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Kyocera ceramic knife review

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Hello, here with yet another Kyocera ceramic knife review for you. I thought I would share some stuff that I like and that I find useful, and these items are used in kitchens, home kitchens all across the world, especially Asian kitchens. They’re really into this stuff here. What am I talking about is Kyocera ceramic knives? So, ceramic knives are not for everybody, but they do have a specific use and purpose. It’s not for carving a turkey, however, for a boneless, skinless chicken breast or turkey breast.

All you need to know about Kyocera ceramic knife

This little Kyocera knife here is beautiful. You can slice thin. You can dice, you can chop. It’s perfect for chives, green onions, lettuce, carrots, onions, celery, garlic, all kinds of different things. It’s not very breakable. People have the perception that ceramics are going to break real easy and all that. But that’s not the case. So you can bend this knife about 15 to 30 or 40 degrees. It doesn’t break materials.

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Quick reviews of Kyocera ceramic knives

Kyocera knife

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Got a slight flux to it. It’s a very special zirconium, I believe they call it. It’s a special ceramic that’s fired under thousands of degrees of pressure and temperature. And it’s tough stuff. Also, you wouldn’t know it by looking at this ergonomically awesome handle.

There’s a bar of metal in here, that serves a few purposes. One of them is balance and weight. It’s weighted very nice. It’s not heavy. The other purpose that borrowing metal serves is that you can’t go through a metal detector.

High-quality knife made in Japan

So that keeps people a little safer, I guess. Yeah, that’s a couple of points for you there. By the way, is the old version of the one 40 by Kyocera, and that is Kyocera right there. Kyocera advanced ceramics made in Japan. So it’s high-quality stuff.

In the old version, you can see this has been sharpened a few times. But, man, what a difference. The knife has gotten a lot wider. So they’ve made it a little bit wider towards the heel, a little wider towards the middle, and towards a tip as well. Read more, the best ceramic honing rod.

Handle of Kyocera knife

The handle handles got a little bit bigger, too, over the years. It is a little chunk here for a better grip. So this knife has been used, oh, I don’t know, for more than fifteen years. It is like one of the early ones here. It’s still going. You can send it in for sharpening at the factory, or you can use our little exclusive.

Chef DPO Diamond vial addressed the knife goes in the rest like this, and the fire goes right across the knife blade like this, and you turn it over and when you turn it over, you just repeat the process with the diamonds right across the edge.

Knife brand: kyocera ceramic knife set

Kyocera ceramic knife set

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It works. This baby knife works well on any brand of Kyocera ceramic knives. You can only get it at your sponsor, by the way. So just check out the sponsor right there, and you’ll be able to score one of these moving on the nice, really nice.

I like it. And these gift sets are cool. So gift sets come in all different colors, and these are kind of exclusive. You might find them somewhere else. You might not.

Various Color of Kyocera knife

I don’t know. What I do know is that our company help them develop all these colors and we’ve got purple and black and white and red and green and blue and yellow and all these different colors. So some of them are more popular.

So right now, we’ve got these on sale. The orange and the orange are nice, and it’s got this ceramic peeler y peeler. It’s called Works well. Some people like orange, especially if they’re into the tropical stuff or they got a colorful kitchen.

Kyocera ceramic knife can be a Perfect gift

It makes a perfect gift. I highly suggest you consider this here. It is one of these mixed sets. We got like a salt and pepper combo going on here. OK, we got a blue handle ceramic knife and an orange peeler.

If you request from the sponsor, they’re willing to switch this. This item could be red, white, and blue. This product could be purple and black or green and yellow. Whatever you want. Visit the website. There are some deals on news right now.

The sharpness of Kyocera ceramic knives is best

And then another thing here, the ceramic slicer is nice. These babies are razor-sharp. I would only use this slicer with a stainless steel glove. You can get the glove at the sponsor right there.

And the slicer is beautiful for radishes, for carrots, for sweet peppers, for red onions, garnishing salads, all kinds of stuff. This is another peeler. This one here is ergonomic. You can turn it and rotate it at whatever is comfortable for you.

Kyocera brand has a knife set

It’s got rubber and lays there in the handles. Really, nice. And this is the six-inch utility slicer, another sweet, sweet little tool. This Kyocera knife is a three-piece gift, and this baby is on sale at the sponsor as well. So that’s the review. Take it for what it is. Run with it. It’s great information.

It’s great stuff. If you score one of these for your significant other or your mom or your dad or your neighbor or anybody that you like or want them to cook some food for you, get some better food and some better meals with this Kyocera knife, they’re nonreactive.

Kyocera is a professional knife

Kyocera knife review

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The Kyocera knife won’t change your food’s flavors, odors, or tastes even something like garlic. You smash garlic and chop it up with this. Just give it a rinse under some water, wipe it off.

Look now, there’s no garlic. It’s a sweet knife. I like it. Stay sharp a long time, and then that edge just goes away because he’s a Kyocera, about the best ceramic knife you can buy. I like them.

There are other people out there using Cuisinart, and you know, all these other different brands of knives. OK, they work, but they’re of cheaper quality.

Sharp with sharpener and reuse

So you’ve got to sharpen them a little more when you lose your edge, and you want to cut Apple, you got a problem. So I will try the first cut here. Take some effort, but it did cut the Apple Isle, so you might notice there’s a little bit of a zigzag pattern, kind of it’s not smooth.

So I’m going to show you very quickly how to get this knife a lot sharper, and it only takes minimal effort. And here we go.

Tips for sharpening Kyocera ceramic knife

It’s a two-party system, and it consists of a holder and a diamond file right there. Cool. You can get it right there at the sponsor. And that’s where I got this one. So anyway, you just put the knife on the rest, and it gives you the correct angle. You hold the file right across your level, and you go from the back to the front just like that. Do this about 10 times on each side.

I can now cut through this tough apple skin very easily since my knife is this sharp. and that’s what it’s all about, is keeping your tools sharp, and maintained. And you can see it’s looking pretty good now.

Kyocera ceramic knife warranty


A couple of cuts real quick here. Like this, huh? It’s a bit harder with the gloves on. That’s it. That’s the content. Thanks for reading. And once again, if you need to get the sharpener, it’s a two-piece diamond. I hope Kyocera ceramic knife content was helpful for you. Uh-huh. Just visit your sponsor right there. Keep cooking, it’s very, very easy to use, and have a great day.

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