bearings.

Key Features:

  • Dimension of 25 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Superior solar protection
  • 2 millimeters thickness
  • Choice of 5-75% tint percentage
  • Nano ceramic tint technology-based


  • It reduces glare at a higher percentage than most other ceramic films. So, you can see and focus better on the road.
  • Super easy to handle
  • Doesn’t fade or turn purple
  • Great looking tint, stable color
  • A long-lasting and trustworthy product


  • Some complained to have creased tint.

3. Coavas Heat-Control Window-Film suntek ceramic tint

The Coavas Heat Control Window Film blocks up to 90% of the sun’s IR rays and reduces heat expenses, keeping you cool in the summer.

It effectively blocks out 98% of the UV rays and prevents furniture from fading and aging.

Suntek ceramic tint

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It helps you in reducing the air conditioning bill. You will not get proper light for your room with a 68% glare reduction. It makes the interior more comfortable for you. Installing the window tint is super easy! No glue needed, super static cling, and you can apply it in minutes as the backing protective film is removed.

Without any doubt, it’s one of the best privacy protection assistants in a rented home! You can easily remove and reuse it without leaving any traces after removing it. When you don’t need to use it, you can roll it up and store it in good shape for the next use! Related content, ceramic wax.

You need to remember that it provides one-way privacy in the daytime. So, make sure you draw a curtain during the night.

Key Features:

  • Dimension of 23.8 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches
  • Glare control and anti-UV
  • Daytime privacy
  • 90% IR rays blocking
  • Black in color
  • Suntek ceramic tint


  • Super easy to use. No glue!
  • Economical and reusable. You can easily remove it when not needed.
  • Prevents our skin from powerful UV rays
  • It is made of environment-friendly PVC material.
  • Provides proper light to your room


  • The privacy level during the night is 2/5. You must draw a curtain at night!

4. Window Film One-Way Mirror-Tint, ceramic Window Tint for Home and Office

WPCTEV films are one of the leading brands for DIY window films. You can trust this tint brand as it is renowned for its class deep dyeing, coating, high-performing, and long-lasting films.

With the WPCTEV Window glass privacy film, you can lower cooling costs and reduce energy loss by up to 30%!

Ceramic Window Tint for Home and Office

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This one-way window film can block out 97% UV rays and 85% infrared rays preventing furniture from fading and aging. 10% of VLT helps in reducing glare.

You will enjoy installing it as it is a self-adhesive windshield tint. There is no chemical release, no glue design! Make sure you use a lot of water or soap mixture to soak both the window and the adhesive side. Adding an advantage: the glass film comes with an excellent thermal insulation effect having an anti-scratch layer on the surface. Popular content, Nexen ceramic spray.

In the daytime, the film provides great privacy. However, you need to draw a curtain for privacy purposes at night as outside people can see inside.

Key Features:

  • One-way window film
  • 6 millimeters in thickness
  • Static cling and non-adhesives
  • Blocks 85% of infrared rays
  • Blocks 97% of UV rays


  • Friction-resistant. Won’t fade away or blister
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Effectively blocks UV rays and keep the room temperature down.
  • The heat controlling feature helps in reducing electric bills.
  • Improves the appearance of your windows by giving a designer look


  • Doesn’t maintain privacy at night

5. BDF NA05 Window-Film, Privacy, & Sun Control

Enjoy a beautiful shade with the Buydecorativefilm Natural 5 window film. With an extra dark, black color, the NA05 gives the window a classic, tinted look. It makes look naturally darker.

While the black tint gives both shade and privacy to your lifestyle during the day, it doesn’t black out the window completely, and you will still be able to see through it.

Window tint

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The window films allow clear visibility. It will not obstruct or blur your view of the outside while embodying the traditional definition of a window tint. Alongside daytime privacy, the NA05 window film provides great heat-rejecting properties that keep the home or office interior nice and cool.

Number “5” refers to transmitting about 5-6% of visible light. Also, the limo-tint look helps in blocking hot solar rays from entering your windows. By rejecting about 99% of UV rays, the tint reduces the fading chances of your furniture or other UV-sensitive belongings. It helps in maintaining your room at a moderate temperature. Also, read Mother’s ceramic spray coating.

Key Features:

  • Extra dark black finishing
  • 99% UV rays rejection
  • 5-6% of visible light transmission
  • 36″ x 12′ in size
  • DIY friendly installation
  • Suitable for home window tint.


  • Helps in reducing cooling costs with effective blocking of harmful solar rays
  • Super easy DIY friendly installation
  • Comes in different sizes to suit your requirements
  • Keeps your room cool
  • Effectively protects your interior.


  • Not safe for dual pane glass

6. VViViD Air-Tint, Dark-Black, Headlight-Taillight Tint

If you are looking for a quality tint to keep your car safe, then the VViViD Air-Tint can be a great option for you!

No matter how dark the color is, VViViD tints ensure that your taillights and headlights are effectively cut through the tint.

tint for car

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The product includes an air-release membrane that allows you to install the tint dry (i.e., without installation liquid). You can say that this is the only film that can wrap any shape. Cut the vinyl to shape, then apply it to the surface.

To make curves, heat it with a heat gun or hairdryer. Stretch and apply. Lastly, if there is any excess, trim it away from the headlight using a sharp blade. Initially, the tint was made for hard-to-wrap surfaces; however, the easy installation has the professionals saving time on any headlight shape.

It is very comfortable with the heat. The biggest advantage of the product is it is self-healing. The scratches go away with heat. Read more, Meguiars ceramic wax.

Key Features:

  • Made with automotive-grade cast vinyl
  • 80% tinted smoke or 20% VLT
  • 100% chemical safe adhesive
  • Designed to wrap any shape
  • Weighs 8 ounces


  • Improved scratch protection
  • Easy to use, perfect DIY-ers. No skill required
  • The tint is made of a thicker and more resistant material withstand heat, wear, and tear.
  • Subtle air release pattern makes installation suitable for both dry and wet application methods.
  • Features Repositionable Ultra-Clear Adhesive means you can reposition it multiple times.


  • In some cases, installation can be trickier.

7. EHDIS Tint Installing Tool, Film Cutters and Scrapers

The toolbox’s wide application includes auto-window tinting, wall decals, wallpaper installation, vinyl film, posters, all kinds of paint protection film, solar film, wrap film, and decals.

Family, garages, warehouses, and even offices can use this product.

Tint Installing Tool, Film Cutters and Scrapers

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The blue rubber and the white-card squeegee works for smooth wide-area car window film clearing the water for any glass, shower, car windows, mirror clearly. 

The felt squeegee works greatly for bubbles scraping off in downright direction under the film, car paint, prevent glass, & film.

Key Features:

  • Tool kit for car wrapping
  • Materials are stainless steel, plastic, & rubber.
  • This one has universal car compatibility
  • Durable enough
  • Suitable for decals, solar film, paint protecting film, wrap film, window tint film

The 7-pcs of the kit box includes

  • Rubber- jelly squeegee having a handle- 1pcs
  • Black- conqueror squeegee- 1pcs
  • 4-inches blue squeegee having fabric felt- 1pcs
  • Mini Pink Scraper- 1pcs
  • Cutting tool (it has ten replacement)- 1 pcs
  • Yellow-contour squeegee- 1pcs
  • 6-inches white-block squeegee- 1 pcs


  • This one provides you a scratch-less, mark-less surface.
  • This stuff is perfectly convenient to use.
  • The stuff is durable, still lightweight, that makes your storing and usage easier.
  • With this stuff at home, you have a wide field of application.
  • The kits don’t lack in good construction.


  • If you are looking for kits only to install tint on flat glasses, this one is pricy for you as it has many more tool kits for other jobs than the only installation. If you don’t mind having an extra tool with your money, this one is a life savior!

Buying Guide of ceramic tint 2020 update

If you are out to look for a car window tint, look for these factors:

Cut Type

You can either buy a tint cut or buy a whole roll and cut it later by yourself. Look for the measurements if you are going to buy the cut one.


While you are going for the pre-cut one, remember your car’s model, make, & year. According to the information, the manufacturer will cut the tint and give it to you. Normally, this one comes costs more.

Rolled one

This tint is the one that you cut yourself to fit on your window. This rolled window tint is the cheaper one than the pre-cut, though it takes more time & hard work as you will measure the glass properly and fit the tint on it. If you have never installed a tint before, you might make silly mistakes as well.

Construction Material

You must look at the material to know which one is the solution to your problem.

Dyed polyester film is an affordable kind of product with a long lifespan and easy installation feature.

Metallic tints provide a barrier against heat & UV-rays, though it can sometimes affect the cell phone service & GPS signals.

Coating involves a paint spray applied directly to your window or glass. It is something too difficult to accomplish at home as it requires special tools & training.

This article is all about ceramic window tints. So, I guess you know what ceramic tint & what it does for you is.

Tint Percentage

The term tint percentage means how dark your tint is and how much sunlight it lets pass through the glass.  

The ‘limo’ tint or the 5% tint blocks most of the sunlight allowing only 5% to pass through the glass. You can see this kind of tint on the backseat windows of the vehicle. It’s only legal for that place as the driver doesn’t need the backseat glass to look through.

UV-rays Protection

It’s a very important point that you must consider. You are tinting your car for this very most reason. So, check up on the product information; how much protection does your tint will give you.

Typically, the pricier one gives more protection from heat, keeping the inner temperature low and avoid damage to the car’s fabric.


Don’t know about you, but I was very stupid to think that tinting is something like peeling off the tint backing & sticking it to the glass. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Of course, you will need some tools and can’t skip the time to let the tint sit even it’s going to stick like a sticker.

A tool kit can make your job easier. You can also choose the tool kit from the above, EHDIS 7 PCS Vehicle Glass kit box. It’s a very good one to help.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) to find the best ceramic tint

Between carbon & ceramic, which one is better?

When installing the tint on your vehicle or home windows, ceramic plays the best role in one field than any other tint out there, and that is rejecting heat.

If your ceramic tint has a heat rejection rating of 80%, then it would protect you from the heat with 15% better performance than the best product out there.

What is the role of ceramic tint in UV barrier creation?

Ceramic window tint protects you from 99% of UV-rays when you install it in your car. Ceramic tint blocks almost 50% of the direct sunlight and lets only 50% of the light pass through your car window. It makes your driving safe as you won’t be having any sunlight glaring.

Though these ceramic shades are blocking light, they won’t damage your car’s look.

What’s the lasting duration of a ceramic tint?

Most of the ceramic tints out there have a life expectancy of 3 to 5-years.

Will my ceramic tint have a scratch?

Your ceramic tint works as a barrier to protecting the film from the direct sun and its effect. Not only that, the film is being protected from daily wear & tear. Logically, the barrier would get scratch or gouge when a sharp or hard object hit it or comes in contact.

When can I freely roll my windows down after tinting?

You shouldn’t roll your car’s windows down for 3 to 4 days after tint installation; that is what professionals recommend. After you patiently wait for four days, you can ease that the tint is getting adhered to the glass properly.

Some people are not comfortable in the car with windows being closed. Those people should tint on vacation or holidays.

How often should I replace my window tint?

The professional recommends replacing the window tints every five years. Those UV films tend to drop their shielding from 99% to 70% in the gap of five years.

As you know, these tints are a barrier to your glass and can get wear & tear when scratched. So, people install them on the inner side of the window to expand the film’s lifespan. However, there are some tints specifically designed to apply from the outside of your car’s window, like- graffiti films.


Here in this “Best ceramic tint Reviews & Buying Guide” article, I tried my best to put the effective & most helpful products you won’t regret trying. Just like you never forget buying a protective glass for your phone, you should always consider a tint for your windows; it’s that much necessary.

Now, let me share with you my best pick list of all time. BDF NA05 Window-Film, Privacy, & Sun Control, N05 Black (Extreme Dark)- 36″ X 12-feet is the one that I prefer the most. Even the number of users and the ratings will astonish you if you check them online. I fall for the additional black finishing and the DIY installation design. It’s a must-have item for me.

The next item I would prefer is VViViD Air-Tint Dark Black Headlight Taillight-Tint Air-Release Vinyl Wrap Film 17.75-Inches x 60-Inches Roll. I love this due to its free chemical state.

Last but not least, EHDIS 7-PCS Vehicle’s Glass Protecting Film, Car-Window Wrapping, Tint –Vinyl Installing-Tool: Squeegees, Film-Cutters, & Scrapers is a life savior, as I said. This toolbox is full of handy and recommended by a lot of users.  

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